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Exploring Gators Mini-Conference
Thursday, October 10th
5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Career Connections Center, JWRU

Join staff from the Academic Advising Center & the Career Connections Center (CCC) for the Exploring Gators Mini-Conference. Session topics will include: Tracking for multiple majors & minors; Online resources for exploring careers; Connecting passion to majors, and more. Former exploratory students will serve on a panel to discuss their experiences. Snacks and prizes will be offered. Prior to the event, please complete at least the Work-Interest Assessment within CHOMP ( and bring your code results. Check-in begins at 4:30.

Exploratory Workshop Presentations

Exploring Your Summer Opportunities
Enjoy a workshop designed to help you identify purposeful ways to spend your summer exploring your interests. We will share how a variety of experiences, such as volunteering, shadowing, employment, internship and academic opportunities can help you learn about your interests and passions. Tips will be provided on how you can best use the summer to explore both your major and career interests with purpose.
View the workshop View the workshop