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CLAS Non-Degree Information

Please be aware that all non-degree requests are considered on a space available basis and most requests for courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are denied due to a limited amount of space.

General Non-Degree Information

Tips for Completing Your Non-Degree Application

  1. Remember UF only allows non-degree during Fall/Spring for courses that are offered on-line with no class-room listed.
  2. If you are asking to take a summer non-degree course, please indicate in the notes section if you are interested in taking the on-line or the on-campus section of the course.
  3. If you are asking to take graduate level courses, first check with the graduate coordinator in the department to see if this is possible.
  4. If you wish to take courses to prepare for graduate study, consult with the graduate coordinator in the appropriate department to discuss best options including the “Post-baccalaureate Prep for Grad School” option.

Note to UF Employees

  1. Make sure you indicate the use of EEP if you plan to use EEP.
  2. Indicate the fact that you work at UF, your department and supervisor name in the note section of the form.

Tips to Santa Fe College (SF) Students Desiring Foreign Language Courses

  1. We do allow SF students to take Foreign Language Courses (space permitting) on the UF campus during Fall/Spring if the language is not offered at SF as a prearranged agreement between the College of Liberal Arts and SF.
  2. Please indicate in the notes section that you are a SF student wishing to take a UF Foreign Language course on campus.

Why Was My Non-Degree Request Denied By the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences?

  1. You listed the 5-digit class number, not the course prefix and 4 digit course number. Example: correct: “ECO 2013”, incorrect: “ECO 12189”
  2. You requested a course that is not offered on-line in Fall/Spring
  3. You requested one of the following high demand courses that are not available to non-degree students:
    • Any Math, Chemistry, or Psychology course
    • BSC 2010, 2011, BSC 2891, BSC labs
    • PHY 2048, 2049, 2053, 2054, PHY labs
    • Other science or lab courses that may be considered high demand
  4. You requested a course that does not have enough (or any) current seats available
  5. You requested a course that is available through Flex Learning. You can register for any of these courses at any time. Non-UF students can also enroll for Flexible Learning courses .
  6. You are asking to take non-degree courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UF in order to become eligible for admission to a degree granting program at UF. Generally, this college expects students to take courses needed for admission to a UF program elsewhere.
  7. You have previous unsuccessful attempts at UF coursework and/or below 2.0 GPA in previous UF coursework.
  8. You have been admitted to UF for a future term and are requesting non-degree courses for a term prior to being admitted.
  9. Please note “UF Online” courses are only available to students who have been admitted to a degree seeking UF Online degree program and courses offered through UF Online are not open to non-degree students. Make sure you are searching for 100% online courses (in Fall/Spring terms) offered under the “Campus/Web/Special Program” section of the schedule of courses.

Still Have Questions?

Contact Glenn Kepic
Director of Online Advising Services
Associate Director, Academic Advising Center
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences |Farrior Hall
P.O. Box 112015 | Gainesville FL 32611-2015