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A geology degree provides an understanding of issues associated with the physical earth and skills which are in demand in today's job market. The geology graduate will have a detailed understanding of climate change, sustainability of the Earth's resources, and the close interplay between human activity and the environment.

Transition Requirements:

  • BA
    • Complete one General Education Math course and two Geology courses
    • 2.0 UF GPA, 2.5 tracking GPA
  • BS
    • MAC 2311, or PHY 2004 & Lab, or PHY 2053 & Lab
    • One general introductory course (GLY 2010C Physical Geology, GLY 2030C Environmental and Engineering Geology, or any 1000-2000 level GLY, OCE, or ESC course).
    • One historical geology course (GLY 2100C or GLY 3105C) or GLY 3000-level geology course.
    • 2.0 UF GPA
    • 2.5 tracking GPA

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