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Shannon Kelly


Penn State, Mathematics and Psychology
UF, M.Ed. in Student Personnel in Higher Education

Years of GA service in the AAC:


Current Position:

Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Center

What I learned from my AAC assistantship:

Some of the most valuable things that I learned were about working in a professional setting: how to use Outlook, what office snack/food culture is like, how to interact with a diverse group of coworkers and aspects of email etiquette. These and other lessons I learned because being a GA here is a perfect middle ground between being a student and being a full time professional that fosters comfort with asking for help, which is the largest takeaway that I have.

How my AAC assistantship prepared me for my career:

Aside from the obvious knowledge obtained during my extensive training period that I still use, I made connections and developed professionally throughout my time as a GA. It also encouraged me to be a lifelong learner, and it reinforced the importance of interdisciplinary studies by virtue of being a truly interdisciplinary career.

My career path has been:

Based on a whim but fueled by genuine passion . I worked as a GA in the CLAS AAC and upon graduation interviewed for and was offered a full time position as an Academic Advisor in the same office!