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Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center (AAC) is providing advising services remotely through the end of the Fall 2020 term. Students who need advising from the CLAS AAC can still access academic advising through Zoom meetings as it is a critical component to student success.

Same-Day Remote Advising

Mondays - Fridays: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 pm.

When demand for advising is very high, our Remote Sign-in may close early to ensure we can advise students who have already signed in. If the lobby is closed, we recommend trying to sign in at 8:00 am the next day.

Current UF Students

UF students seeking academic advising from the AAC should start here. This will direct you to a survey that will make sure you are in the correct place to get the assistance you need.

Click here for the survey that will take you to the link to sign in to meet with an advisor via Zoom.

August Advising Days

August Advising Days are quick, daily advisor-led Zoom sessions to help you get up and running fast for the Fall 2020 semester.


  • Major Mondays: Info on changing majors, adding a double major, questions about major requirements.


  • Trouble with Holds Tuesdays: Difference among holds and info/to-dos, and which holds can you take care of on your own? Where to go for help with holds.


  • Work It Out Wednesdays: This session will provide 5-10 minutes of information on your degree audit, CLAS foreign language requirement, and anything else confusing. After that, you’ll be able to ask questions to find out what to do next.
  • Pre-Health Chat QA: QA for general questions with a Pre-Health advisor.



  • Fall's Coming Fridays: Understand your online scheduling, help with prerequisite issues and departmentally-controlled sections.

Daily Advising QA Sessions

Zoom sessions hosted by an academic advisor.

Current Students in the UF Online Program

Check our UF Online page.

Prospective Transfer Students

Any prospective transfer students should begin by reviewing the information in the "Admissions" tab at the top of this page.

Newly Admitted and Prospective Freshmen

For information regarding admission, please contact the UF Office of Admissions. Newly admitted students will be participating in Preview, UF’s orientation program, designed to answer questions related to your academic transition and help you register for your first term(s). For additional information, see our FAQ for Newly Admitted Students.