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The CLAS Alumni Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in the CLAS alumni internship program. This program has been a tremendous resource for students interested in internships, but it wouldn’t be possible without the CLAS alumni who are dedicated to assisting students to prepare for life after their tenure at the University of Florida.

This page will provide you with a plethora of information about the alumni internship program. We look forward to partnering with you in the future!

Alumni Internship Resources

About Beyond120
The Beyond120 program was created in 2018 to assist CLAS students in finding experiential learning opportunities. At the time, this included a small number of alumni willing to take a student intern, as well as a small number of exchange programs.

Since its launch in 2018, the Beyond120 program has grown to include 4 full-time faculty and two part-time faculty specializing in internships, excursions, global engagement, research, coursework, and pre-health resources. A large portion of our work is with UF alumni who invest their time in CLAS students who may otherwise never get the opportunity to connect and engage with employers.

Traditionally, students majoring in the liberal arts and sciences often encounter ambiguity when determining how to connect the academic talents to their career attributes. Beyond120 was created to address this concern—we teach students how to articulate their transferrable skills and connect them with employers in search of talent.

Internships are everywhere, yes. But alumni internships incorporate mentorship and facilitate conversation. It’s the connection of a shared professor, spot on campus, or historic tradition that can capture a student’s interest and make their experience more enriching. Several of our students have changed their career trajectory after completing an internship and joined a company full-time after graduation. We want to open as many doors as possible, and we hope you’ll partner with us as we invest in the newest generation of CLAS Gators.


What resources can the Beyond120 faculty offer me?

Several! We are able to provide you with several options to meet students, advertise your company, and select the best candidates for your internship positions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Organizing events for employers to conduct info sessions and on-campus interviews.
  • Reviewing resumes with employers and selecting top applicants.
  • Circulating and promoting positions via our list-serve and canvas pages.
  • Enrolling students in the IDS4940: Internship course.

If you are looking to get involved with the CLAS alumni internship program, please contact the internship coordinator at

What compensation should I consider?

We always encourage providers to offer students either hourly wages or a stipend. Many students don’t have a lot of extra funding for housing and meals. In addition, most of the off-campus housing complexes won’t let students out of their lease for the semester, so students have to double-pay for housing. By not offering compensation, providers limit themselves to those who have the means to afford the experience. To make your experience as accessible as possible, we encourage you to consider compensation and/or other perks.

Should students be required to earn academic credit?

Students generally have two options when earning academic credit. They may choose to earn credit in their own department (Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, etc.) or earn interdisciplinary credit. Most internships courses are variable 1-3 credits. Several students have enrolled in coursework for 1-credit to avoid paying for the extra 2 credits if they’re not needed. Having students enrolled in coursework keeps them accountable—students are less likely to drop out or lessen their work load because they could earn a failing grade for doing so. In addition, most course assignments are for reflection and professional development.

Can I hire more than one intern?

Yes! Several employers have chosen to hire multiple CLAS students. If you’re looking for students with specific skillsets (language fluency, software proficiency, analytical skills, etc.) we can assist you in narrowing down your search to find the students who best fit your needs.

Do you have any flyers for my supervisor or coworkers?

Absolutely! Here are the two most commonly requested items:

Liberal Arts and Sciences Internship Syllabus – This syllabus lists the course assignments students are required to complete while participating in an internship. Students are not able to earn credit retroactively. Most students spend an average of 30 minutes – 1 hour per week working on these assignments. Assignments may be completed at home or in the office.

Internship Program Guide Beyond120 – This guide will assist employers interested in creating an internship program.

Intern Request Form

Academic Credit Compensation