Beyond120 For Faculty

The Beyond120 Program provides a wide variety of experiential learning and career development resources and services available to every department in CLAS. Choose from one of the services below or contact one of the Beyond120 faculty directly to discuss your specific needs.

Beyond120 students

Special Instruction Requests

Email to request a class visit from one of our instructors. We can provide instruction tailored to your specific area and course on topics including but not limited to:

  • Resume-writing and job interviewing
  • Finding internship opportunities in the private and non-profit sectors
  • Translating skills learned in the classroom into career success
  • Getting the most out of a study abroad program
  • Many other topics related to experiential learning and career development

Beyond120 Ambassadors

The CLAS Beyond120 Ambassadors are undergraduate students whose role is to support CLAS faculty and college staff, particularly as it relates to experiential learning and career development. These trained student volunteers can provide support for events, help facilitate workshops, offer peer experiential learning consultations and on-site resume review sessions, and fulfill a variety of other needs. You can contact to arrange for a Beyond120 Ambassador to assist with your event, program, or initiative.


MentorConnect is a platform that connects CLAS students to a large group of UF alumni mentors that share their academic and professional interests. Mentors can engage with students in a variety of ways including informational interviews, career advice, graduate school preparation and more. Contact to set-up a department-specific group on MentorConnect, recommend alumni mentors from your area of study, or get help creating your own profile for the platform.


Interested in giving a talk or workshop with Beyond120? Let us know. We are excited to continue working together with faculty and alumni on workshops and events to help students understand the connections between their liberal arts and sciences education, experiential learning, and professional success. Check out our previous workshops to get inspiration for an event that could benefit students in your area, or let us know what you would like to work together on.

Educational Tools for Canvas Integration

The Beyond120 Skills Curriculum features instructional modules covering subject matter that ranges from research and communication to resilience and goal setting. The modules incorporate lectures, videos, quizzes, and other media into lessons that students can navigate at their own pace. Individual modules or groups of related ones can be easily integrated into courses as a supplement to instruction or an efficient primer in a course-relevant skill. Faculty who are serving as undergraduate research supervisors or overseeing other experiential activities can also make use of the modules as part of their students’ training, preparation, and skill development.

A menu of current Skills Curriculum offerings can be accessed by clicking the link to join our free Career Readiness course and navigating to the Skills Curriculum page. Faculty interested in using the Skills modules in their teaching can contact Beyond120 for assistance with integrating the desired content directly into their canvas courses.

Faculty Recognition

Since 2021, Beyond120 has been annually recognizing one CLAS faculty member with the Undergraduate Research Mentorship in Humanities Award. This award was created to celebrate the excellent work of our humanities faculty in supporting undergraduate research. With this award, we want to shine a spotlight on faculty whose mentorship actively promotes diversity and equity in research and adopts a holistic mentoring approach that fosters both personal and professional growth in students. Recipients receive a plaque, one thousand dollars, and a feature along with their student mentee on the Beyond120 website and social media. A call-for-nominations is sent out to student mentees in the college every spring.

2022 Research Mentorship in Humanities Award Winner

Beyond120 recognizes Dr. Jaime Ahlberg for exceptional mentorship in undergraduate research. Nominated by her student Aimee Clesi, Dr. Ahlberg has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to educational justice, inclusivity, and fostering student growth through her teaching, research, and mentorship. Dr. Ahlberg is an Associate Professor in the department of philosophy, specializing in social and political philosophy and ethical theory. Among other research topics, Dr. Ahlberg has published multiple scholarly articles on educational justice and inclusive education and is currently working on a project on schooling and disability with co-author Dr. Catherine Gavin Loss. Working under the mentorship of Dr. Ahlberg, Aimee has earned a Haskell Fellowship, R.M. Hare Undergraduate Essay Prize, Robert Long Essay Prize, university nominations for the Beinecke, Truman, Marshall, and UK Fulbright Open awards, and a Rhodes Scholarship.

"I believe her dedication to philosophy, devotion to her students, and willingness to go the extra mile in everything she does speaks for itself. She is the kind of professor–and the professor–I hope all UF students meet."

-Aimee Clesi

Dr. Jaime Ahlberg

Aimee Clesi

Previous Award Winners

Congratulations to Dr. Manoucheka Celeste for receiving the Beyond120 Research Mentorship Award in Humanities. Dr. Celeste is an Associate Professor with the Center for Gender, Sexualities & Women’s Studies Research, Associate Professor with the African American Studies Program, and Affiliate Faculty with the Center for Latin American Studies and the Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship. She was nominated by third-year undergraduate student Julianna Panton, a McNair Scholar, CLAS Scholar, and Beyond120 Scholarship recipient. In addition to being an intentional mentor, Dr. Celeste is an award-winning author, educator, and esteemed colleague.

"Dr. Celeste is a great mentor because she is very driven, passionate, approachable, and genuine. Having Dr. Celeste as a mentor has positively impacted my experience at UF because she has introduced me to various research, networking, and personal growth opportunities."
– Julianna Panton

Dr. Manoucheka Celeste

Juliana Panton

Experiential Learning Consultations

Contact one of our area specialists below for a consultation.

Internships: Aimée Bourassa (
Suggested Topics: designing and teaching internship courses; developing internship programs; internship accessibility; applied perspectives and experiences in the humanities and social sciences; integrating academic curriculum, experiential learning, and student development.

Internships: Brittany Grubbs-Hodges (
Suggested Topics: designing and teaching internship courses, connecting with internship providers, virtual and micro-internships.

Pre-Health: Bobbi Knickerbocker (
Suggested Topics: humanities and social science experiences for pre-health students, helping students prepare for medical, dental, and veterinary school.

Global Engagement: Christine Richmond (
Suggested Topics: designing study abroad experiences, logistics of international travel and study with undergraduate students, virtual global engagement opportunities.

Research: Jacob Watson (
Suggested Topics: developing and teaching CURE courses, scaffolding research experiences into curriculum, translating research experience into skills for non-academic careers.

Media Request Form

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