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Pre-Health & CLAS Biology/Botany and Zoology Major Advising

  • Incoming freshman or transfer students: must first attend Preview, meet with your college or major advisor and watch the Pre-Health 101 workshop. Please note if you are a student in Honors, Pre-Pharmacy major, UF Alumni or Non-traditional or a Pre-Health Post Bacc. program student you have a designated Pre-Health advisor, and their information is in the drop-down below under Who Is My Pre-Health Advisor?
  • We will advise UF Pre-Health and/or CLAS Biology/Botany and Zoology students via in-person or remote Zoom appointments through Summer and Fall 2023. Schedule an advising appointment by taking a quick Qualtrics survey.
  • If you are scheduling a Pre-Health Appointment: Download and complete pages 1 and 2 of your Pre-health Action plan. We do not expect it to be completed, but we want a rough draft. Utilize > Programs and majors > model semester plans and the model semester plans for your health professions under the PH Resources page or the Profession tiles located below. Please bring your pre-health resume and/or Pre-Health action plan to each appointment in which you wish to discuss your competitiveness or semester plans.
  • Pre-health Quick Advising (one or two questions related to pre-health, not college or major holds) will occur through Summer and Fall 2023. You can join the Zoom chats on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. by utilizing the information below:
    Meeting URL:
    Meeting ID: 989 0335 9323
    Passcode: 583598

Pre-Health Advising at UF

Select from these options to learn more about Pre-Health advising opportunities.

Pre-Health Advising Appointments

Pre-health advising is currently being offered via in-person or Zoom, Monday through Friday by appointment only. Please see the top of the Pre-Health homepage for the most up-to-date advising information, as well as how to make an appointment. If you have pre-health specific questions please log into the Qualtrics survey. You will be able to schedule an appointment after taking the survey.

If you have general advising questions (i.e. major specific, minors, forms, holds, petitions, change of major, double major, etc.) you should see a general advisor in your college. You are expected to bring the Pre-Health Action Plan with you to any advising session where you may want to discuss your professional development or competitiveness.

UF Alumni and Non-Traditional Student Appointments

Pre-Health Advising is pleased to offer appointments for alumni who received an undergraduate or graduate degree from UF or non-traditional students interested in returning to school to complete the pre-requisite courses for professional school application. Please make an appointment with Bobbi Knickerbocker via Outlook Bookings or contact Ani Kellermann in the Academic Advising Center at

Include your full name (during your time as a student, if different) and days/times that work best for an appointment. If you were a UF alum, please send Ani your UF ID number.

UF Honors Program Pre-Health Advising

Students in the UF Honors Program who wish to speak with Meredith Beaupre for pre-health advising can check the Honors Program website or schedule an appointment by clicking on the Advising Module in their Canvas cohort.

UF Pre-Health Post-Bac Program (PHPB)

Students interested in the UF Pre-Health Post-Bac program may make an appointment with Bobbi Knickerbocker, Director PHPB via Bookings.

Medical Honors Program (MHP) Advising

The Medical Honors Program (MHP), is an accelerated 7 Year B.S./M.D. program offered by the University of Florida. The program is intended for undergraduate students who have demonstrated superior scholastic ability, commitment to serving others and personal development during their first two academic years of enrollment at a 4 year accredited science-degree-granting institution, and who are dedicated to pursuing medicine as a career.

Please review:

After reviewing the MHP website, if you have questions:

UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Students in the UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences may see Britta Osborne, Assistant Director of Academic Advising. Her information is located on the CALS Advising website.

UF College of Health and Human Performance Advising – Athletic Training & APK Major

UF students interested in the UF College of Health and Human Performance may speak with Kari Maples or Jonathan Hancock in the College of Health and Human Performance. Email or For more information, please visit

UF College of Health and Human Performance Advising – Health Education & Behavior Major

UF students interested in a pre-health major with a focus on health promotion in the College of Health and Human Performance may speak with Erica Alexander or Megan LeCorgne in the College of Health and Human Performance. Email For more information, please visit

UF College of Pharmacy Advising

UF students interested in the UF College of Pharmacy may call (352) 273-6217 or email

UF College of Public Health and Health Professions Advising

UF students interested in the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions may speak with Rob Doyle or Andrea Smith in the College of Public Health and Health Professions, email For more information, please visit

UF College of Veterinary Medicine Advising

UF students interested in the UF College of Veterinary Medicine may email the UF CVM Admissions team at with questions or call 352-294-8254. UF CVM does not offer individual advising appointments

UF College of Nursing Advising

UF students interested in the UF College of Nursing can speak with: Ken Foote ( (ALL prospective Pre-Nursing Sophomore Advising & Traditional B.S.N. students), Dominic Purcell ( (ALL prospective Pre-Nursing Freshman Advising & RN to B.S.N students). Students interested in the UF College of Nursing Accelerated B.S.N. program may speak with Kianna Simons ( For more information, please visit

COVID-19 Information

Information about the impact of the Coronavirus changes moment to moment. It’s hard to know what’s current and there are so many questions.

We know the professional organizations and schools are working diligently to provide information as quickly as possible. They will continue to release information as the impact of Coronavirus becomes clearer. See resources below to stay up to date for your profession.

1. S/U

Professional schools determine their own admission criteria. This varies school by school. Because of this, there is no universal consensus regarding whether S/U grades will be accepted in place of letter grades and policies vary from school to school.

In order to leave open as many options as possible, and because you have the option of taking the courses for grades, we encourage maintaining the grade option for your sciences, especially prerequisite courses.

Please research schools you are interested in applying to for their admission criteria before making a final decision.

If you are in the current application cycle and received an offer of admission or are on a wait list, please contact the Admission offices of those schools for their input before taking the S/U option.

Professional schools look for academic patterns. Future applications will be reviewed by each school within context of COVID impacts and based on the schools’ admission criteria.

Please use the resource links below to get updates from your respective profession.

2. Online Courses

Keep in mind this is a national issue. Healthcare professionals have the frontline on this. Many healthcare professional schools are also using online learning within their curricula.

Professionals schools have better comprehension and understanding of the impact of C-19 is having on all. They will consider this impact with great understanding when reviewing applicants for admission in future cycles. Taking online courses during this time will not negatively impact admission.

When courses resume to an class format, please take your pre-requisite courses in class.

We continue to recommend that you demonstrate rigorous academic course loads of 2 sciences and 15-18 credits per semester. Prepare to serve the widely diverse populations you will serve as a professional by balancing science courses with social sciences, humanities and other non-science courses.

3. Extra-Curricular Activities

First and foremost, stay safe, be well and keep your distance. Be very considerate of the welfare of others. Keep your distance. Be the one to stop the spread of C-19; don’t contribute to it.

Again, professional schools have the greatest understanding of the impacts of the Coronavirus and support impeding its spread. Demonstrate your compassion and understanding by socially distancing yourself.

Having a gap in doing service during this time will not be held against applicants.

However, if you can find ways to serve others, which supports social distancing, keep on going. Be really creative but keep your distance. Did I say, “Keep your distance?”

  • Are you musical? Do you dance? Talented in other forms of entertainment – record a performance and see if an extended care facility would stream it to residents or allow you to sing/dance to them outside through the windows.
  • Get in touch with an office for the aging, your church or other community agencies that serve community members and see if you can organize and/or help to do ‘care calling.’
  • Work with food banks to organize a canned food drop box for donations.
  • Make cards for those who are homebound, in the hospital or extended care facility.
  • See a need, create a solution, but keep your distance.
  • See if the local K-12 schools needs online reading and math tutors.
  • Check out the virtual volunteering info at


4. Entrance Exams

With the pandemic, exam testing dates will be cancelled. Not to panic. The option is being given to test for a future date. Please refer to the specific exam websites, listed under ‘Resources’ for updates.

Keep in mind

  • In medicine, you will be required to perform under stress and in unexpected circumstances, just as you are now.
  • Your performance this semester will demonstrate resiliency and adaptability, which are part of the core competencies that professional schools look for in future professionals.
  • We know you’ve got this. We are here to support you. If you are home and feeling stressed, contact your physician and mental health resources. If you are in Gainesville, reach out to the Student Health Center and the Counseling and Wellness Center.
  • Several professions are holding virtual webinars, consider registering for these. Refer to your professional websites (ADEA, AACOM, AMCAS, AAVMC, etc.) for further information.

5. Involvement and making an impact during COVID-19

Help make masks for medical professionals and the community
Medical professionals and hospital are running of N95 Respirators and surgical masks. The general public, patients, and medical professionals can benefit from homemade cloth masks. The CDC has approved of cloth facial masks for public uses and hospitals/medical centers are accepting donated cloth masks.

For students at home, this an excellent way to help the community. Below are some links to get started on sewing simple cloth masks:

My family and I have already made and donated over 150 masks to local medical centers, nursing homes, and neighbors. We have a goal to reach a 1000 masks. You can check out our Instagram to see some examples.

You’re free to contact me at if you need any help with starting, finding materials, or donating.

Involvement and Making an Impact during COVID-19 (DOCX, 25KB)


Testing Companies

Professional Coronavirus updates

Health Professions COVID-19 Related Links and Information