Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization, LLC


Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization, LLC (PBACO) is located in Southeast Florida and is ranked #2 out of 400+ accountable care organizations in the United States based on quality and savings. Over 1,000 healthcare providers form the nucleus of care for 200,000+ Medicare and Commercial Insurance patients.

PBACO has achieved significant success in the delivery of population health initiatives across the board. Innovative and cutting edge clinical delivery systems are being implemented across the entire network by skilled medical directors and practice consultants on a daily basis. The company has invested, developed and integrated technology across a broad spectrum within the network.

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Contact Information

Dr. Lori Lane Hansen / Dr. Arthur Hansen
Corporate Intern Recruiting Coordinator
2326 S. Suite 2F
Palm Springs, FL 33406

Phone: (561) 429-2680; Cell: (561) 951-3088; Fax: (561) 429-2631

Internship Information


PBACO Corporate Office
2326 S., Suite 2FPalm Spring, FL 33406


The University of Florida CLAS intern will be working as part of an interdisciplinary team.

The intern will be exposed to but not limited to the following areas: Management, marketing, administration, public health, pre-medicine, accounting and finance and information technology.

PBACO will also work to screen and ensure that the CLAS internship will complement the students desired area of career focus.

Attributes we look for in an intern:

PBACO seeks mature, focused, hardworking students who have demonstrated academic excellence and community leadership qualities. GPA requirements of 3.25 or higher will receive consideration.

Length of internship:
3-6 months.

Number of internships available during a semester or year: Flexible (3-6 per semester).

Special considerations interns should be aware of (for example, housing and food considerations, travel during the internship etc.).

UF CLAS interns will be responsible for housing and living expenses.

Hourly rates are negotiable based on experience and position.


David Klebonis: Chief Operating Officer since October 2012
Amanda Panteliodis: Information Technology Project Manager since March 2016
Lekha Asnani: Data Analyst – Intern to full-time status August 2016
Naarayan Mohan: Data Analyst – Intern to full-time status beginning May 2017

All of the University of Florida alumni above had the vision and identified the opportunity to join a rapidly growing healthcare start-up that operates on one of the largest industries in the United States. The alumni were willing to take calculated risk while also assessing the potential long-term rewards.


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