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This CLAS Career Network encompasses professions that handle the management and distribution of social resources. These resources could be in the form of capital, corporate recruits, investments, merchandise, or even experiences. From wealth management consultation to efficient supply chain distribution to the management of corporate personnel, these professions require an understanding of both the specific field and the clientele they serve.

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High Paying Careers in Science January 11, 2019 - Imagine a world without scientists. Disease would run rampant, advances in technology would be non-existent, and the environment would be a disaster. People who work in science careers are responsible… More...
Ask the Recruiter: Liberal Arts Edition January 3, 2019 - Two recruiting managers discuss the breadth of career opportunities for liberal arts majors at Goldman Sachs. More...


Bob Perille, Partner at Shamrock Capital Advisors, describes how he established the Lawrence Scholars in Business program and how it is one of the many innovations needed to distinguish liberal arts graduates for selective employers.

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