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Are you planning to graduate in Summer 2023?

Here are some helpful links and reminders:

  1. Check your degree audit to make sure all your degree requirements will be met.
  2. Make sure all majors, minors, and certificates you are pursuing show on your academic programs at
  3. Check out important Dates and Deadlines listed in the Catalog.
  4. The Degree Application deadline for Summer 2023: May 17th (JUNE=Summer A) and July 6th (AUGUST=Summer B/C).
  5. If you will also be earning a certificate, please submit a degree application for Summer 2023 by May 17t (JUNE=Summer A) and July 6th (AUGUST=Summer B/C).
  6. If you have questions about your major, minor, or certificate requirements, speak with the department advisor. If you have questions about any other requirements, speak with an AAC advisor.
  7. If you have questions regarding degree certification/graduation, please email
  8. Review the Commencement website for further information on the SUMMER commencement ceremony held in August 2023.

The Summer 2023 Degree Applications deadlines are May 17 (Summer A) and July 6 (Summer B/C).

Summer A 2023: Complete a late degree application for the DEGREE (=Bachelor’s). Reminder to complete a late degree application for the CERTIFICATE if you will ALSO be completing a certificate in Summer 2023.

Theses Submissions

If you are writing an honors thesis, check with your major department for the submission deadlines. Read the instructions for the Undergraduate Honors Theses.

Commencement Information

For complete Commencement information—including schedules, regalia (cap and gown), and further instructions—please see the Commencement website.


Students who have been admitted to, and have completed the requirements for a certificate program and would like it to be awarded, must complete a Certificate Application on ONE.UF under the “Academics” tab by the published certificate/degree application deadline.

Additional Information