The Beyond120 Team actively pursues local, regional, and international excursion opportunities for CLAS students. Excursion participants benefit from engaging with alumni, participating in networking events, office tours, and exposure to cultural and historical events. Some examples are below.

Beyond120 really shows you all the different people that make a company work and all the job opportunities that you could have after college.”

-Faith Powell

2021-2022 Academic Year Excursions

Beyond120 Washington, DC, Excursion

Partnering with the Bob Graham Center for Public Service, from May 9-13 we took 20 students to the capitol to immerse them in the world of public service and civic-oriented careers. During this trip, students met members of congress, journalists, congressional staff, graduate programs, businesses, and organizations like the World Bank to cultivate a clearer vision of their career trajectories in public service.

Beyond120 Atlanta Spring Excursion

From March 8-12, we took 14 students to Atlanta to learn about various businesses and industries in the area. The students met with alumni and business leaders and learned about career pathways they never would have imagined before.

FBI Excursion

On March 25, we took 16 students to the FBI Field Office in Tampa to learn about career opportunities in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“I always knew I wanted to go into the foreign service but I never knew which department I actually wanted to go into. So coming to the FBI really opened my mind to new opportunities, especially in the FBI as well as what I can do to contribute to my country.”

-Saika Janvier

Beyond120 in Oaxaca Pre-Health Excursion: Realities of Health Access & Inequities

From April 30-May 8 we took 10 students to Oaxaca, Mexico on a pre-health excursion. Students shadowed in local public clinics and improved their medical Spanish skills. The students also participated in lectures and activities related to social determinants of health and health systems as well as healthcare disparities. View the Beyond120 in Oaxaca Information Session