MentorConnect is a brand new program in CLAS designed to connect students to dynamic and successful alumni mentors across all industries. You will be able to create a personalized profile, browse through a large group of UF alumni mentors who match your academic and professional interests, and set up a variety of mentorship meetings such as resume reviews, informational interviews, career advice, graduate school preparation, and much more.

If you have any questions about Beyond120 programs and opportunities, please reach out to

If you are already a Mentor in the MentorConnect program and have not yet connected with a mentee let us know!

Features of CLAS MentorConnect

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences thanks the Philip and Donna Tenenbaum Family (Philip BA ’78, Donna BA ’78 & MEd. ’79, Robyn BSN ’08 and Alan MBA ’20) for their support of MentorConnect.

  • Meet with UF Alumni - You can request consultations from UF Alumni in various industries.
  • Join the Group Forums - Group forums are a place where you can ask alumni questions, gather advice, and hear from your fellow students about various careers and industries. 
    • Women in the Workforce
    • Careers in the Humanities
    • Careers in the Social Sciences
    • Careers in STEM
    • Global Careers
    • Transfer
    • Innovation Academy
    • First Generation
    • Legal Careers
    • Healthcare Careers
  • View Videos from the Resource Library - Watch webinar and other video content developed to inform you about professional skills and industries.

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