CLAS Ambassadors

CLAS Ambassadors Established in 2009, the Ambassadors of Liberal Arts and Sciences are a select group of students in the University of Florida’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated outstanding academic success and meaningful engagement with professional development and experiential learning.

Their objective is to support the career development of their fellow CLAS students and assist the academic mission of the College. They meet this objective by serving as peer coaches, enhancing awareness of CLAS career and academic services through presentations and strategic communication, working with faculty to develop new and better programs, initiatives, and experiential learning opportunities, and serving as hosts in a variety of College functions.

The application deadline for the 2023-2024 cohort was February 26, 2023.

Ambassador Duties

  • Support college and program-level events (Convocation, career workshops, alumni speakers, admission events, etc...).
  • Support Beyond120 courses as peer coaches/facilitators.
  • Help enhance the visibility of college and program-level events and resources through tabling, social media, blog posts, and other efforts.
  • Advise college leadership on policies/initiatives, particularly to support career readiness.
  • Attend biweekly (every 2 weeks) Ambassador meeting.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

  • Preference for program scholarships, excursions, trips, and other resources and opportunities.
  • Opportunity to cultivate leadership and professional skills.
  • Access to high-profile college alumni and professional partners.
  • Ability to contribute to decision making on college-level resources and initiatives.
  • Deeper connection to program faculty for development and recommendations..

Selection Process & Timeline

Each Spring semester, Liberal Arts and Sciences students who have earned a 3.0 GPA or higher and demonstrated a record of professional development and experiential learning are invited to apply.

Meet the 2022-2023 CLAS Beyond120 Ambassadors

Nicole Berenfeld
Major: Psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience
Minor: Accounting
Favorite thing about CLAS: "I love how the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences encourages exploring your genuine interests while connecting students to incredibly useful resources and approachable people."

Clara Calavia Sarnago
Majors: International Studies & Economics
Minor: Geography
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My favorite thing about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is that we are all connected by one goal: to better ourselves and our communities. From students to faculty to staff, we all want to create a long-lasting positive impact and together we can create that change."

Isabella Garganese
Major: Biology
Minors: Italian and Anthropology
Favorite thing about CLAS: "One of my favorite things about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the diversity of classes it offers. I have had the opportunity to explore many different passions of mine, from learning about all aspects of biology to the Italian language. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences fosters an environment for learning unlike any other and truly has something for everyone."

Kylie Hay-Roe
Majors: Political Science & International Studies
Minors: Sustainability Studies & French
Favorite thing about CLAS: "With 43 majors available, CLAS presents diverse options for students to explore their interests while providing flexibility as they refine their academic and professional goals."

Corey Kotzen
Majors: Political Science & History
Favorit thing about CLAS: "The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is vast, yet we are all connected to one goal of success! Regardless of discipline, we can all help each other achieve greatness. With that, I never knew just how impactful experiential learning could be—but after experiencing it, I cannot wait to share it!"

Edwidge Labbe
Majors: Political Science & Women’s Studies
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My favorite thing about the College of Liberal Arts is our place in Turlington Hall. I think Turlington is the heart of campus, home to free shirts, free food, and live debates. If you're ever bored, Turlington is the place to be!"

Judah Lebofsky
Majors: Psychology & Criminology
Minor: Sociology
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My favorite thing about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the breadth of coursework and professional expertise available which allow me to participate in interdisciplinary studies to combine my interests."

Stephanie Odom
Major: Political Science
Minors: Communication Studies and Public Leadership
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My current favorite thing about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the endless opportunities that I am still discovering. Whether it is through my involvement with the Bob Graham Center by improving my civic engagement or growing as a career professional through Beyond120 I have continued to learn more about myself and how I can make a greater impact on the Gator Nation."

Carson Leigh Olson
Majors: Political Science & French
Favorite thing about CLAS: ""The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has the most majors of any college at the University of Florida. This diversity and breadth fosters interdisciplinary study and experiential learning making the college a dynamic and exciting community to be a part of."

Jake Pegurri
Major: Economics
Minors: Business Admin, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Selling
Favorite thing about CLAS: "Beyond 120's courses and excursions are my favorite aspect of CLAS."

Ceasar Rodriguez
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Biomolecular Engineering
Favorite thing about CLAS: "I’m amazed at the spectrum of classes offered under CLAS and at the diversity of the departments those classes fall under."

Seren Sahin
Majors: International Studies & Sustainability Studies
Minors: Religion, Environmental Justice and Policy, International Development and Humanitarian Assistance
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My favorite thing about CLAS is the wide range of topics of study and how students are encouraged to study everything and anything they want."

Victoria Stachowiak
Majors: Criminology & Psychology
Minor: Arabic
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My favorite thing about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is that it is the largest college on campus. With over 40 majors and 49 minors, I believe it represents a diverse population of students and interests. These interests are catered to through a variety of engaging classes and extracurricular opportunities."

Emmalee Stephens
Major: Biology
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My favorite thing about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the endless opportunities it provides for students including over 40 majors in many different fields."

Alexander Theophilopoulos
Majors: Statistics and Physics
Minor: Greek Studies
Favorite thing about CLAS: ""The real world is multifaceted and ever changing, so a diverse educational experience is essential to be a part of it."

Request Ambassadors at an Event

CLAS Beyond120 Ambassadors can support your event or program in a variety of ways, from presentations about CLAS opportunities to career readiness resources to logistical assistance and more. Please fill out the form below to request Ambassadors.