Who Is My Advisor?

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences follows a dual-advising model. Responsibilities are broken up as indicated below. Looking for someone specific in the AAC? See our staff page.

AAC Advising Responsibilities

Additional Advising Offices

  • University/College requirements for graduation (general education, foreign language proficiency, etc.).
  • Universal Tracking and course planning for timely graduation.
  • Explanation of academic holds.
  • Explanation of placement and pre-requisites for CLAS courses.
  • Academic probation.
  • Petitions for an exception or waiver of a college/university rule/regulation/requirement.
  • See details of AAC Advising Services

Department/Undergraduate Coordinator (UGC) Responsibilities

  • Major/minor/certificate requirements.
  • Department approval for dual degrees, double majors, and upper-division changes of major.
  • Research and graduate school options in the field.
  • Approval of major/minor/certificate courses taken abroad or at another institution.
  • Waiver of pre-requisites for courses taught by the department.

In many cases academic requests will need department support for college approval.
Select a Department/UGC below for contact information:

African American Studies UGC: Sharon Austin.
Website: http://afam.clas.ufl.edu/
Location: 104 Walker.
Phone: 352-392-5724

African Studies UGC: Todd Leedy .
Website: http://africa.ufl.edu/
Location: 427 Grin.
Phone: 352-392-2183

Anthropology UGC: John Krigbaum.
Website: http://anthro.ufl.edu/
Location: 1350A Turl.
Phone: 352-392-2253

Arabic UGC: Youssef Haddad.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/arabic-studies/
Location: 357 Pugh.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Astronomy UGC: Rafael Guzman.
Website: http://www.astro.ufl.edu/
Location: Bryant SSB 214.
Phone: 294-1870

Biology/Botany/ZY UGC: Brittany Hoover.

Location: 205 Farrior.
Phone: 352-392-1521

Chemistry UGC: Tammy Davidson.
Website: https://www.chem.ufl.edu/
Location: 429 SIS.
Phone: 352-392-0541

Chinese UGC: Ying Xiao.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/chinese-studies/
Location: 306 PUGH HALL.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Classics UGC: Robert S. Wagman.
Website: http://classics.ufl.edu/
Location: 125 C Dauer.
Phone: 352-273-3701

Computer Science UGC: Todd Best, Kevin Bird, and Jessica Mccarty.
Website: https://www.cise.ufl.edu/academics/undergrad/csc
Location: E 405, CSE Bldg.
Phone: 352-392-1090

Criminology UGC: Jodi Lane.
Website: http://soccrim.clas.ufl.edu/undergraduate/criminology-law/
Location: 3332 Turlington.
Phone: 352-392-0265

Dial Center for Written and Oral Com. UGC: Cher Phillips .
Website: http://cwoc.ufl.edu/
Location: 402 Rolf .
Phone: 392-5421

Economics UGC: Thomas Knight.
Website: http://economics.clas.ufl.edu/
Location: 340 Matherly .
Phone: 352-392-0151

English UGC: Kenneth Kidd.
Website: http://www.english.ufl.edu/
Location: 4370 Turlington.
Phone: 352-392-6650

French UGC: Sylvie Blum.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/french-studies/
Location: 243 Dauer Hall.
Phone: 352-392-3261

Geological Sciences UGC: Joseph (Joe) Meert .
Website: https://geology.ufl.edu/
Location: 355 Williamson Hall.
Phone: 352-392-2231

German UGC: Will Hasty .
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/german-studies/
Location: 263B Dauer Hall.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Hebrew UGC: Dror Abend.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/hebrew-studies/
Location: 337 Pugh .
Phone: 352-392-2422

History UGC: Benjamin Wise.
Website: http://history.ufl.edu/
Location: 208 FLI.
Phone: 352-392-0271

Honors UGC: Melissa Johnson .

Location: 343 Infirmary.
Phone: 352-392-1519

Japanese UGC: Ann Wehmeyer.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/japanese-studies/
Location: 320 Pugh Hall.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Jewish Studies UGC: Jack Kugelmass .
Website: http://www.jst.ufl.edu/
Location: 104 Wal .
Phone: 392-9247

Latin American Studies UGC: Rosana Resende.
Website: http://www.latam.ufl.edu/academics/latin-american-studies/
Location: 358 Grin .
Phone: 352-273-4705

Linguistics UGC: Paula Golombek.
Website: http://lin.ufl.edu/
Location: 4131 Turlington.
Phone: 352-392-0639

Mathematics UGC: Sergei S. Pilyugin.
Website: https://math.ufl.edu/
Location: 358 LIT.
Phone: 352-294-2350

Microbiology UGC: Bryan Korithoski.

Location: RM 1047 MCSB.
Phone: 352-392-1906 *per website

Physics UGC: Katia Matcheva.
Website: http://www.phys.ufl.edu/
Location: 2073 NPB .
Phone: 352-392-0286

Political Science UGC: Richard Nolan.
Website: http://polisci.ufl.edu/
Location: 234 AND *per website.
Phone: 392-0262

Portuguese UGC: Andréa Ferreira .
Website: http://spanishandportuguese.ufl.edu/undergraduate-programs/portuguese-major-and-minor/
Location: 384 Grinter Hall.
Phone: 352-392-2016 *per website

Psychology UGC: Jeff Farrar.
Website: http://www.psych.ufl.edu/undergrad/
Location: 135 Psy .
Phone: 352-273-2115

Psychology UGC: Grad advisors .
Website: https://psych.ufl.edu/graduate/current-grads/graduate-studies/
Location: 135 Psy.
Phone: 352-392-0601

Religion UGC: Robert Kawashima.
Website: http://religion.ufl.edu/
Location: 120 And .
Phone: 352-392-1625

Russian UGC: Galina Rylkova.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/russian-studies/
Location: 256 Dauer.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Sociology UGC: Marian Borg.
Website: http://soccrim.clas.ufl.edu/undergraduate/sociology/
Location: 3364 Tur .
Phone: 352-392-0265

Spanish UGC: Greg Moreland.
Website: http://spanishandportuguese.ufl.edu/undergraduate-programs/spanish-major/
Location: 1B Dauer Hall.
Phone: 392-2016 or 392-2017

Spanish (1000-2000 level placement) UGC: Jennifer Pretak.
Website: http://spanishandportuguese.ufl.edu/undergraduate-programs/lower-division-spanish-program/
Location: .
Phone: 352-392-2016

Sustainability Studies UGC: Leslie Thiele.
Website: https://sustainability.clas.ufl.edu/
Location: 302 AND.
Phone: 352-273-2380

Swahili UGC: Charles Bwenge.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/swahili-studies/
Location: 423 Grinter.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Vietnamese UGC: Andrea Pham .
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/vietnamese-studies/
Location: 343 Pugh .
Phone: 352-392-2422

Women’s Studies UGC: Alyssa Zucker.
Website: https://wst.ufl.edu/undergraduate-studies/bachelor-of-arts/
Location: UST 204 .
Phone: 352-392-3365

European Studies UGC: Holly Raynard.
Website: http://ces.ufl.edu/academics/undergraduate-academics/
Location: 3326A Turlington Hall.
Phone: 352-294-7142

Interdisciplinary Studies UGC: Margaret Fields.
Website: https://dean.clas.ufl.edu/interdisciplinary-studies/
Location: 2014 Turl.
Phone: 352-392-0780

Medieval and Early Modern Studies UGC: Will Hasty.
Website: http://mems.center.ufl.edu/
Location: 263 Dau.
Phone: 352-392-2422 *per website

Public Leadership UGC: Sheila Dickison.
Website: http://www.bobgrahamcenter.ufl.edu/students/public-leadership-minor
Location: 225 Pugh.
Phone: 352- 846-1575

Asian Studies MINOR UGC: Ann Wehmeyer.

Location: 320 Pugh Hall.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Marine Sciences (IDS) UGC: Matt Smith.

Location: 269 WM Hall.
Phone: 392-2231

Amharic UGC: Charles Bwenge.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/amharic-studies/
Location: 423 Grinter .
Phone: 352-392-2422

Czech UGC: Holly Raynard.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/czech-studies/
Location: 3326A Turlington Hall.
Phone: 352-294-7142

Actuarial Science UGC: John Seppala.
Website: https://stat.ufl.edu/academics/undergraduate/minor-in-actuarial-science/
Location: 116A Griffin-Floyd Hall.
Phone: 352-273-2971

Haitian Creole UGC: Benjamin Hebblethwaite.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/haitian-creole-studies/
Location: 363 Dauer.
Phone: 352-392-2422 *per website

Polish UGC: TBD.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/polish-studies/
Location: TBD.
Phone: 273-3799

Wolof UGC: Charles Bwenge.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/wolof-studies/
Location: 423 Grinter.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Yoruba UGC: Kole Odutola.
Website: http://languages.ufl.edu/academics/llc-languages/yoruba-studies/
Location: 351 Pugh.
Phone: 352-392-7082

Biology/Bio UGC: Teresa Mutahi.

Location: 214B BAR.
Phone: 352-273-0116

Health Disparities in Society UGC: Alyssa Zucker.
Website: http://ufhealthdisparities.med.ufl.edu/about/health-disparities-info/
Location: Ustler Hall 204.
Phone: 392-3365

Statistics UGC: Demetris Athienitis.
Website: http://www.stat.ufl.edu/
Location: 116B Griffin-Floyd Hall.
Phone: 352-392-5175

Chemistry UGC: Melanie Veige.
Website: https://www.chem.ufl.edu/
Location: JHH 103.
Phone: 352-392-0518

International Studies UGC: Matthew Jacobs.
Website: http://intstudies.program.ufl.edu/
Location: 170 HUB.
Phone: 352-294-3333

Asian American Studies UGC: Malini Schueller .

Location: 4113 Turl.
Phone: 352-392-6650

University Writing Program UGC: Angela Bacsik.
Website: https://writing.ufl.edu/
Location: 302 Tigert Hall.
Phone: 352-846-1138

Marine Science (Biology) UGC: Dr. Nicole Gerlach.

Location: 520 Carr.
Phone: 352-273-0125 *per website

Criminology – UFO UGC: Lora Levett.
Website: https://ufonline.ufl.edu/degrees/undergraduate/criminology/
Location: 3336 Tur.
Phone: 352-392-0265

Akan UGC: Charles Bwenge.

Location: 423 Grinter.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Career Planning UGC: Jackie Pedota.

Location: Farrior Hall.
Phone: TBA

Geography UGC: Liang Mao.
Website: https://geog.ufl.edu/
Location: 3121 Turlington.
Phone: 352-392-0494

Geological Sciences Certificate UGC: Matthew Smith.
Website: https://geology.ufl.edu/
Location: Williamson Hall.
Phone: (352) 392-2231

Italian UGC: Deborah Amberson .

Location: 355 Dauer.
Phone: 352-392-2422

BOT/MAR/ZY UGC: Nicole Gerlach.

Location: 520 Carr Hall.
Phone: 352-392-1175

Biology/Botany/ZY UGC: Claudine Tolbert.

Location: 205 Farrior.
Phone: 352-392-1521

Biology/Botany/ZY UGC: Bailey Coleman.

Location: 205 Farrior.
Phone: 352-392-1521

Philosophy UGC: Jaime Ahlberg.

Location: 332 Griffin-Floyd Hall.
Phone: 352-392-2084

English UGC: John Murchek.
Website: http://www.phil.ufl.edu/ugrad/ugrad-major.html
Location: Tur 4012E.
Phone: 352-294-2877

East-Central European Studies Certificate UGC: Holly Raynard.

Location: 3326A Turlington Hall.
Phone: 352-294-7142

European Union Studies Certificate UGC: Holly Raynard.
Website: http://www.english.ufl.edu/
Location: 3326A Turlington Hall.
Phone: 352-294-7142

Geospatial Information Analysis Certificate UGC: Liang Mao.

Location: 3121 Turlington.
Phone: 352-392-0494

International Relations Certificate UGC: Zach Selden.

Location: 03 Anderson.

Holocaust Studies Certificate UGC: Norman Goda.

Location: 201 Walker Hall.
Phone: 352-392-2168

Latin American Studies Certificate UGC: Rosana Resende.

Location: 358 Grin.
Phone: 352-273-4705

Medical Anthropology Certificate UGC: John Krigbaum.

Location: .

Meterology & Climatology Certificate UGC: Corene Matyas.

Location: TUR 3119.
Phone: 352-392-0494

Political Campaigning Certificate UGC: Dan Smith.

Location: .
Phone: 352-392-0262

Public Affairs Certificate UGC: Dave Hedge/Garrett Mullee.

Location: 218 Anderson Hall.
Phone: 352-273-2367

Russian & East European Area Certificate UGC: Galina Rylkova.

Location: 256 Dauer.
Phone: 352-392-2422

Spanish for Professionals Certificate UGC: Greg Moreland.

Location: .

Teaching English as Second Language Certificate UGC: Paula Golombek.

Location: 4131 Turlington.
Phone: (352) 392-0639

African Languages UGC: Kole Odutola.
Website: https://africa.ufl.edu/academics-programs/african-languages/
Location: 351 Pugh.
Phone: 352-392-7082