UF Undergraduate Majors

Sixteen Colleges comprise the University of Florida. Many students do not realize how many programs and majors the University of Florida Offers. The Undergraduate Catalog describes each major offered at the University. You can search for majors alphabetically, or by college. To search by college, click on the college’s name and then “majors” on the right hand side. Pursuing a minor or certificate is also an option for those subject areas you have an interest in learning about but are not necessarily interested in pursuing as a major.

You may want to begin this process by utilizing the Choosing a Major Worksheet (PDF, 116 KB), which can be found under the Worksheets link on the left. Once you have drafted a long list of potential majors, explore these majors in more depth by reading about them in the catalog. Each major in the catalog has an eight-semester plan that will enable you to graduate in four years. Examine the courses listed in the plans of the majors on your list and decide if these are courses you might enjoy. Section three of the catalog contains course descriptions to aid you in this process.

As you review each major, ask yourself some basic questions. Do I have any past experiences in the content area of this major? Does this major have a foreign language requirement? Does this major require a certain talent that I do or do not have? Would I enjoy taking the courses required for this major? Does this major require science and math courses? Is my major offered in more than one college, for example computer science?

As you answer these questions, eliminate majors from your initial long list of majors. Develop a short list of several majors you are really interested in and begin to research those majors further. Each College has contact information in the course catalog and advisors to assist you further. Make sure to check out our section, Top Ten Ways to Explore with Purpose to get more ideas about how to narrow down major and career choices.