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What PaCE options are available in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences?

African American Studies African American Studies Anthropology Anthropology Computer Science Computer Science
English English Exploratory Exploratory Geography Geography
Geology Geology History History Linguistics Linguistics
Mathematics Mathematics Philosophy Philosophy Religion Religion
Sociology Sociology Spanish Spanish Statistics Statistics
Sustainability Studies Sustainability Studies Women's Studies Women’s Studies
Congratulations! If you have been offered admission to UF’s new Pathway to Campus Enrollment program (PaCE), welcome to the Gator Nation! This site will help you explore the PaCE options available through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We also offer live chat sessions with academic advisors so you can be sure you’re making an informed decision about PaCE and its academic opportunities.

When you sign your contract, you will be agreeing to meet a set of standards for the major you listed on your admission application in order to transition to Campus Enrollment after you earn 60 hours. If you listed your major as “Undecided” or “Exploratory,” you will need to declare a major by the end of your third term of enrollment and before you transition to campus.

Interested in Professional School? Almost all majors are acceptable for students interested in law school. We do not recommend PaCE if you are interested in pursuing a career in the health professions. Most professional schools such as medical schools and dental schools do not accept online courses for fulfilment of pre-requisite requirements.

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