Full-time state employees who have been admitted to a degree or nondegree-seeking status are eligible for a fee waiver of up to six credits of UF courses per academic semester. The State Agency Employee Tuition Fee Waiver form is not an application for admission, nor is it a request for registration; it is a waiver of course fees that must be turned in to University Financial Services. This applies to full-time UF faculty, A&P and USPS employees in good standing who have been employed for at least six (6) months. USPS employees must have attained permanent status to participate in this program. It shall be the sole discretion of the employee’s department chair as to the number of credit hours, up to six, that may be registered for under this program each semester. Participation in the EEP is neither a benefit of employment nor a guaranteed right.

To use the fee waiver, please follow these instructions:

  1. Degree-seeking students must be admitted for the academic semester by the deadline before completing the employee fee waiver form.
  2. Students wishing to take classes using the employee fee waiver as a non-degree student must first complete the nondegree application. If you were a previously enrolled UF student but have been dismissed or permanently suspended you must submit in writing a petition to the AAC for the Dean’s approval.
  3. Proof of immunization is required before registering. More information.
  4. Once admitted to degree or nondegree-seeking status, state employees must complete the employee fee waiver form.
  5. Not all courses are covered by the employee fee waiver. You must consult the schedule of courses to verify this. Courses with a Y in the EEP column are generally covered by the fee waiver. NOTE: Some distance education courses and/or portions of course fees are not covered by the State Agency Employee Tuition Fee Waiver. Please consult the program coordinator for the courses you wish to take.
  6. Students must register for their classes on ONE.UF during drop/add. Students who register for the first time after the drop/add deadline will incur a $100 late registration fee.
  7. Students must complete the employee fee waiver and turn it in to University Financial Services in 113 Criser Hall before the fee payment deadline. Failure to pay all fees by the fee payment deadline will result in a $100 late payment fee.

For more information, please contact:
Admissions – Office of Admissions
Fee Waivers – University Financial Services
Registration – Office of the University Registrar