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Why Give?

We are grateful for the support of current and future donors to the Academic Advising Center. When you give, you help support our professional commitment to providing world-class advising service to more than 12,000 students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


The Academic Advising Center strives to assist students with the enhancement of their undergraduate experience through academic, professional, and personal development. Through individual academic advising and innovative educational programming, we foster a culture of proactive behavior, intentional decision-making, and responsibility among our students. We encourage our students to maximize their individual potential through both their coursework and their co-curricular opportunities. Our goal is to inspire students to engage fully in their education, develop global awareness, and embrace their future.

Our advisors are members of NACADA, a national association of professional advisors, and have achieved prominent leadership standing and won numerous awards nationally and university-wide over the years.