Beyond120 for Faculty

CLAS faculty change lives on a daily basis. They introduce their students to critical analysis, scholarly research and scientific inquiry in ways that will fundamentally alter what these students can do and who they can be in the world. Through their instruction and mentorship, CLAS faculty members guide their students to become more informed, critical, responsible, and compassionate human beings. A key part of Beyond120’s mission is to assist faculty across the college in providing students with these transformative opportunities for growth which we believe uniquely define the liberal arts and sciences.

What is Beyond120?

Beyond120 is a unit devoted to promoting the liberal arts and sciences. We offer classes, excursions, workshops, consultations, funding opportunities, educational materials, and more—all aimed towards helping CLAS students make the most of their undergraduate education.

Beyond120 faculty are experienced educators with academic backgrounds in CLAS disciplines. We guide students to involve themselves in the intellectual and creative life of the university and become responsible global citizens. We help them understand and articulate the value of a liberal arts and sciences education. Finally, we show them how to draw upon their CLAS experience to forge a meaningful and fulfilling career.

Resources for Mentors and Instructors

Using the Skills Curriculum

The Beyond120 Skills Curriculum features instructional modules covering subject matter that ranges from research and communication to resilience and goal setting. The modules incorporate lectures, videos, quizzes, and other forms of media into lessons that students can navigate at their own pace. Each module has been designed by a CLAS Beyond120 faculty member whose field of expertise aligns with the module topic.

Among its other purposes, the Skills Curriculum can server as a ready-to-use toolkit which any CLAS faculty can incorporate into their teaching. Individual modules or groups of related ones can be easily integrated into courses as a supplement to instruction or an efficient primer in a course-relevant skill. Faculty who are serving as undergraduate research supervisors or overseeing other experiential activities can also make use of the modules as part of their students’ training, preparation, and skill development.

A menu of current Skills Curriculum offerings can be found below. Students can access the modules by clicking the link to join our free Career Readiness course and navigating to the Skills Curriculum page. Faculty interested in using the Skills modules in their teaching can contact Beyond120 for assistance with integrating the desired content into their canvas courses.

Skills Curriculum Modules

Career and Self-Presentation Skills
  • Interviewing: covers topics including interview preparation, interview questions, and how to approach video and phone interviews.
  • Networking & References: teaches students to network, establish references, and secure recommendations in a professional manner.
  • Personal Branding: explains the concept and importance of branding as well as how to create a personal brand.
  • Professional Materials: teaches students how to produce a high-quality resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.
General and Transferable Skills
  • Communication: covers topics including effective verbal and written communication, body language, and the conventions of professional emails.
  • Goal Setting: teaches students to set realistic and achievable goals and to create a timeline of measurable steps towards completing a long-term goal.
  • Resilience and Grit: teaches the importance of resilience and how to cope with failure and adversity through real-life examples shared by UF students.
International and Global Engagement
  • Job Materials for a Global Search: this module covers the differences in professional materials (resumes, CVs, etc…) around the globe. This way you will be able to tailor your materials to the part of the world you want to work in.
  • Teaching Overseas as a Global Pathway: this module covers the logistics of teaching abroad, how to find a good program, make the most of it, and how teaching abroad can lead to long-term global career opportunities.
Research and Academic Skills
  • Attending Conferences: covers what to expect for first-time academic conference attendees, including professional conduct, etiquette and safety.
  • Digital Research: an introductory look at remote research methods that make use of digital technology, with a focus on the humanities.
  • Research Writing: tips for student researchers about the writing process, academic style, scholarly article format, and undergraduate journal guidelines.

New Skills modules are being continually added. We welcome suggestions from faculty who have ideas regarding new modules, and we would be excited to collaborate with those interested in lending their talents to a Skills Curriculum project.

Resources for Undergraduate and Experiential Learning Coordinators

Beyond120 Courses

Beyond120 faculty teach a variety of courses related to their areas of expertise. From global citizenship to professional conduct in research, these courses focus on many areas of experiential learning and personal development. We encourage faculty to take a look at our course offerings and share relevant courses with students in your department who could benefit from them.

Beyond120 Workshops

Beyond120 faculty offer several workshops each semester with the goal of assisting students in their transition to graduate school, professional school, or the corporate environment. We've also partnered with CLAS alumni in delivering this content to students. We encourage you to review the workshops offered each semester and encourage your students to attend. If you have a workshop idea and would like to co-host a Beyond120 workshop, please reach out to us at

Promoting Departmental Initiatives

Beyond120's purpose is to ensure that every CLAS student's engagement with the intellectual life of the college extends beyond their fulfillment of degree requirements. As such, we work to promote the experiential learning opportunities CLAS faculty are providing across all departments. Beyond120 faculty regularly meet with students who are seeking internship, research, and global opportunities. If your department has implemented something new in the area of experiential learning, please share it with Beyond120 so that we can provide up-to-date information to interested students.