Pre-Law Gator Success!

UF has an incredibly successful Pre-Law population. This past year, 732 UF students submitted applications to law schools across the country with 621 of those students being accepted to one or more law school. Five hundred forty-five UF students started law school in the Fall 2013.

UF is currently the #1 applicant feeder school to law schools in the United States followed by UCLA, UC-Berkeley, and the University of Texas.

Every year UF students go on to attend many top law schools across the nation. In 2013, 4 UF students matriculated at the University of Chicago Law School, 4 at Harvard Law, 10 at University of Virginia School of Law, 1 at Yale Law School, 6 at Duke University School of Law, 6 at Northwestern University School of Law, 10 at New York University School of Law and fifteen 15 at Georgetown University Law.

Some of the most popular law schools in which UF students enrolled in Fall 2013 include some of our great law schools right here in the state of Florida:

Law School Enrolled from UF
University of Florida Levin College of Law 136
Florida State College of Law 26
Stetson University College of Law 33
Florida Coastal School of Law 26
Nova Southeastern University Law 24
University of Miami School of Law 19
Florida International University College of Law 17