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Advising Services

Am I assigned an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences?

CLAS students are not assigned an advisor. You may see the next available advisor. In order to help students who have seen multiple advisors, we keep notes of each advising session on your student record. However, you may choose to see a specific advisor by informing the front desk staff. Please note that your wait time might increase since we operate on a first-come, first serve basis.

What if I want to see a pre-health advisor?

Please review the Pre-Health section of the website under “Seeing an Advisor.”

What if I want to see a pre-law advisor?

You may request to see a pre-law advisor during walk-in hours or call (352) 392-1521 and request an appointment with a pre-law advisor. You can also review the Pre-Law section of the website.

I am interested in transferring to UF and applying to a CLAS major. Since I’m not a current student, can I still see an advisor?

Yes, the AAC advisors also see prospective students. However, many of your questions might be answered by reviewing the CLAS transfer website and the UF transfer admissions requirements closely.

Why does it take so long to see an advisor?

The AAC currently has a high advisor-student ratio. There are currently over 10,000 CLAS students, and 15 full-time advisors. While we strive to see students as quickly as possible, we also try to provide a student with thorough assistance. During peak times, this can cause a long wait-time. You can avoid the long wait by coming into the advising office weeks before advance registration to review class selections, requirements, etc.

Change Major / Exploratory Students

What is Universal Tracking and what do I need to know about it?

The most frequently asked questions about Universal Tracking are answered in the Undergraduate Catalog. Please visit an academic advisor in your college if you have any specific questions about your progress in your major and your status as determined by Universal Tracking.

I do not like the major I am currently in. Can I change it?

Yes, under certain conditions. If you are in semester 1-5 (using the Universal Tracking method) and you wish to change your major within Liberal Arts and Sciences, you must meet with an academic advisor. Your academic record will be evaluated to determine if you meet the intended major’s admission criteria. However, if you are in semester 6-8 (using the Universal Tracking method) and you wish to change your major within Liberal Arts and Sciences, you must meet Universal Tracking criteria to be allowed to switch. You should meet with an academic advisor who will evaluate whether you can change your major with you a Upper Division Change of Major Form. The form must be completed by the Undergraduate Coordinator in the department of your intended major. After returning the form, the advisor change your major. If you do not meet Universal Tracking criteria, you must submit an appeal with a completed the Upper Division Change of Major Form as stated above. If you desire to change majors outside of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you must meet with an advisor from that college.

How can I see an advisor in my college and where are they located?

Each college has academic advisors available to discuss different options available to you in their college and to discuss your academic plans and progress toward any of their programs.

For more information about Academic Advising across the UF campus go to

If you need to see an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you can come to the Academic Advising Center between 8-4:30 Monday-Friday to see a walk-in advisor or call (352) 392-1521 to make an appointment. Please note Wednesday you can only be seen from 10:30-4:30.

Where can I go for more information about majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences?

You can find out more about the college’s department, programs, and centers at

Where can I go for help in choosing my major?

There are numerous resources for students on campus to assist them in choosing a major. Please look at the information we have for exploratory students to help you in your decision making process. Also visit the Career Connection Center on the first floor of the Reitz Union.

What major is suggested for students who wish to pursue medical or law school in the future?

There is no specific major that medical or law schools prefer. Students should pick a major which is of interest to them and explore the careers which are possible with that major, just in case medical or law school does not work out.

CLAS Foreign Language Requirements

Health Professions

For more information on the Health Professions, please see the FAQ on the Pre-Health website.

Honor Cords

When can I pick up my honors cords?

Honors cords may be purchased at the UF Bookstore when you pick up your regalia the week before commencement.

If I am graduating with honors, must I purchase the cords?

No, honors cords are optional.

I think I am eligible for honors, but the staff at the bookstore indicated that there was not an honors recommendation for me. How can I verify my honors designation?

Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences should contact the AAC. If it is determined that a change is appropriate, they will notify the Office of the University Registrar in writing. The Registrar’s office then will update your record.

Can the cords be returned if my honors designation changes?

Yes, the cords may be returned for a refund, but no later than 5:00 p.m. Friday, the day before commencement.

If I am graduating with high or highest honors, must I purchase more than one set of honors cords?

No, you can purchase fewer sets than what is recommended for your honors designation.

Can I purchase honors cords at a later date?

Yes, cords may be purchased any time.

Probational Students

What does it mean if I have been placed on academic probation from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS)?

When a student is placed on academic probation it serves as the formal notice that a student may not be making satisfactory progress. When a student is on academic probation from CLAS, it means one of two things:
1. The student has been placed on probation for failure to maintain normal academic progress in their degree program.
2. A student has less than a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (“C” average) on course work attempted here at the University of Florida and has fewer than 15 deficit points. A student will no longer be on probation when the grade point deficit has been reduced to zero, meaning the student has raised their cumulative grade point average up to a 2.0. The conditions of academic probation can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. PLEASE visit an academic advisor in YOUR college if you have any specific questions about your progress in your major.

When are students dismissed for poor academic performance?

Students with 15 or more grade point deficits in their University of Florida course work shall be dismissed from the university and their advance registration will be canceled.

See “Dismissal” in the Undergraduate Catalog.

I am interested in getting back into school after being dismissed, what do I need to do?

Students who are dismissed cannot register for a future term until they have filed an application for readmission by the deadline (set forth by the college they wish to reenter) and have been approved for readmission. Only students who were dismissed for the first time will be considered. Please keep in mind READMISSION IS NOT GUARANTEED.

How difficult is it to be readmitted to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS)?

CLAS only considers student who were dismissed for the first time and have accrued between 15-20 deficit points. It is very difficult to be readmitted, CLAS invites less than half the students who reapply for admission back into the College.

Does the University of Florida have grade forgiveness?

No. UF does not have a grade forgiveness policy. The grades you earn stay on your transcript, even when you repeat a course. Therefore, please make yourself familiar with University policies and procedures to ensure your success.

Since I was dismissed, can I take courses elsewhere and then come back to UF when my grade point average has improved?

If you wish to reapply for admission to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences for a future term, we suggest that you do not complete courses elsewhere since these courses cannot be used to improve your UF grade point average. Any course(s) taken elsewhere while dismissed from the University will not be allowed to count towards a UF degree even if you are readmitted at a later date.

I have a hold on my record and I am not sure why. How can I have this hold removed so I can register?

Holds are placed on a student’s record if they are not making satisfactory progress toward their major or toward other requirements needed to earn a degree. The first thing you should do is visit an academic advisor in YOUR college, UNLESS you received an email informing you to first complete academic exercises, and then see an advisor. If you are currently a student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, please visit us at the Academic Advising Center Monday-Friday from 8a.m.-4:30p.m. We will be happy to discuss your academic plans and explore the various options you may have available to you.

What steps should I take if I do not intend to return to UF or my readmission is denied?

If you do not intend to return to UF or your readmission was denied, you may choose to consider attending a community college to earn your Associate Arts degree. After earning your AA degree from a public community college in Florida, you may apply for admission as a transfer student to one of the other public state Universities in Florida. However, completing an AA at a public community college after dismissal from UF does not guarantee admission as a transfer student to CLAS since you already enrolled here and left with a deficit record.

Are there limitations on dropping courses?

Students may drop courses by the published deadline for each term. Few drops are permitted after the deadline, so it is important that students make the decision to drop before the published deadline. The deadline is always listed in the Schedule of Courses each semester. Students in CLAS may drop two courses prior to attempting 60 UF hours and an additional two courses after attempting 60 UF hours without explanation. After using the available “free” drops, a student must be able to demonstrate an extenuating circumstance outside of their control (such as serious illness, accident or family problem) and petition for additional drops.

What do I do if I want to drop all my courses?

Students may withdraw from all courses before the published deadline. Although you will receive grades of “W” on your transcript, the courses will not be calculated into your GPA, nor will this count toward your “free” drops. You can complete a full withdraw on ONE.UF.

What happens to my GPA if I repeat a course?

UF does not have any type of grade forgiveness policy. Your academic transcript will reflect ALL attempts of all courses you have carried. The following chart explains the outcome of repeated courses involving only UF course work. Outcomes when repeated course work involves only UF course work.

First grade lower than C, second grade C or higher Each grade computed in GPA, credit earned only once
First grade lower than C, second grade lower than C Each grade computed in GPA credit earned only once
First grade C or higher, second grade lower than C Each grade computed in GPA credit earned only once
First grade C or higher, second grade C or higher Only first grade computed in GPA, credit earned only for first attempt
Is there an extra charge for repeating courses too many times?

Yes, beginning Fall 1997, any undergraduate course at UF (excluding individualized study, Cooperative Education courses, military science courses, and courses approved for multiple registrations) for which a student registers more than two times will be subject to a repeat course fee at 100% of the full cost of instruction. All students, regardless of classification or residency status, will be assessed the fee. Any courses taken prior to Fall 1997 will be excluded.

Readmission Students

I attended UF years ago and now want to complete my degree. What does the readmission process involve?

Contact the college that offers the major you now wish to pursue to discuss the requirements and procedures for readmission to that college and major. Visit the UF Advising site to access contact information for academic advising offices at UF.

For students applying for readmission to a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), please visit our readmission siteto review the steps for the different categories of readmission: readmission/dismissed, readmission/above 2.0 UFGPA, readmission/below 2.0 UFGPA. Students must first submit an application to the Office of Admissions by the corresponding deadline. Only under exceptional circumstances does the college ever waive the deadline, so students should plan ahead appropriately in order to apply on time. The application is forwarded by the Office of Admissions to CLAS. Once it is reviewed by CLAS, the application result is returned to the Office of Admissions. If approved, the Office of Admissions will update your record and the Registrar’s Office will assign you a registration appointment. Whether approved or denied, the Office of Admissions will notify you of the decision via standard letter sent to the address you provided on the application. While it can vary based on the completeness of a student’s file, volume of applications, etc., total processing time averages about six weeks.

What is Fresh Start?

The Fresh Start program is designed to assist former UF undergraduate students who were dismissed and want to pursue readmission after an absence of no fewer than five calendar years (during which they engaged predominantly in on-academic activities). CLAS generally supports Fresh Start applicants who had a difficult beginning at UF rather than students who were dismissed later on in their academic careers.

If admitted, credit for previous UF courses in which a grade of “C” or better was earned will be applied toward a degree. No grades previously earned in UF courses will be included in the UF grade point average. However, all previous course attempts and grades received will remain on your academic record and transcript.

I’ve only been away from UF for a year.  Do I still need to apply for readmission?

Former undergraduate students who do not enroll at the university for two consecutive terms, including summer, must apply for readmission. Readmission, however, is not guaranteed. Students who skip a single term will be scheduled automatically for a registration appointment. However, if this doesn’t occur, you can contact the Registrar’s Office at (352) 392-1374 for an appointment.

What does CLAS consider when reviewing a readmission application?

CLAS considers the following: If you are applying to your original major, were you in good standing in that major when you left UF? If you are applying to a new major, are you on-track or can you get on-track in a reasonable amount of time so that you can graduate in the amount of time you have left (in general, CLAS students should complete degrees in eight fall/spring semesters from when they originally started)? If you left on academic probation, how many deficit points did you earn and can you demonstrate that you’ve taken steps to address your prior issues? If you left in good standing, have you taken classes anywhere else?

If I’ve been dismissed, may I take classes elsewhere while waiting to hear if my readmission to UF has been approved?

CLAS does not necessarily advise students to take courses elsewhere as grades earned elsewhere will not help improve your UFGPA. In fact, if you’ve been dismissed, take classes elsewhere, and subsequently get readmitted, those outside credits will not even be counted as credit earned towards a UF degree. Therefore, in general, it’s recommended that you use the time away to reflect on your past performance and address any issues so that you are able to have a more positive academic experience if readmitted.

The reason my grades suffered was because I was experiencing challenges outside of the classroom that affected my ability to focus on school. What can I do to improve my chances of getting readmitted?

If your poor performance any given semester(s) was a result of extenuating circumstances, we encourage students to look into the retroactive withdrawal petition process before they even apply for readmission. If you can document issues that impacted your ability to be successful, you might qualify for a retroactive withdrawal which would make it so that the prior grades you are petitioning are replaced with a “W”. Medical issues, specifically, are reviewed by UF’s Dean of Students Office.

Since last attending UF, I went ahead and earned a degree somewhere else. May I get readmitted to UF now to finish my requirements and still graduate from there?

The University of Florida does not currently offer readmission for second bachelor’s degrees. You can find UF’s postbaccalaureate policies off of the Admissions Office homepage.

Senior/Graduating Students

Do I have to apply to graduate?

Yes, all students must file an application for degree with the Office of the University Registrar by the posted deadline. Students must apply in the term in which they expect to graduate, regardless of applications in previous terms. All requirements for the degree must be completed by the final day of classes during the term in which they expect to graduate.

When and where do I apply to graduate?

You apply to graduate during the beginning of the term in which you will complete your degree requirements. You must complete an online application on ONE.UF by the published deadline each semester.

What do I do if I have missed the deadline to apply to graduate this semester?

Students that have missed the deadline to submit an application to graduate in a particular term, must complete a late degree application. This application may allow the student to participate in the graduation ceremony, however their name may not appear in the commencement program. Late degree applications for Liberal Arts and Sciences graduates can be found on after the degree application deadline has passed.

I am looking for information about some graduate programs at the University of Florida. Could you send me some general information about the Graduate School?

We are the UNDERGRADUATE advising center for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. As such, we do not have, nor can we send information concerning graduate programs. Please contact the department that offers the graduate programs in which you are interested directly. You may also view the most recent Graduate Catalog for more information about the graduate programs at the University of Florida.

When and where is commencement held?

Information on commencement programs and ceremonies can be found on the University of Florida Commencement site.

Where do I get information concerning graduation regalia and pictures?

A letter will be mailed to each student’s permanent address that has applied for graduation. This letter gives details of how and where to pick up cap and gown and have professional photos taken. For more detailed information, please visit

Will I receive my diploma at the ceremony?

No, your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address by the Office of the University Registrar after the ceremony.

How do I pick up my honor cords?

Students who have a 3.5 or higher upper-division UFGPA automatically receive GPA Honors. You may pick up your cords during the week of commencement at the University Bookstore.

Honors cords for the commencement ceremony are designated by the current upper-division UFGPA. This means that some students are projected to be above 3.5 at the time of graduation, but current term grades are not calculated into the GPA until after the ceremony. Please note that CLAS can only award honors cords reflecting current (and not projected grades).

Each student submitting a thesis for either high or highest honors, must also submit a copy of the thesis along with a completed submission form to their academic department. The honors list will be published in the commencement program with the projected ranking. Post Baccalaureate students are not eligible for honors designation.

How do I apply for a minor?

Students may complete a Minor Application after earning 45 credit hours, but before reaching 96 credit hours. Applications for minors may be obtained at the Office of the University Registrar and College offices. You will need approval of both your current college and the college that offers the minor. Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are limited to three minors.

I need to take more than 18 hours this semester to graduate, do I need special permission?

Yes, students wishing to enroll in more than 18 credit hours must see an academic advisor.

Is it possible to receive two degrees?

Yes, a Dual Degree requires the completion of two majors for which the degree is different (one is a Bachelor of Arts and the other a Bachelor of Science); or if one major is in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the other is in another college. Students must first be approved to pursue dual degrees.

To be certified to receive the majors/degrees, all requirements must be met for each and at least 15 credits exclusive to each major must have been completed. To earn a double major, dual degree or second major, a student must be certified for and graduate from all undergraduate programs of study at the same time.

What will happen if my grade changes or transcripts are not processed before commencement?

All course work must be completed by the last day of classes and grades must be posted within 30 days after commencement (date set by the Office of the Registrar). Students that complete coursework by the last day of classes and have grade changes posted within the 30 day window will be reinstated and will receive their degree for that term. If transcripts remain incomplete after 30 days, you will need to re-apply to graduate.

I am certain I will not successfully complete a required course to graduate this term, but my family has already made travel plans to attend my ceremony. What can I do?

Please contact the CLAS Graduation Coordinator at Decisions are made on an individual basis. If you completed a degree application on time, you will still be able to pick up your regalia, walk in the ceremony and your name will be printed in the commencement program, but a diploma will not be issued.

Termly FAQs

I have been assigned the same advance registration time for both summer and fall. How does this work?

Using ONE.UF click on “Registration Prep” in the left-hand column. You can also review and verify your registration time.

Next select the term you want to register for (summer or fall) and complete the registration process for that term. You can complete the registration for the other term at a later date if you wish.

Is this the only time I can register?

The registration time indicated is the first time you can begin the registration process. It is advisable to utilize this time for the best options for course availability and selection.

How do I register for a course in the fall if I am registering for the prerequisite in summer?

You must complete your summer registration and then wait 24 hours before completing your fall registration. If you are taking a prerequisite at another institution, you may not be able to register for the course in the fall. The grade for the prerequisite course needs to be posted onto your UF transcript prior to registering for the fall course.

I was not assigned a time to advance register and would like to register. Who should I contact?

If you did not receive an assigned time to register, contact the Office of the University Registrar, 392-1374 or stop by 222 Criser Hall to request a registration date and time.

How do I change majors?

Contact the advising office of the college that offers the major in which you wish to be reclassified.

What resources are available to assist students in selecting a new undergraduate major?

Degree Shopping on ONE.UF: Under “Degree Audit” on the left-hand column, select “Degree Shopping” and to explore the degree requirements for various undergraduate majors.

For majors within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, go to the Academic Advising Center and speak with an available advisor.

The Career Connection Center located in the Reitz Union.

What is the deadline to drop or add a course by college petition for the spring semester?

Every semester there is a published deadline to drop a course or withdraw from the entire semester of courses. Review the guidelines on dropping a course or withdrawing in the Undergraduate Catalog.

What are the critical dates for the semester?

The critical dates for each semester are posted in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Transfer Students

What do I need to transfer into a major in the College of Liberal Arts at Sciences at the University of Florida?

If you want to transfer to UF from a Florida public state/community college, you must have the Associate of Arts (AA) degree and meet the minimum competitive standards for admission to the major to which you are applying (see the Transfer Student page for more details). These standards include major related courses, a GPA on these courses and an overall GPA. These criteria are established based on space limitations in the College and within certain majors. We do not require an AA if you are applying from a non-Florida public state/community but you must have 60 or more transferrable credit hours.

How long does it take to receive a decision on my application?

Decisions are made on a rolling basis and in the order complete applications are received from the Admissions Office. Once you see that your application has been “referred” to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (check your status), you should receive an admission decision within 2-3 weeks of the date it was referred. However, due to the large volume of applications that are received around the application deadlines, it can sometimes take longer.

How will I know if I am admitted?

You can check the status of your application online and you will also receive a letter from the Admissions Office.

If I am not admitted, can I appeal the decision?

Unless there is some new information that was not available at the time your application was reviewed (e.g., additional courses in progress, new grades), there is typically no need to appeal. If you are missing courses, you should schedule these courses at your current institution and reapply (by the deadline) for a future term. If you lack the overall GPA or the major related course work GPA, it is recommended that you consult the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Academic Advising transfer pages regarding the possibility of alternative majors.

I have new information and want my application to be reconsidered. Do I need to reapply?

You will not need to reapply if you are not changing terms.

Contact us at with the new information and we will then let you know if there is anything further that you need to do.

Do I need to reapply if I want to change my term of admission?

Yes, a new application and application fee must be submitted if you are changing terms. However, the transcripts and materials you have previously submitted will remain on file for one year. So you would only need to submit updated transcripts if you have additional coursework completed.

If I am admitted, when can I register?

All admitted transfer students will be sent an invitation to a one-day mandatory orientation and registration program called “Transfer Preview.” Following the orientation, you will register online at