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Medical Honors Program (MHP)

This is a combined B.S.-M.D. degree for students interested in pursuing an accelerated medical training program. Typically students will complete three years of undergraduate study and then begin medical school in the fourth year. The first year of medical school will count towards the undergraduate degree program and as the first year of medical school at University of Florida College of Medicine. At the end of the seven years, the student will have earned both a Bachelor of Science and a M.D. Learn more about MHP at University of Florida College of Medicine.


The University of Florida College of Dentistry has a program for outstanding college freshmen who know they are interested in becoming dentists, the Honors Combined BS/DMD Program, that saves one year of college. Students accepted in this program complete a BS degree and a DMD degree in 7 years, instead of 8 years. During the first three years of this program, students enroll in a carefully sequenced series of courses to meet both their undergraduate university’s Baccalaureate degree requirements and the College of Dentistry’s admissions requirements. A limited number of majors are available at the University of Florida: you can choose either Microbiology or Nutrition. During what would have been the senior year of college, Honors Combined BS/DMD Program in Dentistry students transfer to the freshman class at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. Credits from the dental program are transferred back to the undergraduate college to complete the Baccalaureate degree requirements. Approved students spend a minimum of 90 hours in the bachelor’s program and four years in the dental program. Please refer to the UF College of Dentistry for more information.

Post baccalaureate

The University of Florida now offers a Pre-Health Post-Baccalaureate program for students who have not yet completed pre-requisite coursework for entrance into medical, dental, pharmacy, or veterinary school. Please see the website for more details.