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Academic Advising Center


Students who are trying to identify majors of interest can find guidance in the Academic Advising Center (AAC) in Farrior Hall. Visit the AAC homepage for information on how to meet with an advisor.

First-time-in-college students at UF can be “exploratory” their first three fall/spring semesters (spring/summer semesters if in Innovation Academy). This general classification gives students more freedom to experiment with courses from across different academic disciplines. Students can officially declare this classification with an advisor in the AAC.

Advisors in the AAC encourage exploratory students to reflect on their interests, skills and personal values in an attempt to relate those to qualities found in different majors across campus. Advisors can also help develop semester schedules so that students can test out multiple majors, and they will connect students to campus resources to assist with the decision-making process. Advisors will not pick a major for you.

Exploring majors requires commitment and active engagement on the part of each student. Finding a major that excites you is the reward. This website is full of tools to assist you: access to the free and non-graded Canvas course Exploratory Roadmaps, announcements to relevant events, links to resources on campus and virtual ones across the Internet, reflection exercises and more.