About Activities for Pre-Health Students

Participating in experiential learning opportunities such as virtual volunteering and online workshops can be very helpful for students seeking admission to healthcare professional schools. This type of involvement helps to develop personal and professional competencies in preparation for lifelong service to others. For additional information about pre-health or shadowing opportunities, contact Bobbi Knickerbocker at

Advice about prehealth journaling from Princeton Health Professions Advising; Missouri State University

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Once the current situation has stabilized: Contact alum physicians near your home by searching by location in your school’s Alum Directory and on LinkedIn. It will be interesting to talk with them about their experiences as physicians, especially during this time. Shadowing is unlikely to be possible for a while.

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Why Volunteer? Check this out:

Focus Locally

Volunteer Virtually

  • Operation Warm has a list of 25 ways to volunteer virtually
  • invites volunteers to provide online tutoring to “bridge gaps in language, higher education, and professional skills training for conflict-affected individuals”
  • org’s nine places to volunteer online and make a real impact