CLAS Ambassadors

CLAS Ambassadors Established in 2009, the Ambassadors of Liberal Arts and Sciences are a select group of students in the University of Florida’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated outstanding academic success and meaningful engagement with professional development and experiential learning.

Their objective is to support the career development of their fellow CLAS students and assist the academic mission of the College. They meet this objective by serving as peer coaches, enhancing awareness of CLAS career and academic services through presentations and strategic communication, working with faculty to develop new and better programs, initiatives, and experiential learning opportunities, and serving as hosts in a variety of College functions.

Apply by March 20, 2024

Ambassador Duties

  • Support college and program-level events (Convocation, career workshops, alumni speakers, admission events, etc...).
  • Support Beyond120 courses as peer coaches/facilitators.
  • Help enhance the visibility of college and program-level events and resources through tabling, social media, blog posts, and other efforts.
  • Advise college leadership on policies/initiatives, particularly to support career readiness.
  • Attend biweekly (every 2 weeks) Ambassador meeting.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

  • Preference for program scholarships, excursions, trips, and other resources and opportunities.
  • Opportunity to cultivate leadership and professional skills.
  • Access to high-profile college alumni and professional partners.
  • Ability to contribute to decision making on college-level resources and initiatives.
  • Deeper connection to program faculty for development and recommendations..

Selection Process & Timeline

Each Spring semester, Liberal Arts and Sciences students who have earned a 3.0 GPA or higher and demonstrated a record of professional development and experiential learning are invited to apply.

Meet the 2023-2024 CLAS Beyond120 Ambassadors

Nicole Berenfeld
Major: Psychology
Minor: Accounting
Favorite thing about CLAS: "I love how the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences encourages exploring your genuine interests while connecting students to incredibly useful resources and approachable people."

Bianca Cirigliano
Major: Criminology and Psychology, with a specialization in Behavior Analysis
Favorite thing about CLAS: "The opportunities offered through CLAS and through this program are highly valued by students as they can not only help our academic development, but our personal and professional development as well. As a Pre-Law student, there are a variety of internship, like the FBI internship, offered for students to participate in. Also, I love CLAS because there is a large amount of majors to choose from."

Kylie Coolican
Majors: Political Science
Favorite thing about CLAS: "I really enjoyed the variety of major and minors that the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides, as well as the plethora of exciting classes. I have taken many cool pre-law and political science classes that have strengthened my interest in working in the political arena after graduation. I also hope to study abroad in Europe or intern in DC again in the summer."

Ariane Cortes
Majors: International Studies & Political Science
Minor: Italian Studies
Favorite thing about CLAS: "As a CLAS student, I really appreciate the plethora of opportunities the college offers. From studying abroad in Italy to interning for a non-profit as part of the experiential learning program, CLAS has exposed me to some of the most enriching experiences during my college years. As a young student who aspires to join the Foreign Service, these experiences have opened new doors for me, broadening my horizons in preparation for the career I will one day pursue."

Patrick Grey
Majors: History & Spanish
Minor: Latin American Studies
Favorit thing about CLAS: "CLAS has given me the opportunity to make valuable connections with a diverse array of mentors spanning different departments from within the college. My curiosity has led me to conduct research with the Center for African Studies, the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, the Department of History, and the Spanish Heritage Language Lab. This mentorship was essential for me to be able to envision a future in graduate school and as a historian of the African diaspora in the future."

Aniya Johnson
Major: Linguistics & Anthropology
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My favorite thing about CLAS is the holistic and interdisciplinary nature of the programs it offers. I've been able to tailor my education based on my passions and goals by drawing from courses within various CLAS majors. I hope to use what I've learned from CLAS to be an international advocate for human rights."

Lexi Kampf
Major: Psychology
Minors: Innovation, Business Administration
Favorite thing about CLAS: "One of my favorite things about being part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the wide array of opportunities that are offered. This past summer I studied abroad in London, England. I had to opportunity to work, live, and learn in the most fabulous city. With the skills and knowledge I have gained through CLAS, I know I will be successful in my future career."

Alexandra Leon
Majors: History
Minors: Education Studies, Latin American Studies
Favorite thing about CLAS: "Being a CLAS major has been incredibly rewarding, and I am grateful for our community of supportive advisors and peers. After one year as a remote, online student, CLAS welcomed me with its unique student research and advocacy opportunities such as through the Bob Graham Center and the History department. Through these, I have been able to support my passion for policy research and my goals to attend law school after graduation!"

Ava McCewan
Major: Psychology
Favorite thing about CLAS: "The best part about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is that it enabled me to pursue my passion of learning languages. I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Spain last summer and am currently taking French classes. I plan to use these skills in my future career as an intellectual property attorney."

Marisa McNulty
Majors: Biochemistry & Economics
Favorite thing about CLAS: "Some of the best parts of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are its interdisciplinary nature and the plethora of opportunities to explore your unique interests. From studying abroad in England and Scotland to conducting research at the McKnight Brain Institute, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has encouraged me to get involved in various experiential learning activities. I hope to transfer all that I have learned in my future career as a physician working in a teaching hospital."

Brianna Novillo
Major: Biology
Minors: Health Disparities in Society, Pathogenesis
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My favorite thing about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the opportunity for students to participate in research and internships. I have had the opportunity to engage in undergraduate research at the same lab for about three years now and I have had the chance to work with Mobile Outreach Clinic which has helped me center my career goals. I hope to go to medical school to become a physician and hopefully be able to incorporate my research interests in the cardiology field."

Seren Sahin
Majors: International Studies & Sustainability Studies
Minors: Religion, Environmental Justice and Policy, International Development and Humanitarian Assistance
Favorite thing about CLAS: ""

Maya Smith
Major: Biology
Favorite thing about CLAS: "My favorite thing about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is how experiential learning is encouraged and has allowed me to explore my different passions and given me countless valuable resources for my success. I know that being well-rounded and academically curious will greatly benefit me in my future career and I am grateful for the support CLAS has given me."

Amelia Spicola
Major: Microbiology
Minors: Anthropology, Pathogenesis
Favorite thing about CLAS: "One of my favorite things about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the opportunities it provides outside of the classroom. Through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences I have been able to spend a semester abroad shadowing physicians, find a position in a Genetics Laboratory, and involve myself in many clubs on campus. My goal is to move to Spain for my growth year then come back to the United States to attend medical school and hopefully become a Trauma Surgeon."

Victoria Stachowiak
Majors: Criminology & Psychology
Minor: Arabic
Favorite thing about CLAS: "I hope to attend law school and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has been extremely helpful while I filled out my application. The advisors were knowledgeable on the process and provided me with advice on how to highlight my experience with involvement in criminology and psychology-related organizations."

Aspen Swart
Major: Biology
Favorite thing about CLAS: ""

Alex Theophilopoulos
Major: Statistics
Minor: Greek Studies
Favorite thing about CLAS: ""

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