Tau Sigma

Glenn Kepic

Welcome to the UF Delta Chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society. The UF chapter of Tau Sigma began in 2002 as a way to provide recognition and leadership opportunities to our most successful transfer students. Nationally, Tau Sigma was still in its infancy, and UF was recognized as the “Delta Chapter”, meaning it was only the 4th chapter to be established in the country. UF students competed for and won national scholarships, held social events, assisted with Transfer Orientation, and were dedicated to volunteering within our community. After 10 successful years, UF’s chapter of Tau Sigma became inactive for a three year period. Thankfully, Robert Kwong stepped up to reactivate the local chapter and with his energy and vision is ready to lead Tau Sigma at UF to new heights.

Today, Tau Sigma is flourishing nationally with well over 100 active chapters. Due to the strength and growth of the association, there are more opportunities for our students to compete for national scholarships and attend the annual Tau Sigma Leadership conference. At the local level, I hope you will take advantage of the induction ceremonies, social events and volunteer opportunities available to you. So, if you are a new transfer student who meets the high academic requirements to join Tau Sigma, I hope you take advantage of all it has to offer, and don’t just join, lead!


Glenn Kepic
Associate Director
Academic Advising Center
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
University of Florida