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Exploratory Timeline

Suggested Timeline for Choosing a Major

We hope that this timeline will help guide you through important steps to take while exploring at the University of Florida. Remember that choosing a major or career is not a linear process; you will always be evaluating and re-evaluating depending on the new information you have learned about yourself and various careers. Therefore, keep in mind that any of the suggestions below may be beneficial during your exploration process, regardless of your current tracking term.

1st Semester

  • Attend a workshop presented by the Academic Advising Center or the Career Connection Center in an effort to understand the Exploratory process.
  • Consider enrolling in an Exploratory FYF course or a Career Development course in an effort to work towards the process of choosing a major and career.
  • Compile a list of your top 3 major choices that you would like to explore at UF.
  • Complete C.H.O.M.P, an online career assessment, then meet with a Career Counselor at the Career Connection Center to discuss how your majors and career preferences fit with your skills, abilities, personality, values, and lifestyle preferences.
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss tracking requirements for your majors of interest, as well as to create a schedule that will help you explore and stay on-track for the majors of choice.

2nd Semester

  • Talk to parents, students, advisors, professors and professionals already working in your chosen field in an effort to gather information and affirm your major choices.
  • Continue enrolling in critical tracking courses for the major(s) in which you might be interested.
  • Start volunteering or join a student organization to begin getting practical experience in an area of interest.
  • Meet with an advisor in the college offering your major of interest to ensure you are taking appropriate courses for tracking.

3rd Semester

  • Continue enrolling in critical tracking courses for your intended major.
  • Declare your first major of choice at the designated college advising office.
  • If still strongly interested in additional areas, contact an advisor to discuss your options with double majors, dual degrees and minor options.
  • Contact the Career Connection Center and begin working on a resume that captures your UF experiences.