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How do I adjust my schedule after attending Preview?

If you want to adjust to add preferred classes or switch to preferred times, schedule adjustment and drop/add are the times to do that. Students can begin adjusting their Summer B/Fall schedules on the following dates:

  • June 30, 5:00 p.m. to July 2, 11:59 p.m., as well as Summer B Drop/Add – July 3rd to July 5th, 11:59 p.m.
  • August 2nd, 10:00 a.m. to August 22nd, 11:59 p.m., as well as Fall Drop/Add, August 23rd-25th and 28th-29th, 11:59 p.m.

Schedule adjustment is delayed so all new students have an equal chance of being able to add open seats during their Preview session.

There is no way to predict which seats will be open at a particular time during schedule adjustment. When you log on to the system, you can see what is open at that moment. With thousands of students adding and dropping, what is open will change constantly, so keep checking See your Preview workbook (page 32) for more information about adjusting your schedule.

Things to know about Fall term schedule adjustment and drop/add:

  1. There are tens of thousands of drops and adds in the few weeks before Fall classes start. If you don’t see the desired class/section open the first time you log on to, KEEP CHECKING! Often there’s a domino effect—a student adds an open seat in a desired course/section and drops something else, another student finds that seat and drops something else, and so on. Seats don’t always open up on the first day of schedule adjustment.
  2. If you get a message stating you lack the prerequisite for a course, there are several possible reasons for this.
    • If your incoming credits did not post or posted recently, the system may not see that the prereq is complete. Summer/Fall residential and Spring IA admits may email for assistance overriding the prereq. Fall PaCE admits should email
    • If you try to sign up for a section set aside for students in a special program (UFOnline, Innovation Academy, Honors, etc.), you will get a message saying that section is restricted to students in a special Student Group. You should try to find another section that is not restricted to a specific Student Group, you cannot add restricted sections.

(If you are in a special program, your sections are restricted for other students, but not for you. Please disregard the restricted designation on those courses. If you have any difficulty registering for a course designated for your program, reach out to your academic advisor for assistance. If you encounter any other significant problem (e.g., required first term tracking course not open) you can email and we will assist you if we can.)

  1. During Drop/Add – Anything you are registered for at 11:59 pm on the last day of drop/add will stay on your schedule and you will owe tuition and fees for the course. Drop/Add in Summer is 2 business days and Fall is only 5 business days! Be sure to look at the Drop/Add dates for each term on the Academic Calendar in Review your schedule one final time on the last day – sometimes students mean to drop something but never do. Also, we don’t recommend adding classes that you have never attended on the last day of Drop/Add, unless you are 100% certain you want the class. You can’t drop and add with ease after drop/add; a drop will mean you owe the tuition/fees, have a W on your record and have used one of your drops. Late adds must be approved by the department offering the course and by the college. There’s a different system for late adds and drops.

How do I make sure my AICE/AP/IB scores or dual enrollment credits are received by UF and posted?

Check your transcript and/or test scores screen on to be sure they have been received by UF. Most scores are received by mid-July and most dual enrollment credits are posted by late July.

  • To see if your test scores have been received, check>Academics->Test Scores
  • To see if your dual enrollment courses and/or test score credits have been posted to your UF transcript, check>Transcripts->Transfer Credit Report

To have scores/transcripts sent to UF:

What if I need to adjust my schedule due to AICE/AP/IB scores, completing ALEKS after Preview, or due to a change of major after Preview?

If you need to adjust your Summer B Schedule prior to June 30 or you Fall schedule prior to August 2nd due to new AP/IB/AICE scores, a change of major, or other academic concern, Summer/Fall residential and Spring IA admits may email for assistance. Fall PaCE admits should email

What do I need to do before Fall classes begin?

Two things as far as academics:

  1. make sure your transcripts/test scores have been received by UF, and
  2. make sure your schedule is appropriate based on the credits you are bringing in.
  3. If you are bringing in any credits, go to Check the Test Score screen and your UF Transcript.

    • Are all exam and dual enrollment credits posted? Exam credits should be posted both to Test Scores and the UF transcript by the end of July. Dual enrollment credits through the Spring term should also be posted to the UF transcript by that time as well. If you have credits that are not posted, email to ask what you need to do to get your credits posted.

    Review your schedule and make sure you are not repeating a class for which you have credit—unless you are doing so deliberately (e.g., taking a course to refresh before going on to another course in the sequence). Repeating a course essentially replaces your previous credit for the course. You cannot earn credit twice for the same course.

    Why is it important to make sure all your credits have been received by UF?

    You won’t be able to confirm your degree requirements until your credits are posted and appear in your degree audit. You also want to be sure you are not repeating a class for which you have credit – unless you are doing so deliberately (e.g., taking a course to refresh before going on to another course in the sequence). Repeating a course essentially replaces your previous credit for the course. You cannot earn credit twice for the same course.

    I’m concerned about taking online courses, what do I need to know?

    Students may be able to avoid online classes if they are flexible about which Gen Eds/electives they take, but in some majors that’s harder than others. Some major courses are only offered online.

    If the only open seats in a class were in an online section, you can check the Schedule of Courses (via to see if there are traditional classroom sections or the class and then attempt to schedule adjust for them in August, if you prefer. Regardless of the course format, it is important to practice good time management and organization strategies. As with any class, students taking an online class are encouraged to utilize any available resources, including the professor’s office hours, to put themselves in the best possible position for success in the course. Check out our Strategies for Success in Online Courses webpage.

    For online classes, they are usually open and available on by the first day of classes for the term. Be sure to read the syllabus and introductory information right away so you can understand how the class will work. Online courses often become very popular with students as they go through UF given their flexibility.

    What do I do if I have a documented diagnosis and face barriers to success in my course?

    You would likely benefit from registering with the Disability Resource Center to receive academic accommodations and services. If you are struggling with academics but do not have a diagnosis, the DRC also offers screeners to help identify possible diagnoses. Students can call to set up appointments with the DRC by calling 352-392-8565.