Global Engagement

Participating in a global experience can help you acquire skills and perspectives that will help you grow as an individual and future professional. Step outside of your comfort zone and learn about other cultures, explore new ideas, and experience a different way of thinking. CLAS offers a wide variety of programs including internship and research opportunities. The Gator Nation is everywhere. You could go anywhere, too! Please email with any questions.

Study Abroad

Melbourne, Australia

When choosing a study abroad program, think about the type of experience you’d like to have. Do you want to go for a few weeks or a whole year? Do you want to go with a group or by yourself? What kind of classes do you want to choose from? Take a look at the program options below to see what type of program best fits your needs.

Exchange Programs

Students arriving abroad
  • Travel independently
  • Go for a semester or academic year
  • Taught by faculty of host institution
  • Pay UF tuition rates
  • Knowledge of foreign language may be required
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UF Programs

Transfer program students
  • Usually offered in summer
  • UF faculty accompanies a group of students
  • More limited choice of courses
  • Usually focuses on one or two areas of study
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Non-UF Programs

  • Grades don’t go into UF GPA
  • Wide variety of programs to choose from
  • Choose from Summer, Fall, or Spring
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Get Global Experience


In addition to traditional study abroad programs, CLAS offers ways to get valuable work, research, and volunteer experience abroad. Why not build your resume and learn about a new culture at the same time?

Intern Abroad

Research abroad Completing an internship abroad can be a great way to gain both intercultural competence, and get experience in your field. CLAS offers some exciting internship options to choose from.

Research Abroad

Research abroad

Research abroad can open doors to unique research sites, international collaboration, and awareness of how a discipline is studied in another country.

UF Programs

Non-UF Programs


Once you find a program you’re interested in, you can meet with the listed program director to discuss any questions you have about the study abroad program, but academic advisors in the AAC are here to help show you how study abroad can fit within your academic plan and keep you on track to graduate.

Fund Your Experience

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