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Exploring Law

If you are considering law school after completion of your bachelor’s degree, you have time to thoroughly explore careers in law in your first couple of years as an undergraduate since there is no “Pre-Law” major. The first year in college should be spent focusing on choosing an undergraduate major for which you have a true interest, in which you do well and one that you will find academically challenging. This major should also prepare you for alternative careers or graduate programs if you decide not to pursue a law degree after graduation, if you decide to take a break before starting law school or if you do not get admitted to law school. While getting well established academically in your desired undergraduate major (earning excellent grades) and taking a rigorous course load (one that helps you build strong communication, critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills), you should thoroughly explore law so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue admission to law school. Some of the ways to explore law are by:

  1. Talking with pre-law advisors and registering for the Pre-Law listserv to receive updates
  2. Researching and reading about the legal profession
  3. Joining pre-law student organizations
  4. Shadowing attorneys in different areas of law
  5. Attending workshops and panels for pre-law students
  6. Pursuing law-related internships
  7. Talking with law school representatives and attending law school events
  8. Talking with currently enrolled law students
  9. Participating in law school summer enrichment programs

Following are also some useful links to resources that may also be helpful in exploring the legal profession and deciding whether law school is the right career path: