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October 13, 2020: Exploring Majors and Careers Through People
Students will get information on ways to connect with people to learn more about major and career options. Discussed will be ways to uncover “insider information” as well as additional major and career options you might not have thought about before.
Exploring Majors Through People (PDF, 1 MB)
New CAP Informational Interview (PDF, 1 MB)
New CAP LinkedIn (PDF, 517 KB)
New CAP Professional Communication (PDF, 219 KB)

October 12, 2020: Tracking for Mulitiple Majors

Struggling to stay on top of tracking for majors you are interested in? Please join Robert as he walks you through step by step on how to track for multiple majors, as well as additional resources exploring courses that will help you narrow down your search for a major.
Choosing A Major Worksheet (PDF, 147 KB)
Exploratory Worksheet, (PDF, 576 KB)
Majors by Interest Area, (DOCX, 60 KB)