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Cheryl Walther


University of Florida: Psychology,
University of Florida: Student Personnel in Higher Education

Years of GA service in the AAC:


Current Position:

Learning Specialist, Auburn University

What I learned from my AAC assistantship:

My assistantship at the AAC provided great direct experience as an advisor by actually working in the role, not just observing or assisting advisors. I was able to work with advisors throughout the office to develop my own approach from their examples of different styles and philosophies. In addition to the direct experience with phenomenal support, I was also encouraged to explore opportunities through NACADA to further enhance my professional development which provided better understanding of advising philosophy and theory as well.

How my AAC assistantship prepared me for my career:

The combination of theoretical and practical experience prepared me for my career very well. I was able to get familiar with different record management systems and increase my comfort with numerous degree audits and curricula, which allowed me to adapt quickly at the different institutions where I’ve worked during my career. It also prepared me by making me comfortable working in fast-paced environments where efficiency and detail are equally important, particularly with high stakes such as graduation, etc. that have helped with including NCAA eligibility as I moved toward athletics roles. Though my career transitioned away from advising, there are still many skill sets I developed from my assistantship that I use in my Learning Specialist role.

My career path has been:

Following my assistantship at the AAC, I combined that experience with my athletics practica to work at Florida Gulf Coast University as an Academic Advisor and Athletics Liaison. I moved into athletics as a Learning Specialist since then, establishing the role and related programming at the University of South Florida, Colorado State University, and now enhancing the role at Auburn University.

Anything else?

The AAC staff is one of the best I’ve worked with in higher education! The staff is very supportive and always willing to help someone new to the field have a great experience, but what stood out to me was being treated as if you are one of the salaried staff rather than someone temporary or inexperienced. I had such a great experience and would highly recommend it to anyone considering an advising or related role!