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Incoming Exchange Student Information

Welcome to UF and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences! We’re happy to welcome students from our partner institutions around the world to the Gator Nation and are here to help you have a successful semester or academic year. For more information on the incoming exchange student application process and pre-departure information, please visit the UF International Center website. Once you have been successfully nominated by your home university and approved by UF, use the information below to begin registering for courses.

Graduate Students: Please contact your department’s graduate coordinator for advising and registration questions.

Choosing Courses

You should choose your courses using the following guidelines:

  • Courses must be taught by our CLAS Departments. Up to one course may come from outside of CLAS with approval (please contact if you would like to take a class outside of CLAS).
  • Course numbers between “1,000-4,999” (for example, DEP3053) are for undergraduate courses. You may take any combination of levels between 1,000-4,999.
  • Undergraduate students must take a minimum of 12 credit hours for visa requirements. Maximum of 18 credit hours can be taken.
  • Students are only allowed one 100% online course. Courses listed as 80-99% online count toward the in-person requirement.
  • You can see what classes are offered in a specific semester using our Schedule of Courses which is published in early March for Fall and early October for Spring. Use the filters to choose the Term you will be attending. Use “Campus/Web/Special Program” for the Program type.
  • Once you have selected courses, check with your home university to be sure they are acceptable.

You should submit all required documents to UFIC including your course selection form as early as possible to have the best opportunity of getting the courses you desire. You won’t be able to register for courses until all required documents have been received. We cannot guarantee registration in any specific course but will do our best to try and accommodate your requests.

Check Your Holds

To register you cannot have any active registration holds on your record. You can check for holds on ONE.UF. If you have an immunization hold, it may be possible to temporarily lift it to allow you to register. Please contact Amila Tica at


Once you’ve selected your courses and have removed your holds you will register on ONE.UF. Use the tutorial below if you need help navigating the system.

How to Register for a Class on ONE.UF

You must be registered for at least one course before the end of the Regular Registration, but you should register for as many of your courses as possible, as early as possible, for the best selection. If a CLAS course you want to take has no seats available you may email to see if we have any seats in reserve for exchange students.


Some courses have pre-requisites which are listed in the Schedule of Courses or the Undergraduate Catalog. If you are having trouble registering for a course due to a pre-requisite error message, you can email to request a pre-requisite waiver if you have taken the pre-requisite at your home university. Or you may email the Department that offers the course and include a copy of your unofficial transcript with your request.

Adjusting Your Schedule

Once registered you may continue to adjust your course schedule if needed through the end of the Drop/Add period which is the first 5 days of classes in the Fall and Spring semesters. We generally do not permit adding courses after the drop/add period unless needed to meet your visa requirements. You must check with your home university to make sure your courses are acceptable prior to the last day of the Drop/Add period.

Helpful Terminology

Course: This refers to an individual class, not a degree of study. You may hear the terms “course” and “class” being used interchangeably. Most exchange students take 4-5 courses (or classes) each semester.
Credit Hour: Also referred to as “hours” or “credits”, every course taught is designated a total number of credit hours. The number of credit hours for a class reflects approximately the total hours a student spends per week in class. Most courses at UF are 3 or 4 credits, but some laboratories may be 1 or 2 credits. You need a minimum of 12 credits each semester (term) to meet visa requirements.
Drop/Add: A period of time beginning the first day of classes when students can adjust schedules by dropping or adding courses or changing sections of a course. Courses dropped during drop/add are not subject to fees.
Major: A subject of academic study chosen as a field of specialization.
Module: This usually refers to a portion of class, usually one that is online. UF uses the online learning platform called Canvas ( Courses are often divided into modules, or sections.
Prerequisite: A condition that must be met to establish eligibility to enroll in a program or course.
Schedule of Courses: Registration information provided online each term with academic regulations and a listing of all courses offered.
Semester or Term A standard academic term (fall or spring) of approximately 16 weeks of instruction.

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