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Introduction to Cardiff University

Sydney Whiteside, former UF exchange student, introduces Cardiff University

Madeline Dietz, UF Psychology major, introduces Cardiff University

The University of Florida’s College of Liberal Arts and Science offers students the opportunity to study in Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff University is a public research university in Cardiff, Wales. Founded in 1883, the University is a highly regarded research institution. It is home to 2,495 undergraduate students and has over 6,000 international students attending the institution. Easily walkable and friendly, Cardiff also boasts amenities of a much larger city. Home to everything from ancient castles to cutting edge music venues, Cardiff blends the historic and modern seamlessly to attract visitors from around the globe. The city also has numerous museums, theaters, and galleries and is home to an active arts and culture scene.

Apply to Cardiff University Exchange Program


Sydney Whiteside and Madeline Dietz give the Gator Chomp in Cardiff
Sydney Whiteside and Madeline Dietz in Cardiff
  • Open to all CLAS majors
  • Science majors, including pre-medical/dental/vet students, are encourage to apply
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Required GPA: 3.0
  • Students must have completed 12 hours of coursework at the University of Florida
  • Two letters of Recommendation
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Statement of purpose
  • Interview with Dr. Brian Harfe, CLAS Associate Dean


Cardiff Harbor
Cardiff Harbor

A large number of Cardiff University courses have been pre-approved to transfer course credit (see samples of course equivalents). Additional course equivalents are possible by contacting Dr. Brian Harfe in the CLAS Deans Office.

School of Geography and Planning’s UF course equivalents.

Details on course levels at Cardiff can be found under “create your study programme” on the Cardiff web site.

Cardiff online module catalogue for exchange students. Please note, the catalogue is typically updated in early-August so courses listed are subject to change. Students can transfer onto any approved available new modules of interest when they arrive in September at the Cardiff Enrolment Session (classes typically start in late September). It is recommend that students arrive to the Enrolment Session with back-up choices in case of timetable clashes. Please note that full year students need to select 120 credits for the year to meet visa requirements.

For Biology and Biology-related majors, these courses are available. Courses are listed in alphabetical order, so please note the “level” column, which shows whether each module is L4 (Year 1), L5 (Year 2), or L6 (Year 3). This list will be updated for each semester. If you would like to take a course(s), that is not on the sample equivalence list please contact your advisor. Note that UF students must take 60 Cardiff credits per semester (equivalent to ~15 UF credits, depending on course selection).

Laboratory Research Projects for UF Credit at Cardiff University

Between 3 and 15 UF research credits/semester can be awarded for working in a laboratory at Cardiff. If you obtain permission from your department, the research CAN count towards your senior thesis (high/highest honors).

There is also a list of biology/bio-related courses that can be combined with research credit. Under ‘choose a subject’ select Biosciences, and then click ‘filter modules.’ This should bring up links to all of the Cardiff available courses (called “modules”). They are listed in alphabetical order, so please note the ‘level’ column which shows whether each module is L4 (Year 1), L5 (Year 2), or L6 (Year 3). Courses you are interested in require approval from your advisor.

You must take a total of 60 credits (equal to a full semester course load at UF of 12-15 credits) per semester. Two semester exchanges (i.e. academic year) are highly encouraged. If you are also interested in taking research credit please see “Applying for a Research Project.” You can go on the exchange without participating in the laboratory research component.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition at Cardiff University is waived for exchange students. Students participating in an exchange pay tuition directly to the University of Florida at their usual tuition rate. All financial aid, scholarships, and fellowships are applicable. Tuition at University of Cardiff will be waived. Students incur no additional tuition cost while they are on an exchange.


Exchange students are guaranteed housing provided their requests are submitted on time. Students have the option of living in catered (with a meal plan) or self-catered (with shared kitchen) residence halls.

Financial Aid

University of Florida students needing financial aid should apply through UF Student Financial Affairs. Normal eligibility for aid may be used while studying abroad as an exchange student. This includes using the Bright Futures scholarship and the Florida Pre-Paid College Plan. Non-UF students needing financial aid must apply to their home institutions.


For fall, spring, and academic-year scholarships administered by the University of Florida International Center, the deadlines for application are: early March for programs starting in fall; and early October for programs starting in spring. Applications forms are available on the UF International Center website.

The Brian and Kate Harfe International Exchange Scholarship: Please note that preference will be given to students spending an entire year abroad.

Health Insurance

Students will be billed for mandatory international health insurance which includes emergency medical assistance.


A $425 non-refundable service charge is assessed for students participating in single semester or Academic Year programs. (The $425 fee is refundable if student is not accepted to the program). This charge is due within 21 days of the application. Students will be charged regular UF tuition while participating in the program.

Application Deadlines

See the application deadline and dates on the International Center website.

Work Requirements and Volunteer Opportunities

Currently, students will be able to work (with conditions) on a UK visa. These resources may be helpful in explaining the certain restriction/conditions further:

Students attending Cardiff University for the full academic year will require a student visa. Students attending for 6 months or less have the option of applying for a student visa or Short-term study visa. Students cannot work or volunteer on a Short-term study visa (students attending for a semester who would like to work must apply for a student visa).

Cardiff University has two services on-campus that can help students find work around their studies. Our Careers Service helps student find internships and volunteering work, and the Students’ Union Jobshop is popular with students for finding part-time work.

Cardiff University Work Experience Guide (PDF, 959 KB)

Contact Information

UFIC Study Abroad Advisor
Kayleigh Nemeth
Study Abroad Advisor
University of Florida International Center
1765 Stadium Rd. Suite 170 Hub | PO Box 113225 | Gainesville, FL 32611
p: (352) 273-1508 | f: (352) 392-5575

UF Faculty Manager
Dr. Brian Harfe
(352) 294-1955

Additional Information

Cardiff University
Cardiff University Fact Sheet (PDF, 897 KB)
Cardiff University International Prospectus (PDF, 2.5 MB)
This is Cardiff (PDF, 3.2 MB)
Cardiff University UF Exchange Flyer (PDF, 1.8 MB)

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