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About the CLAS Academic Advising Center


The mission of the Academic Advising Center is to provide academic advising that:

  • recognizes and appreciates the individual differences of students
  • empowers and informs students so they may explore options
  • encourages students to make well-intentioned and strategic decisions
  • maximizes personal outcomes and successes in the student’s undergraduate experience

Additionally, academic advising is provided within the context of the goals and resources of the university.


Fostering students’ academic experience and holistic development

  • Supporting student academic success
  • Facilitating autonomy and well-informed decision-making skills in students
  • Encouraging initiative, exploration, and self-challenge
  • Promoting self-awareness, academic engagement, and self-reflection

Upholding advising as a profession

  • Fostering respect for individual advisors and the profession
  • Demonstrating professionalism
  • Viewing advising as a career
  • Expecting continuous improvement and accountability
  • Promoting collaboration and outreach
  • Maintaining the academic integrity of the University

Delivering effective advising

  • Ensuring honesty and accuracy
  • Maintaining consistency
  • Establishing trust and reliability
  • Utilizing active listening skills
  • Respecting, caring for and supporting students
  • Appreciating the diversity and uniqueness of students


The AAC strives to assist students with the enhancement of their undergraduate experience and personal development. Through individual academic advising and innovative educational programming, we want to foster a culture of proactive behavior, intentional decision-making, and responsibility among our students. We encourage our students to maximize their individual potential through both their coursework and their co-curricular opportunities. Our goal is to inspire students to engage fully in their education, develop a global awareness, and embrace their future.

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AAC Staff

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