Readmission applies to students who have previously attended the University of Florida as a degree seeking student. Former undergraduate students who do not enroll at the University for two consecutive terms (this includes summer semesters) or are dismissed must apply for readmission. Please keep in mind that if you attended UF for a semester but then withdrew from that term, you are considered to have attended that semester so applying for readmission may not be necessary. When reviewing your readmission application, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will take into consideration your academic history as well as your potential success in your selected major; however, readmission is based on availability and is not guaranteed.

There are three different categories of readmission in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Each category has different requirements for readmission as well as different application deadlines so please click the appropriate link in the navigation to the left for your individual situation. If you have additional questions, contact a CLAS academic advisor or email

Deficit Records at Other Institutions

Students with a deficit record at a different (not-UF) institution may not be admitted or readmitted to UF. If a student earns a deficit record while doing transient work at a different institution, they are permitted to return and graduate. However, if that student skips two consecutive terms at any point after the deficit record is earned, their readmission application will be denied until they can correct the deficit record.

For additional information regarding University wide readmission policies refer to the UF Admissions Office website.