Executive Board

Tau Sigma Honor Society Delta Chapter Officers

Sandra Chavez Vrinda Shah Kyle Eikenberry
Sandra Chavez,
Vrinda Shah,
Vice President
Kyle Eikenberry,

Tau Sigma Chairs (2016-2017)

Shana Call – Professional Development & Networking
Arielle Cooper – Fundraising & Analysis
Jaylin Darling – Service Co-chair (Spring 2017)
Cindy Guo – Webmaster (Spring 2017)
Mariah Hellstrom – Communications
Farrah Hicks – Communications
Ariana Padilla – Events (Spring 2017)
Michael Patterson – Service
Alejandra Sposito – Events
Ella Starr – Service Co-chair (Spring 2017)

Robert Kwong

Robert Kwong, M.S.
Tau Sigma Advisor
Academic Advisor
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
University of Florida

I am the advisor for the Delta Chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society at UF. I also work as an academic advisor for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In addition to providing general advising for CLAS majors and Exploratory students, I also am involved in programming support services for CLAS Transfer Students. I have worked with non-traditional college students from the time I taught Biology as a lecturer and I understand that Transfer Students need a different set of support services, and this is why I chose to serve as an advisor serving the Transfer Student population. My family emigrated from Hong Kong, and I am the first in my family to attend college. I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a B.S. in Chemistry and then my M.S. in Biomedical Science at Barry University in Miami, FL. I taught Biology courses at Loyola University of Chicago, and also worked as a Learning Assistance Counselor. At UF, I previously worked as a pre-health advisor and have taught courses in the Honors Program. I believe education provides the tools to help us discover our talents and passions and the opportunities to use those gifts to serve to others.