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Caring for the health of others is a complex and diverse undertaking. There are hundreds of professions that provide a lifelong service to people and animals for their comfort and wellness. This CLAS Career Network is broad and diverse in scope and encompasses professions within the One Health perspective related to the interaction of human, animals and the environment while also incorporating professions related to healthcare administration, patient care, public and global health and research. This CLAS Career Network offers opportunities for students to strengthen their knowledge regarding the profession, the patient/family healthcare experience, healthcare issues. The ultimate goal of the Healthcare and Wellness CLAS Career Network is to assist and support students in a holistic process of health career exploration, education, and preparation to develop both personally and professionally as they prepare for life-long service to others.

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A community-based One Health education program for disease risk mitigation at the human-animal interface December 20, 2018 - The interface between humans, domestic animals, and wildlife has been implicated in the emergence of infectious diseases and the persistence of endemic human and animal diseases. For individuals who reside… More...


Helping others makes us happy—but it matters how we do it. Elizabeth Dunn, TED2019

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  • Internship: The University of Florida’s HealthStreet initiative has an undergraduate student intern application for Fall 2019. Info Contact: ALP Graduate Assistant, Angela Melidosian, at
  • Health Professions Week (HPW)
    November 16 – 21, 2019
    If a rewarding, dependable, and exciting career promoting health sounds like a good fit for you, HPW is your one-stop shop to explore many health professions careers. Online. On-demand. Free. Registration is now open.