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Emily Greer


The Ohio State University, Family and Consumer Sciences Education
University of Florida, Counselor Education: School Counseling

Years of GA service in the AAC:


Current Position:

Bowling Green State University College Credit Plus Academic Advisor

What I learned from my AAC assistantship:

I loved being a graduate assistant for the Academic Advising Center! I got to work with students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Every day was a surprise I never knew what sort of student situation would be coming in the door. I learned the importance of being present, empathetic, and solution-focused when working with students. This assistantship was a great fit for me, because it gave me many opportunities to practice my counseling skills (listening, empathy, unconditional positive regard, asking open-ended questions, and goal setting strategies).

How my AAC assistantship prepared me for my career:

My AAC assistantship was the stepping stone I needed to get into the field of Higher Education. It gave me direct experience working with undergraduate students and the opportunity to advise on a wide variety of majors. I was able to work with unique student populations such as exploratory, transfer, pre-health, and at-risk students on probation. The advising skills and knowledge I developed while a graduate assistant directly transfer to the work I do now at Bowling Green State University.

My career path has been:

I started my career as a high school family and consumer sciences teacher. I taught elective courses such as career search, healthy and safe foods, and child development. After 3 years of teaching, I decided to pursue my master’s in school counseling at the University of Florida. It was my graduate assistantship that made me want to pursue a full-time academic advisor position after graduation. When comparing academic advising and high school counseling, I found that I was getting more student contact as an undergraduate advisor and that I had more resources available to help my students. After graduating in May 2018, I was hired on full-time as an academic advisor at the AAC. I worked there for a year until my husband and I relocated to Ohio to be closer to family. I loved my time at the AAC and would highly recommend it to anyone who has a heart for helping others.