Beyond120 Exchange Programs

Beyond120 in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers students the opportunity to study abroad through many different academic and cultural programs including our newest exchange programs. Participating in one of our exchange programs can enhance your academic, professional, and personal life experiences making for a more-informed and empathetic global citizen.

Tuition at the below Universities is waived for exchange students. Students participating in an exchange pay tuition directly to the University of Florida at their usual tuition rate. All financial aid, scholarships, and fellowships are applicable. Because students incur no additional tuition cost while they are on an exchange, these programs can be a very affordable way to spend a semester or academic year abroad. You can find more CLAS exchange programs on the International Center’s Website.

Course Equivalencies

This is a searchable database of established course equivalencies for the Beyond120 Exchange programs. Additional courses are available. Please contact your advisor to discuss alternatives. Please note course equivalencies are subject to change.

InstitutionUF Course NumberUF Course NameForeign Course NumberForeign Course NameDepartment
University of AberdeenANT2000General AnthropologyAT1502Introduction to Anthropology: Questions of Diversity Anthropology
University of AberdeenANT3930special topics courseAT2513Political AnthropologyAnthropology
University of AberdeenAPK2105CApplied Human Physiology with LabBI25B2Physiology of Human Organ Systems Biology
University of AberdeenBMS4136CHuman HistologyAN3009Architecture of LifeBiology
University of AberdeenBSC3096 or BMS3521Human Physiology or Human Physiology in TranslationPY3002Integrative PhysiologyBiology
University of AberdeenCHM2210COrganic Chemistry 1 plus labCM 2514Organic and Biological ChemistryChemistry
University of AberdeenCHM2211COrganic Chemistry 2 plus labCM 3534Organic and Biological ChemistryChemistry
University of AberdeenCOM3125Organizational CommunicationLN4502Language and the ProfessionsDial Center
University of AberdeenCPO 4401 Arab-Israeli ConflictIR 4516Arab-Israeli RelationsPolitical Science
University of AberdeenCPO 4731Democratization in Global PerspectivePI 4566DemocratizationPolitical Science
University of AberdeenDEP3053Developmental PsychPS3518Developmental Psych.Psychology
University of AberdeenECO 3101Intermediate MicroEconomicsEC 2003Intermediate MicroEconomicsEconomics
University of AberdeenECO 3203Intermediate MacroEconomicsEC 2503Intermediate MacroEconomicsEconomics
University of AberdeenECO 3704 International TradeEC 3024International EconomicsEconomics
University of AberdeenECO 4421EconometricsEC 3529EconometricsEconomics
University of AberdeenECP 3530Health Care EconomicsEC 3524Health EconomicsEconomics
University of AberdeenECP3302Environmental Economic and Resource PolicyEC 3025Economics of Natural Resources and the EnvironmentEconomics
University of AberdeenEXP3104Sensory ProcessesPS3012PerceptionPsychology
University of AberdeenEXP3604Cognitive PsychologyPS3519Memory and LanguagePsychology
University of AberdeenGEA1000  Geography for a Changing WorldGG1008GLOBAL WORLDS, GLOBAL CHALLENGESGeography
University of AberdeenGEA1000  Geography for a Changing WorldGG1510GLOBAL WORLDS, LOCAL CHALLENGESGeography
University of AberdeenGEO2200Physical GeographyGG2013 PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENTSGeography
University of AberdeenGEO2410 Social GeographyGG2509ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIETYGeography
University of AberdeenGEO2420Introduction to Human GeographyGG2014SPACE, ECONOMY AND SOCIETYGeography
University of AberdeenGEO2500Global and Regional EconomiesGG3576 GLOBALISATIONGeography
University of AberdeenGEO2XXXIntroduction to Digital EarthGG2510MAPPING AND MONITORING THE ENVIRONMENTGeography
University of AberdeenGEO3162C Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for GeographersGG3068DATA ANALYSIS Geography
University of AberdeenGEO3280Principles of Geographic HydrologyGG4071ENVIRONMENTAL HYDROLOGYGeography
University of AberdeenGEO3315Geography of Crop PlantsGG4072RURAL AND AGRI-FOOD GEOGRAPHIESGeography
University of AberdeenGEO3372 Conservation of ResourcesGG3057 LAND AND MARINE CONSERVATIONGeography
University of AberdeenGEO3803 Geography of AlcoholGG4576 LIQUID Geography: THE Geography OF VINE AND WINEGeography
University of AberdeenGEO3930Special TopicsGG3052 APPROACHES TO EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCEGeography
University of AberdeenGEO3930Special TopicsGG3071APPROACHES TO GeographyGeography
University of AberdeenGEO3930Special TopicsGG3570 CONCEPTS IN HUMAN GeographyGeography
University of AberdeenGEO4285Models in Geographic Hydrology GG3575 TECHNIQUES IN PHYSICAL GeographyGeography
University of AberdeenGEO4938Special TopicsGG4016TRANSPORT GeographyGeography
University of AberdeenGEO4938Special TopicsGG4069GLACIOLOGYGeography
University of AberdeenGEO4938Special TopicsGG4571ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGEGeography
University of AberdeenGEO4938Special TopicsGG4573MONTANE ENVIRONMENTSGeography
University of AberdeenGIS3043 Foundations of Geographic Information SystemsGG3069REMOTE SENSING AND GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMSGeography
University of AberdeenGIS4037Digital Image ProcessingGG3069REMOTE SENSING AND GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMSGeography
University of AberdeenGIS4113Introduction to spatial networksGG4572DIGITAL GEOGRAPHIESGeography
University of AberdeenGLY2100Historical GeologyGL 1005THE EARTH THROUGH GEOLOGICAL TIMEGeology
University of AberdeenGLY3000+ElectiveGL 4022LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND HYDROCARBONSGeology
University of AberdeenGLY3000+ElectiveGL 4522THE BIRTH, GROWTH & DEATH OF SUPERCONTINENTSGeology
University of AberdeenGLY3000+ElectiveGL 4526TECTONICS, CLIMATE & EARTH HISTORYGeology
University of AberdeenGLY3105Evolution of Earth and LifeGL 1005THE EARTH THROUGH GEOLOGICAL TIMEGeology
University of AberdeenGLY3200MineralogyGL 2015PETROLOGY & MINERALOGYGeology
University of AberdeenGLY3202Earth MaterialsGL 1505EARTH'S MATERIALSGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4310CIgneous and Metamorphic PetrologyGL 3520IGNEOUS & METAMORPHIC PETROLOGYGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4400CStructural GeologyGL 3027STRUCTURAL Geology & TECTONICSGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4450GeoPhysicsGL 2511GEOPhysicsGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4552CSedimentary GeologyGL 3521SEDIMENTOLOGYGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4750LField MethodsGL 2510INTRODUCTION TO FIELD GeologyGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4750LField MethodsGL 3026FIELD AND MAPPING TECHNIQUESGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4750LField MethodsGL 4023GEOLOGICAL MAPPING PROJECTGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4750LField MethodsGL 4528Geology FIELD COURSEGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4905Individual ResearchGL 4527GEOLOGICAL RESEARCH PROJECTGeology
University of AberdeenGLY4930SeminarGL 3519CURRENT ISSUES IN GEOSCIENCEGeology
University of AberdeenGRW 2240  New Testament GreekGRE1120 Greek language (New Testament)Classics
University of AberdeenINR 3333Introduction to International security IR 3018International SecurityPolitical Science
University of AberdeenINR 4035Rich and Poor Nations in the International SystemPI 4576Wealth, Poverty and International OrderPolitical Science
University of AberdeenINR 4083War and Peace in World PoliitcsIR 4528War and Peace in International PoliticsPolitical Science
University of AberdeenINR 4244International Politics of Latin AmericaIR 4026Modern Day Latin AmericaPolitical Science
University of AberdeenMCB2000MicroBiologyBI25M5Microbes, Infection, & Immunity Biology
University of AberdeenPCB3063GeneticsBI20M3Molecular Biology of the GeneBiology
University of AberdeenPCB3134Eukaryotic Cell Structure and FunctionBC3503Molecular Control of Cell FormationBiology
University of AberdeenPCB3713CCellular and Systems Physiology BI20B2Physiology of Human CellsBiology
University of AberdeenPCB4233ImmunologyIM3501Fundamentals of ImmunologyBiology
University of AberdeenPCB4674EvolutionBI2017Genes & Evolution Biology
University of AberdeenPHI2010Introduction to PhilosophyPH1023EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND REALITYPhilosophy
University of AberdeenPHI2630Contemporary Moral IssuesPH1027CONTROVERSIAL QUESTIONSPhilosophy
University of AberdeenPHI2630Contemporary Moral IssuesPH1522HOW SHOULD ONE LIVE?Philosophy
University of AberdeenPHI3300Theory of KnowledgePH2531THEORY OF KNOWLEDGEPhilosophy
University of AberdeenPHI3400Philosophy of Natural SciencePH2033SCIENCE AND Philosophy 2Philosophy
University of AberdeenPHI3501Free WillPH453M*FREE WILL AND MORAL RESPONSIBILITYPhilosophy
University of AberdeenPHI3700 Philosophy of ReligionDR2066INTRODUCTION TO Philosophy OF ReligionPhilosophy
University of AberdeenPSB3002Physiological Psych.PS3014Biological PsychologyPsychology
University of AberdeenPSB4504Developmental PsychoBiologyPY4302Developmental NeuroscienceBiology
University of AberdeenPSY2012General PsychologyPS1009Introductory PsychologyPsychology
University of AberdeenPSY3213LLab Methods in Psych.PS1011Methods and ApplicationPsychology
University of AberdeenSOP3004Social PsychologyPS3520Social Psych.Psychology
University of AberdeenSPN 1130Beginning Spanish ISP1027Spanish Language 1Spanish
University of AberdeenSYO4200Sociology of ReligionSO4058 Sociology of Religion & Culture  Sociology
University of AberdeenSYO4200Sociology of ReligionSO3067 Religion & Society  Sociology
University of AberdeenSYP3000Society and the IndividualSO2004Studying Social Life 1  Sociology
University of AberdeenSYP4060 Sociology of Human SexualitySO4063Sex, Death and the Afterlife  Sociology
University of AberdeenZOO3513CAnimal BehaviorBI3505Behavioral BiologyBiology
University of AberdeenZOO4232Human ParasitologyZO4816ParasitologyBiology
Cardiff UniversityANT3930Special Topics CourseRT1327Islam in the Contemporary WorldAnthropology
Cardiff UniversityAST1002Discover the Universe PX1124Universe from Particles to GalaxiesAstronomy
Cardiff UniversityAST3018Astronomy and AstroPhysics 1PX2136The Sun and StarsAstronomy
Cardiff UniversityAST3018Astronomy and AstroPhysics 1PX3145Formation and Evolution of StarsAstronomy
Cardiff UniversityAST3018 or AST 4911Astronomy and AstroPhysics 1/Undergraduate ResearchPX3316AstroPhysics ProjectAstronomy
Cardiff UniversityAST4300Galactic Astronomy PX3244Extragalactic AstroPhysicsAstronomy
Cardiff UniversityAST4402Galaxies and CosmologyPX3146CosmologyAstronomy
Cardiff UniversityAST6725 (two semester equiv)Observational Techniques for AstronomyPX2338Observational Techniques in AstronomyAstronomy
Cardiff UniversityBOT 2010CIntroductory BotanyBI2115Plant Form and FunctionBiology
Cardiff UniversityCHM1083Consumer ChemistryCH2117Environmental ChemistryChemistry
Cardiff UniversityCHM3217Organic Chemistry/BioChemistry 1CH3299Organic Chemistry for Visiting or Exchange StudentsChemistry
Cardiff UniversityCHM3218Organic Chemistry/BioChemistry 2CH3313 and CH3216Chemical Biology 1 and 2Chemistry
Cardiff UniversityCHM4671Bioinorganic ChemistryCH3308BioinorganicChemistry
Cardiff UniversityCHM4905Individual ProblemsCH7401 and CH9401Projects for exchange studentsChemistry
Cardiff UniversityCLP3144Abnormal PsychPS2018Psychology
Cardiff UniversityDEP3053Developmental PsychPS2011Developmental PsychologyPsychology
Cardiff UniversityECO 4421EconometricsBS3551EconometricsEconomics
Cardiff UniversityECP 3203Labour EconomicsBS3558Labour EconomicsEconomics
Cardiff UniversityGEA1000 Geography for a Changing WorldEA1201Planet EarthGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO 3280 Principles of Geographic HydrologyEA2141Hydrology and Geomorphology of CatchmentsGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO 4167C Intermediate Quantitative Analysis for GeographersEA2101Data Acquisition and AnalysisGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO2200 + GEO2200L Physical Geography + Physical Geography LabEA1202Earth Surface ProcessesGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO2242 Extreme WeatherEA1203Dangerous EarthGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO3162C Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for GeographersEA1214Geographical Data AnalysisGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO3352 Human footprint on the landscapeEA1216Fundamentals of Environmental GeographyGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO3352 The Human Footprint on LandscapeEA2113GeoecologyGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO3372 Conservation of ResourcesEA1215Science and policy for geographersGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO3930 Introduction to natural hazardsEA1203Dangerous EarthGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO4300 Environmental BioGeographyEA1213Biological EnvironmentsGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO4938 Special TopicsCP0364 Geography and PlanningGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO4938 Special TopicsEA2116Environmental PollutionGeography
Cardiff UniversityGEO4938 Special TopicsEA2217Marine EcosystemsGeography
Cardiff UniversityGIS3000+ Any 3000 level GIS course or aboveEA2130 Applied GISGeography
Cardiff UniversityGIS3043 Foundations of Geographic Information SystemsEA1204Geographical Information systemsGeography
Cardiff UniversityGLY2030CEnvironmental and Engineering Geology 4EA3123Engineering Geology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA3129BioGeography Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA3132GeomicroBiology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA4108Advanced Igneous Petrogenesis Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA4110Process Geomorphology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA2110BiogeoChemistry Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA2115Marine Ecosystems Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA2125Igneous Geology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA2106Paleoecology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA2107Geophysical Exploration Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA2111Geological Resources Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA2113Geoecology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA3101Volcanic and Magmatic Process Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA3108Environmental Case Studies Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA3114Integrated Coastal Management Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 3EA3102Marine Microfossils Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectiveElective 4EA2124Metamorphic Petrology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ Elective Elective 3EA2130Applied GIS Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ Elective Elective 3EA2116Environmental Pollution Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3603C Paleontology 4EA3127PaleoBiology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3882Hydro Human Affairs 3EA3117Water Resources Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY4400C Structural Geology 4EA2108Structural Geology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY4552 Sedimentary Geology 4EA3118Advanced Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY4700 Geomorphology 3EA3103Global Geomorphology Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY4734Coastal Geopmorphology 3EA2134Marine and Coastal Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY4734 Coastal Morphology and ProcessesEA2218Coastal Processes and GeomorphologyGeography
Cardiff UniversityGLY4750LField Methods 2EA3131Structural Techniques Geology
Cardiff UniversityGLY4930Special Topics in Geology - TectonicsEA2109Plate Tectonics Geology
Cardiff UniversityINR3333Introduction to International SecurityPL9208International Security: Concepts and IssuesPolitical Science
Cardiff UniversityINR3502International InstitutionsPL9301Global International InstitutionsPolitical Science
Cardiff UniversityINR4684Theories of International EthicsPL9011History pf Thought in International RelationsPolitical Science
Cardiff UniversityMCB 2000MicroBiologyBI2120Microbial Function Biology
Cardiff UniversityMCB 4304Genetics of MicroorganismsBI3222Microbial Genetics and Genomics Biology
Cardiff UniversityPCB 3713CCellular and Systems PhysiologyBI3311Current Research in Cell Physiology Biology
Cardiff UniversityPHI 2010Introduction to PhilosophySE4101Mind, Thought and Reality Philosophy
Cardiff UniversityPHI 2630Contemporary Moral IssuesSE4103Moral and Political Philosophy Philosophy
Cardiff UniversityPHI 3500MetaPhysicsSE4364MetaPhysicsPhilosophy
Cardiff UniversityPHI 3650Moral PhilosophySE4388Contemporary Ethical TheoryPhilosophy
Cardiff UniversityPHI 4220Philosophy of LanguageSE4358Philosophy of LanguagePhilosophy
Cardiff UniversityPHI 4320Philosophy of MindSE4313Philosophy of MindPhilosophy
Cardiff UniversityPHM 3123Feminist PhilosophySE4386Feminist Philosophy Philosophy
Cardiff UniversityPHM 3202Political PhilosophySE4401Political Philosophy: Methods & Approaches Philosophy
Cardiff UniversityPHY3221Mechanics 1PX1121Mechanics and MatterPhysics
Cardiff UniversityPHY3323+PHY4324Electromagnetism 1 and Electromagnetism 2PX0202+PX1221Electricity, Magnetism & Light AND Electricity, Magnetism and WavesPhysics
Cardiff UniversityPHY3513Thermal Physics 1PX2231Thermal and Statistical PhysicsPhysics
Cardiff UniversityPHY4424Optics 1PX2232OpticsPhysics
Cardiff UniversityPHY4523Statistical PhysicsPX3249Statistical MechanicsPhysics
Cardiff UniversityPHY4604Introductory Quantum Mechanics 1PX2132Introductory Quantum MechanicsPhysics
Cardiff UniversityPHY4905(*)Introduction to Solid State PhysicsPX2236Introduction to Condensed Matter PhysicsPhysics
Cardiff UniversityPHZ3113Introduction to Theoretical PhysicsPX3248Theoretical PhysicsPhysics
Cardiff UniversityPHZ4390Introduction to Elementary Particle PhysicsPX3241Particle Physics and Special RelativityPhysics
Cardiff UniversityPOS4734 Research Methods in Political SciencePL9206Conducting Political ResearchPolitical Science
Cardiff UniversityPSB3002Physiological Psych.PS2017Biological PsychologyPsychology
Cardiff UniversityPSY2012General PsychologyPS1016Introduction to PsychologyPsychology
Cardiff UniversityPSY3213LLab Methods in Psych.PS1018Research Methods in PsychologyPsychology
Cardiff UniversityREL 2000 Introduction to ReligionRT1111 and/or RT1112Introduction to the Study of Religion 1 and 2Religion
Cardiff UniversityREL 2174Social EthicsRT7317Christian Social Ethics TodayReligion
Cardiff UniversityREL 2210Hebrew ScripturesRT2301History and Religion of Ancient IsraelReligion
Cardiff UniversityREL 2341Introduction to BuddhismRT1335Socially Engaged BuddhismReligion
Cardiff UniversityREL 3252Acts, Paul, and Early ChristianityRT3205New Testament EpistlesReligion
Cardiff UniversityREL 3330Religions of IndiaHS1766Making of World Religions in South AsiaReligion
Cardiff UniversityREL 3335Hindu Sacred Text/Social-Ritual ContextRT1355The Most Famous Hindu TextReligion
Cardiff UniversitySOP3004Social PsychologyPS2016Social Psychology IPsychology
Cardiff UniversitySRK 1120Beginning Sanskrit 1RT1106Introduction to SanskritReligion
Cardiff UniversitySYD 4701Nationalism & Ethnicity in EuropeSI0235Migration 'Race" & Ethnic RelationsSociology
Cardiff UniversitySYD 4800Sociology of GenderSI0917Gender Relations & SocietySociology
Cardiff UniversitySYO 4530Social InequalitySI0918Inequality and the Division of LabourSociology
Cardiff UniversitySYP 3000Society & IndividualSI0232Identity & Individual DifferencesSociology
Cardiff UniversityWIS 4443CWetland Wildlife EcologyBI3134Aquatic Resource Management and Conservation Biology
Cardiff UniversityWIS 4554Conservation BiologyBI3114Conservation BiologyBiology
Cardiff UniversityZOO 3513C Animal BehaviorBI2110Animal Behaviour: An IntroductionBiology
Cardiff UniversityZOO 4307CVertebrate DiversityBI2118Animal DiversityBiology
Cardiff UniversityZOO 4926Special Topics in ZoologyBI3211Eukaryotic Gene ExpressionBiology
University of Melbourne3000+Elective 3ERTH20003Past Climates: Icehouse to GreenhouseGeology
University of Melbourne3000+Elective 3GEOL30006Economic GeologyGeology
University of Melbourne3000+Elective 3GEOL30005Applied GeoPhysicsGeology
University of Melbourne3000+Elective 4GEOL30002Tectonics & GeodynamicsGeology
University of MelbourneANT3930Special Topics TitleAIND90002Working in Indigenous Cultural ContextsAnthropology
University of MelbourneANT3930Special Topics TitleMULT30017Indigenous People and Social ControlAnthropology
University of MelbourneAST1002Discover the UniversePHYS30019AstroPhysicsAstronomy
University of MelbourneAST3018/19Astronomy & AstroPhysics 1 and 2PHYS30019AstroPhysicsAstronomy
University of MelbourneBOT 2011CPlant DiversityBOTA20002Plant BiodiversityBiology
University of MelbourneBOT 3503Plant Physiology & Molecular Biology BOTA30005Plant Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyBiology
University of MelbourneBOT 4935Special TopicsBOTA20004Flora of VictoriaBiology
University of MelbourneBOT 4935Special TopicsEVSC20001Leaves to LandscapeBiology
University of MelbourneBOT 4935Special TopicsBOTA30001Marine BotanyBiology
University of MelbourneBOT 4935Special TopicsBOTA30002Plant EvolutionBiology
University of MelbourneBSC 2005Biological SciencesBIOL10004Biology of Cells and OrganismsBiology
University of MelbourneBSC 4910Mentored Research in BiologyBIOL40001BioSciences Honours Research ProjectBiology
University of MelbourneBSC 4910Mentored Research in BiologyBIOL40002BioSciences Honours Research ProjectBiology
University of MelbourneBSC 4910Mentored Research in BiologyBIOL40003BioSciences Honours Research ProjectBiology
University of MelbourneCHM1020Chemistry for the Liberal ArtsCHEM10007Fundamentals of ChemistryChemistry
University of MelbourneCHM1030Basic Chemistry Concepts and Applications 1CHEM10003Chemistry 1Chemistry
University of MelbourneCHM1031Basic Chemistry Concepts and Applications 2CHEM10004Chemistry 2Chemistry
University of MelbourneCJL 3038Law and SocietySOLS30001Law in Social TheoryCriminology
University of MelbourneCLA 3160 Ancient Egypt ANCW 20003Egypt under the PharaohsClassics
University of MelbourneCLA 3504 Gender and Sexuality in Classical AntiquityANCW 40015Gender and Sexuality in Greece and RomeClassics
University of MelbourneCLT 3370 Myths of Greeks and RomansANCW 20015Classic MythologyClassics
University of MelbourneCPO2001Comparative PoliticsPOLS20023Comparative PoliticPolitical Science
University of MelbourneCPO3403 Politics of the Middle EastISLM30015Crisis Zone: Middle Eastern Politics Political Science
University of MelbourneDEP3053Developmental PsychPSYC20008Developmental PsychPsychology
University of MelbourneDEP4163Cognitive DevelopmentPSYC30019Development of the Thinking ChildPsychology
University of MelbourneECO 3101Intermediate MicroEconomicsECON 20002 Intermediate MicroEconomicsEconomics
University of MelbourneECO 3203Intermediate MacroEconomicsECON 20001 Intermediate MacroEconomicsEconomics
University of MelbourneECO 4421EconometricsECOM 2000Introductory Econometrics Economics
University of MelbourneESC1000Introduction to Earth Sciences 3ERTH10002Understanding Planet EarthGeology
University of MelbourneEXP3604Cognitive PsychologyPSYC20007Cognitive PsychologyPsychology
University of MelbourneFAS 4207Marine Ecological Processes ECOL30007Marine Ecosystems: Ecology & ManagementBiology
University of MelbourneGEA3600 Geography of AfricaGEOG30024Africa: Environment, Development, PeopleGeography
University of MelbourneGEO2200 Physical GeographyGEOG20002Understanding Global LandformsGeography
University of MelbourneGEO2410 Social GeographyGEOG20001 Society and EnvironmentsGeography
University of MelbourneGEO3372 Vergil and Roman EpicGEOG20003Environmental Politics and ManagementGeography
University of MelbourneGEO3454 Peoples and PlaguesGEOG20013Health GeographyGeography
University of MelbourneGEO3602 Urban and Business GeographyGEOG20008 Inside the City of DiversityGeography
University of MelbourneGEO3930 Special TopicsGEOG30019Sustainable DevelopmentGeography
University of MelbourneGEO3930 Special TopicsGEOG30021The Disaster Resilient CityGeography
University of MelbourneGEO4300 Environmental BioGeographyGEOG30025BioGeography and Ecology of FireGeography
University of MelbourneGIS3043 Foundations of Geographic Information SystemsGEOM20013Applications of GISGeography
University of MelbourneGIS4037 Digital Image ProcessingGEOM30009Imaging the EnvironmentGeography
University of MelbourneGLY1880Earthquakes and Volcanoes 3ERTH20001Dangerous EarthGeology
University of MelbourneGLY2030CEnvironmental &Engineering Geology 4ENEN20002Earth Processes for EngineeringGeology
University of MelbourneGLY2030CEnvironmental &Engineering Geology 4ERTH10003Geology For EngineersGeology
University of MelbourneGLY3074Oceans and global climate change 3ENST10004Climate Change and ImpactsGeology
University of MelbourneGLY3202Earth Materials 3GEOL20003Earth Composition, Minerals and MagmasGeology
University of MelbourneGLY3603CPaleontology 4GEOL30007GeoBiology and PalaeoBiologyGeology
University of MelbourneGLY3882Hydro Human Affairs 3ERTH30001HydroGeology/Environmental GeoChemistryGeology
University of MelbourneGLY4310CIgneous & Metamorphic Petrology 4GEOL30004GeoChemistry & PetrogenesisGeology
University of MelbourneGLY4400CStructural Geology 4GEOL90037Applied Structural GeologyGeology
University of MelbourneGLY4400CStructural Geology 4GEOL20002Structural and Metamorphic GeologyGeology
University of MelbourneGLY4552CSedimentary Geology 4GEOL30003Sedimentary GeologyGeology
University of MelbourneGLY4734 Coastal Morphology and ProcessesGEOG30001Coastal Landforms & ProcessesGeography
University of MelbourneGLY4750LField Methods 2GEOL20004Field Mapping and Sedimentary GeologyGeology
University of MelbourneGRE 1130 Accelerated Beginning Ancient Greek 1CLAS 10004Ancient Greek 1Classics
University of MelbourneGRE 1131 Accelerated Beginning Ancient Greek 2CLAS 10005Ancient Greek 2Classics
University of MelbourneGRW 2211 Intermediate Ancient Greek ProseCLAS 10020Ancient Greek 3Classics
University of MelbourneGRW 2220 Intermediate Ancient Greek PoetryCLAS 20015Ancient Greek 3Classics
University of MelbourneGRW 3102 Survey of Greek LiteratureCLAS 20016Ancient Greek 4Classics
University of MelbourneGRW 3301 Greek DramaCLAS 20025Ancient Greek 6Classics
University of MelbourneGRW 4330 Greek Lyric PoetryTBDTBDClassics
University of MelbourneGRW 4380 Greek HistoriansCLAS 30024Ancient Greek 5Classics
University of MelbourneHOS 4304Horticultural PhysiologyBOTA30003Environmental Plant PhysiologyBiology
University of MelbourneINR2001International Relations INTS10001International PoliticsPolitical Science
University of MelbourneINR4085Gender and International RelationsPOLS30015 International Gender Politics Political Science
University of MelbourneINR4350 International Environmental RelationsPOLS30022Global Environmental Politics Political Science
University of MelbourneLAT 1130 Accelerated Beginning Latin 1CLAS 10006Latin 1Classics
University of MelbourneLAT 1131 Accelerated Beginning Latin 2CLAS 10007Latin 2Classics
University of MelbourneLAT 2321 Introduction to VergilCLAS 10014Latin 4Classics
University of MelbourneLNW 3220 The Ancient NovelCLAS 30013Latin 5Classics
University of MelbourneLNW 3320 Roman Elegy and LyricCLAS 20026Latin 6Classics
University of MelbourneLNW 3380 The Roman HistoriansCLAS 20030Latin 5Classics
University of MelbourneMAP 4484Modeling in Mathematical Biology MAST30032Biological Modelling and SimulationBiology
University of MelbournePCB 4553Population Genetics GENE30001Evolutionary Genetics and GenomicsBiology
University of MelbournePHH 3100Ancient Greek PhilosophyPHIL 20040Greek PhilosophyPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHH 3400Modern PhilosophPHIL 20043History of Early Modern PhilosophyPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHH 4644Continental PhilosophyPHIL 20041Phenomenology and ExistentialismPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHI 2010Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL 10002Philosophy: The Big QuestionsPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHI 2010Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL 10003Philosophy: The Great ThinkersPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHI 2630Contemporary Moral IssuesPHIL 20018Matters of Life and DeathPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHI 3300Theory of KnowledgePHIL 30016Knowledge and RealityPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHI 3420Philosophy of the Social SciencesPHIL 20001Science, Reason and RealityPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHI 3650Moral PhilosophyPHIL 20008Ethical TheoryPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHI 4220Philosophy of LanguagePHIL 20042Language, Self and OtherPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHI 4320Philosophy of MindPHIL 20033The Philosophy of MindPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHM 3202Political PhilosophyPHIL 30051Justice, Freedom and EqualityPhilosophy
University of MelbournePHY3101Introduction to Modern PhysicsPHYC20010Quantum Mechanics and Special RelativityPhysics
University of MelbournePHY3323Electromagnetism 1PHYC20011Electromagnetism and OpticsPhysics
University of MelbournePHY3513Thermal Physics 1PHYC20009Thermal and Classical PhysicsPhysics
University of MelbournePHY4324Electromagnetism 2PHYC30016ElectrodynamicsPhysics
University of MelbournePHY4390Introduction to Elementary Particle PhysicsPHYC30011Sub-atomic PhysicsPhysics
University of MelbournePHY4523Statistical PhysicsPHYC30017Statistical PhysicsPhysics
University of MelbournePHY4604Introductory Quantum Mechanics 1PHYC30018Quantum Physics Physics
University of MelbournePOT3302Political IdeologiesPOLS20006Contemporary Political Theory Political Science
University of MelbournePOT4311Problems of DemocracyPOLS30033Democracy and its DilemmasPolitical Science
University of MelbournePPE3003Psychology of PersonalityPSYC20009Personality and Social PsychologyPsychology
University of MelbournePSB3002Physiological Psych.PSYC20006Biological PsychologyPsychology
University of MelbourneREL 2315Religion in AsiaASIA30003Asian Religion in Societal ContextReligion
University of MelbourneSYD 4510Environment & SocietyGEOG20001Society & EnvironmentsSociology
University of MelbourneSYD 4800Sociology of GenderGEND20008 Sex & Gender Present & FutureSociology
University of MelbourneSYO 4530Social InequalitiesSOCI30010Social Differences & InequalitiesSociology
University of MelbourneSYP 3510DevianceCRIM20004Order, Disorder, Crime, DevianceSociology
University of MelbourneSYP 4060 Sociology of Human SexualityPOLS20011The Politics of SexSociology
University of MelbourneUF German coursesGermanGerman coursesLanguages
University of MelbourneUF Russian coursesAny Russian course (RUSS*****)Languages
University of MelbourneWIS 2552Biodiversity Conservation: Global Perspectives BIOL10001Biology of Australian Flora & FaunaBiology
University of MelbourneWIS 4943Topics in Wildlife Ecology & ConservationZOOL20004Australian Wildlife BiologyBiology
University of MelbourneZOO 4403CMarine BiologyZOOL30008Experimental Marine BiologyBiology
University of MelbourneZOO 4956Overseas StudiesZOOL30009Field Biology of Australian WildlifeBiology
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEA 3600Geography of AfricaGG 3034Arid AfricaGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 2200Physical GeographyGG 1001Physical Geography I: Atmosphere, Oceans & the GeosphereGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 2201Physical LandscapesGG 1002Physical Geography II: BioGeography, Ecology & Scales of ChangeGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 2410Social GeographyGG 1004Human Geography II: Politics, Society, Development & EnvironmentGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 2420Introduction to Human GeographyGG 1003Human Geography I: Cultures, Economies, HistoryGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 2426Pop Music and Culture: A Geographic PerspectiveGG 2061Cultural GeographiesGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 3162CIntroduction to Quantitative Analysis for GeographersGG 1011/3Geographical TechniquesGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 3352The Human Footprint on LandscapeGG 2013Environmental Systems: Processes & SustainabilityGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 3602Urban and Business GeographyGG 2053Cities: Economies and SocietiesGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 3930Geography of World AffairsGG 2052Political GeographyGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 3930Introduction to Natural HazardsGG 2021Earth Surface Processes and HazardsGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 3930Special TopicsGG 2041Environmental ChangeGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 4281River Forms and ProcessesGG 3021Rivers & LandscapeGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 4300Environmental BioGeographyGG 2043BioGeographyGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 4554Regional DevelopmentGG 20171Perspectives on DevelopmentGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 4938Field Techniques for Conservation and Landscape AnalysisGG 1032/4Geographical Research & Field Methods IGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 4938Special TopicsGG 3018Global WarmingGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 4938Special TopicsGG 3019Wetland EnvironmentsGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGEO 4938Special TopicsGG 3026Glacial EnvironmentsGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGIS 3000 electiveAny 3000 level GIS course or aboveGG 2001/2Geographical Techniques II
Geographical Techniques II
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGIS 3043Foundations of Geographic Information SystemsGG 1015Digital Geographies: Introduction to Remote Sensing & GISGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGIS 4021CAerial Photo InterpretationGG 3062Images of Earth: From Homer to GoogleGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGIS 4037Digital Image ProcessingGG 3028Digital LandscapesGeography
Royal Holloway, University of London, University of LondonGLY 4734Coastal Morphology and ProcessesGG 3013Defending Coastal & Wetland EnvironmentsGeography
University of SydneyANT2410Cultural AnthropologyANTH1001Cultural Difference: An IntroductionAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3141Development of World CivilizationARCA2642First Cities: A Global ApproachAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3241Anthropology of ReligionANTH2667The Anthropology of ReligionAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3302Sex Roles: A Cross-Cultural PerspectiveANTH2623Gender: Anthropological StudiesAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3364Peoples and Cultures of ChinaANTH2620China: Contemporary EthnographiesAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3451Race and RacismANTH2629Race and Ethnic RelationsAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3930special topicsANTH1002Anthropology and the GlobalAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3930special topicsANTH2601The Ethnography of Southeast AsiaAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3930special topicsANTH2605Aboriginal Australia: Cultural JourneysAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3930special topicsANTH2626Urban AnthropologyAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3930special topicsANTH2630Indigenous Australia and ModernityAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3930special topicsANTH2632Anthropology of the BodyAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3930special topicsANTH2655The Social Production of SpaceAnthropology
University of SydneyANT3930special topicsANTH3601Contemporary Theory and AnthropologyAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4034History of Anthropological TheoryANTH2666History of Anthropological ThoughtAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4114Principles of ArchaeologyARCA2602Field MethodsAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4266Economic AnthropologyANTH2653Economy and CultureAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4462Culture and MedicineANTH2627Medical AnthropologyAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4495Ethnographic MethodsANTH2631Being There: Method in AnthropologyAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsANTH3602Reading EthnographyAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA1000Early Humans: Hunters and FarmersAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA1001Ancient CivilisationsAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA2604Ancient Levant: Land of Wine and MerchantsAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA2605Ancient AustraliaAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA2618World Heritage in ContextAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA2634Mobility and the Sedentary TransitionAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA2635Explanation and Theory in ArchaeologyAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA2638Analysis of Lithic TechnologyAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA2640Hunter-Gatherer PalaeoeconomiesAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA2644Ancient AustraliaAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA3601Research in Australasian ArchaeologyAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA3605Dialogue of Civilizations: East and WestAnthropology
University of SydneyANT4930special topicsARCA3622Archeological Approaches to InnovationAnthropology
University of SydneyBOT 2010C Introductory BotanyBIOL2023BotanyBiology
University of SydneyBOT 2010C Introductory BotanyBIOL2923Botany (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyBOT 3503 and BOT3503L Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants and Lab courseBIOL3043Plant ScienceBiology
University of SydneyBOT 3503 and BOT3503L Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants and Lab courseBIOL3943Plant Science (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyBOT4935Special topicsAGEN2005Plant Systems BiologyBiology
University of SydneyBSC 2862 Global Change Ecology and SustainabilityBIOL2024Ecology and ConservationBiology
University of SydneyBSC 2862 Global Change Ecology and SustainabilityBIOL2924Ecology and Conservation (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyBSC2010Principles of Biology IBIOL1006Life and EvolutionBiology
University of SydneyBSC2010Principles of Biology IBIOL1906Life and Evolution (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyBSC2011Principles of Biology IIBIOL1007From Molecules to EcosystemsBiology
University of SydneyBSC2011Principles of Biology IIBIOL1907From Molecules to Ecosystems (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyBSC2930Phage genomicsBIOL3018Gene Technology and GenomicsBiology
University of SydneyBSC2930Phage genomicsBIOL3918Gene Technology and Genomics AdvancedBiology
University of SydneyBSC2930Special topicsBIOL2022Biology Experimental Design & AnalysisBiology
University of SydneyBSC2930Special topicsBIOL2922Biol Experimental Design & Analysis AdvBiology
University of SydneyBSC2930Special topicsMBLG2071Molecular Biology and GenomicsBiology
University of SydneyBSC2930Special topicsBCHM2072Human BioChemistryBiology
University of SydneyBSC2930Special topicsBCHM2972Human BioChemistry (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyCCJ 4934 Media And CrimeSLSS2605Crime, Media, and CultureCriminology
University of SydneyCHI 1130 Beginning Chinese 1CHNS1101 + CHNS1102Chinese 1A (For Beginners) + Chinese 1B (For Beginners)Chinese
University of SydneyCHI 1131Beginning Chinese 2CHNS1201Chinese 1C (For Advanced Beginners) + Chinese 1D (For Advanced Beginners) Chinese
University of SydneyCHI 2230 Intermediate Chinese 1CHNS2601 + CHNS2602Chinese 2A (Lower Intermediate) + Chinese 2A (Lower Intermediate)Chinese
University of SydneyCHI 2231Intermediate Chinese 2CHNS3601 + CHNS3602Chinese 3A +Chinese 3BChinese
University of SydneyCHI 3410Advanced Chinese 1CHNS3603Chinese 4AChinese
University of SydneyCHI 3411 Advanced Chinese 2CHNS3604Chinese 4BChinese
University of SydneyCHI2340Chinese for Heritage Learners 1CHNS1303Chinese for Background Speakers 1Chinese
University of SydneyCHI2341Chinese for Heritage Learners 2CHNS1304Chinese for Background Speakers 2Chinese
University of SydneyCHT 3391 Chinese Film and MediaCHNS3639Chinese CinemaChinese
University of SydneyCHT 3500 Chinese CultureASNS1101Introduction to Chinese CivilisationChinese
University of SydneyCHW 4120Classical Chinese 1CHNS2611Classical Chinese AChinese
University of SydneyCHW 4121Classical Chinese 2CHNS2612Classical Chinese BChinese
University of SydneyCJL 3038Law and SocietySCLG2605Social Justice Law and SocietyCriminology
University of SydneyCLA 2100 Glory that was GreeceANHS 1600 Foundations of Ancient GreeceClassics
University of SydneyCLA 2120 Grandeur that was RomeANHS 1601 Foundations of Ancient RomeClassics
University of SydneyCLP3144Abnormal PsychologyPSYC3018Abnormal PsychologyPsychology
University of SydneyCLT 3340 Ancient Greek and Roman EpicANHS 2619 The World of Ancient EpicClassics
University of SydneyCLT 3370 Myths of the Greeks and RomansANHS 1602 Greek and Roman MythClassics
University of SydneyCPO 2001Comparative Politics GOVT 1107Intro to Comparative PoliticPolitical Science
University of SydneyCPO 3303Intro to Latin American PoliticsGOVT 2013 Latin American PoliticsPolitical Science
University of SydneyDEP3053Developmental PsychologyPSYC3016Developmental PsychologyPsychology
University of SydneyEAB3002Principles of Behavior AnalysisPSYC3011Learning and BehaviourPsychology
University of SydneyECO 2013Principles of MacroEconomicsECON1002Introductory MacroEconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECO 2023Principles of MicroEconomicsECON1001Introductory MicroEconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECO 3101Intermediate MicroEconomicsECOS2001Intermediate MicroEconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECO 3203Intermediate MacroEconomicsECOS2002Intermediate MacroEconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECO 3704International TradeECOS3006International TradeEconomics
University of SydneyECO 3713International MacroEconomicsECOS3007International MacroEconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4104Economics of Competitive StrategyECOS3012Strategic BehaviourEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4213Monetary EconomicsECOS3010Monetary EconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4401Mathematical EconomicsECOS2903Mathematical Economics AEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4421EconometricsECMT1020Introduction to EconometricsEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4504Public EconomicsECOS3011Public FinanceEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4956International Studies in EconomicsECON1005The Australian EconomyEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4956International Studies in EconomicsECOS2025East Asian EconomiesEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4956International Studies in EconomicsECOS3005Industrial OrganisationEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4956International Studies in EconomicsECOS3016Experimental and Behavioural EconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4956International Studies in EconomicsECOS3026Economics of CrimeEconomics
University of SydneyECO 4956International Studies in EconomicsECOS3027Economics of the FamilyEconomics
University of SydneyECP 3203Labor EconomicsECOS3008Labour EconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECP 3302Environmental Economics and Resource PolicyECOS3013Environmental EconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECP 3530Health Care EconomicsECOS3017Health EconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECP 4403Government Regulation of BusinessECOS3025The Economics of RegulationEconomics
University of SydneyECP 4451Law and EconomicsECOS3015Law and EconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyECS 4013Economic DevelopmentECOS3002Development EconomicsEconomics
University of SydneyESC1000Introduction to Earth SciencesGEOS1001Earth, Environment and SocietyGeology
University of SydneyEXP3104Sensory ProcessesPSYC3013Perceptual SystemsPsychology
University of SydneyEXP3604Cognitive PsychologyPSYC3012Cognition, Language and ThoughtPsychology
University of SydneyGEO2200Physical GeographyGEOS1001Earth, Environment & SocietyGeography
University of SydneyGEO2242Extreme WeatherGEOS2115Oceans, Coasts and Climate ChangeGeography
University of SydneyGEO2420Introduction to Human GeographyGEOS1002Introductory GeographyGeography
University of SydneyGEO2500Global and Regional EconomiesGEOS 2112Economic Geography of Global DevelopmentGeography
University of SydneyGEO3162C Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for GeographersENVX2001Applied Statistical MethodsGeography
University of SydneyGEO3250ClimatologyGEOS1901Earth, Environment and Society (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGEO3280Principles of Geographic HydrologyLWSC2002Introduction HydrologyGeography
University of SydneyGEO3280Principles of Geographic Hydrology GEOS1901Earth, Environment and Society (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGEO3315Geography of Crop PlantsAGEN3006Plants and FoodGeography
University of SydneyGEO3341Extreme FloodsGEOS1901Earth, Environment and Society (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGEO3352The Human Footprint on LandscapeAGEN1001Shaping our LandscapesGeography
University of SydneyGEO3372 Conservation of ResourcesGEOS2121 Environmental & Resource ManagementGeography
University of SydneyGEO3427Plants, Health and SpiritualityPPAT3003Plant Health and DiseaseGeography
University of SydneyGEO3452 Medical Geography GEOS1902Introductory Geography (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGEO3454Peoples and PlaguesGEOS1902Introductory Geography (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGEO3502Economic Geography GEOS1902Introductory Geography (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGEO3602 Urban and Business GeographyGEOS1902Introductory Geography (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGEO3611Housing People Places GEOS1902Introductory Geography (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGEO4281River Forms and ProcessesLWSC3007Advanced Hydrology and ModellingGeography
University of SydneyGEO4285Models in Geographic Hydrology LWSC3007Advanced Hydrology and ModellingGeography
University of SydneyGEO4300Environmental BioGeographyENVI2111Conservation Biology and Applied EcologyGeography
University of SydneyGEO4554Regional DevelopmentGEOS2123 The Geography of Cities and RegionsGeography
University of SydneyGEO4938Cultural and Politcal EcologyGEOS3524Global Development and LivelihoodsGeography
University of SydneyGIS3043 Foundations of Geographic Information SystemsGEOS 2111Natural Hazards: A GIS ApproachGeography
University of SydneyGIS3043 Foundations of Geographic Information Systems ENVX3001Environmental GISGeography
University of SydneyGIS3420CModels for Public Health GEOS2911Natural Hazards: a GIS Approach (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGIS4001CMaps and GraphsGEOS3014GIS in Coastal ManagementGeography
University of SydneyGIS4001CMaps and Graphs GEOS2911Natural Hazards: a GIS Approach (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGIS4021CAerial Photo Interpretation GEOS3014GIS in Coastal ManagementGeography
University of SydneyGIS4021CAerial Photo Interpretation GEOS2911Natural Hazards: a GIS Approach (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGIS4037Digital Image ProcessingGEOS2911Natural Hazards: a GIS Approach (Advanced)Geography
University of SydneyGIS4037Digital Image ProcessingENVX4001GIS, Remote Sensing and Land ManagementGeography
University of SydneyGIS4037 Digital Image ProcessingGEOS3014GIS in Coastal ManagementGeography
University of SydneyGLY1000/ESC1000Introduction to Earth SciencesGEOS1003Introduction to GeologyGeology
University of SydneyGLY2038SustainabilityGEOS2121Environmental and Resource ManagementGeology
University of SydneyGLY3000ElectiveGEOS3104Geophysical MethodsGeology
University of SydneyGLY3000ElelectiveGEOS3102Global Energy and ResourcesGeology
University of SydneyGLY3074Oceans Global ClimateGEOS2115Oceans, Coasts and Climate ChangeGeology
University of SydneyGLY3105 Evolution of Earth/LifeGEOS2124Fossils and TectonicsGeology
University of SydneyGLY3202 Earth MaterialsGEOS2114Volcanoes, Hot Rocks and MineralsGeology
University of SydneyGLY4400CStructural GeologyGEOS3101Earth's Structure and EvolutionGeology
University of SydneyGLY4552Sedimentary GeologyGEOS3103Environmental and Sedimentary GeologyGeology
University of SydneyGLY4734Coastal MorphologyGEOS3009Coastal Environments and ProcessesGeology
University of SydneyGLY4734Coastal Morphology and ProcessesGEOS3009COASTAL ENVIRONMENTS AND PROCESSESGeography
University of SydneyGLY4750LField MethodsGEOS3008Field GeologyGeology
University of SydneyGRE 1130 Accelerated Beginning Ancient Greek 1GRK A 1600 Intro to Ancient Greek 1Classics
University of SydneyGRE 1131 Accelerated Beginning Ancient Greek 2GRK A 1601 Intro to Ancient Greek 2Classics
University of SydneyGRK 1130 Beginning Modern Greek 1MGRK 1601 Junior Modern Greek 1Classics
University of SydneyGRK 1131 Beginning Modern Greek 2MGRK 1602 Junior Modern Greek 2Classics
University of SydneyGRK 2200 Intermediate Modern Greek 1MGRK 2601 Senior Modern Greek 1Classics
University of SydneyGRK 2201 Intermediate Modern Greek 2MGRK 2602 Senior Modern Greek 2Classics
University of SydneyGRW 3102 Survey of Greek LiteratureGRK 3606 Classics of Greek LiteratureClassics
University of SydneyGRW 4330 Homer and Greek EpicGRK A 3602 Ancient Greek EpicClassics
University of SydneyINR 2001International RelationsGOVT 1201World PoliticsPolitical Science
University of SydneyINR 3102The US and World AffairsUSSC 2601US in the WorldPolitical Science
University of SydneyINR 3333Introduction to International SecurityGOVT 2225International Security in 21st CenturyPolitical Science
University of SydneyINR 3502International InstitutionsGOVT 2226International OrganizationsPolitical Science
University of SydneyINR 4303The Making of American Foreign PolicyGOVT 2445American Politics and Foreign PolicyPolitical Science
University of SydneyITA3500 (case by case basis)Special topicsITLN3688 Advanced Italian: Translation Italian
University of SydneyItalian language courses (based on level)Italian language coursesItalian
University of SydneyITT3930Special topicsITLN3694 Dante and the Middle Ages Italian
University of SydneyITT3930Special topicsITLN3695 Love in Italian Culture Italian
University of SydneyITT3930 (case by case basis)Special topicsITLN3668 ITLN3668 Issues of Language and Society in Italy Italian
University of SydneyITT3930 (case by case basis)Special topicsITLN3679Filming Fiction: The Italian Experience Italian
University of SydneyITT3930 (case by case basis)Special topicsITLN3691 Italian Literature: 1200-1860 Italian
University of SydneyLAT 1130 Accelerated Beginning Latin Latin 1601 Intro to Latin 2 Classics
University of SydneyLAT 1130 Accelerated Beginning Latin 1Latin 1600 Intro to Latin 1Classics
University of SydneyLAT 3660 Vergil and Roman EpicLatin 3602 AeneidClassics
University of SydneyLNW 3644 CiceroLatin 3605 Republican ProseClassics
University of SydneyLNW 3320 Roman Elegy and LyricLatin 3603 Imperial PoetryClassics
University of SydneyPCB 4043C General EcologyBIOL3007EcologyBiology
University of SydneyPCB 4043C General EcologyBIOL3907Ecology (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyPCB3023 Essential Cell BiologyBIOL2016Cell BiologyBiology
University of SydneyPCB3023 Essential Cell BiologyBIOL2916Cell Biology (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyPCB3063GeneticsMBLG2972Genetics and Genomics (Adv)Biology
University of SydneyPCB4674EvolutionBIOL3044Evolution and BiodiversityBiology
University of SydneyPCB4674EvolutionBIOL3944Evolution and Biodiversity (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyPHH 3610Happiness and Well-BeingPHIL2647Philosophy of HappinessPhilosophy
University of SydneyPHI 2010Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL1011Reality, Ethics and BeautyPhilosophy
University of SydneyPHI 2630Contemporary Moral IssuesPHIL2617Practical EthicsPhilosophy
University of SydneyPHI 3130Symbolic LogicPHIL1012Introductory LogicPhilosophy
University of SydneyPHI 3500MetaPhysicsPHIL2622Reality, Time & Possibility: MetaPhysicsPhilosophy
University of SydneyPHI 3650Moral PhilosophyPHIL2655Philosophical EthicsPhilosophy
University of SydneyPHI 4542Philosoophy of Space and TimePHIL2672Time and SpacePhilosophy
University of SydneyPHM 3202Political PhilosophyPHIL1013Society, Knowledge and SelfPhilosophy
University of SydneyPHP 3786ExistentialismPHIL2675ExistentialismPhilosophy
University of SydneyPHP 4784Analytic PhilosophyPHIL2660Analytic Origins: Frege to WittgensteinPhilosophy
University of SydneyPOS 3233Politics and Public OpinionUSSC 3601Public Opinion and Voting in the USPolitical Science
University of SydneyPOT 4053Great Political Thinkers: Machiavelli to MarxGOVT 2112Modern Political ThoughtPolitical Science
University of SydneyPSB3002Physiological PsychologyPSYC2010Brain and BehaviourPsychology
University of SydneyPSY2000Introduction to PsychologyPSYC1002Psychology 1002Psychology
University of SydneyPSY2012General PsychologyPSYC1001Psychology 1001Psychology
University of SydneyPSY3213LLaboratory Methods in PsychologyPSYC2012Statistics & Research Methods for PsychPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyPSYC3014Behavioural and Cognitive NeurosciencePsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyPSYC3020Applications of Psychological SciencePsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyMUSC2645Psychology of MusicPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyBACH1165Psychology and Cognitive Factors (Intro)Psychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyBACH2142Cognitive NeuroPsychologyPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyBACH2143Counselling and Behaviour Management for CDPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyBACH3146CyberPsychology and e-HealthPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyEDUF2006Educational PsychologyPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyEDUF3029Psychology of Learning and TeachingPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyEXSS3049Sport and Exercise PsychologyPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyHPSC3023Psychology & Psychiatry: History & PhilPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyANAT2010Concepts of NeuroanatomyPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyBACH2142Cognitive NeuroPsychologyPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyBIOS1166Neuroscience I: Communication DisordersPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyBIOS1171NeurosciencePsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyBIOS2062Neuroscience II: Communication DisordersPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyNEUR3003Cellular and Developmental NeurosciencePsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyNEUR3004Integrative NeurosciencePsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyNEUR3005Functional NeuroanatomyPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyNEUR3006Neural Information ProcessingPsychology
University of SydneyPSY4930Special Topics in PsychologyPCOL3022NeuropharmacologyPsychology
University of SydneyREL 2240New TestamentBBCL2610The New Testament as LiteratureReligion
University of SydneyREL 2341Intro to BuddhismASNS3010Tibetan BuddhismReligion
University of SydneyREL 3234Wisdom in the Hebrew BibleBBCL3602Job, Proverbs and Other Biblical WisdomReligion
University of SydneyREL 3249Christian GospelsBBCL2609Historical Jesus to Written GospelsReligion
University of SydneyREL 3330Religions of IndiaASNS2626Religious Traditions of South AsiaReligion
University of SydneyREL 3344Chinese BuddhismCHNS2010Buddhism and Chinese CultureReligion
University of SydneySOP3004Social PsychologyPSYC3017Social PsychologyPsychology
University of SydneySPN1130Beginning Spanish 1SPAN1621Level 1 SpanishSpanish
University of SydneySPN1131Beginning Spanish 2SPAN1622Level 2 SpanishSpanish
University of SydneySPN2200Intermediate Spanish 1SPAN2611Spanish Level 3Spanish
University of SydneySPN2201Intermediate Spanish 2SPAN2612Spanish Level 4Spanish
University of SydneySPN2240Intensive Communication SkillsSPAN2613Spanish Level 5Spanish
University of SydneySPN3101Introduction to Spanish Literature 2SPAN2621Spanish Film and LiteratureSpanish
University of SydneySPN3300Spanish Grammar and Composition 1SPAN2614Spanish Level 6Spanish
University of SydneySPN3301Spanish Grammar and Composition 2SPAN3611Spanish Level 7Spanish
University of SydneySPN3451Spanish Translation and Interpretation: Theory and PracticeSPAN3622Spanish TranslationSpanish
University of SydneySPN3930Special Topics in Lusophone Culture and CivilizationSPAN2622Latin American Popular CultureSpanish
University of SydneySPN3930Special Topics in Lusophone Culture and CivilizationSPAN2631Cultural and Social Change in SpainSpanish
University of SydneySPN3930Special Topics in Lusophone Culture and CivilizationSPAN2641Filmmaking in the Latin American ContextSpanish
University of SydneySPN3930Special Topics in Lusophone Culture and CivilizationSPAN3624Spain: A Nation of Nations?Spanish
University of SydneySPN3930Special Topics in Lusophone Culture and CivilizationSPAN3625New Latin American Geopolitics of PowerSpanish
University of SydneySPN3930Special Topics in Lusophone Culture and CivilizationSPAN3680The Spanish-Speaking WorldSpanish
University of SydneySPN3930Topics in Spanish and Spanish American Culture and CivilizationSPAN2615Indigenous Movements in Latin AmericaSpanish
University of SydneySPN3930Topics in Spanish and Spanish American Culture and CivilizationSPAN2616Citizenship in Spain and Latin AmericaSpanish
University of SydneySPN4420Advanced Composition and SyntaxSPAN3612Spanish Level 8Spanish
University of SydneySPW3031Survey of Spanish-American Literature: From Independence to Contemporary TimesSPAN3621Latin American Film and LiteratureSpanish
University of SydneySPW3101Introduction to Spanish Literature 2SPAN3671The Stories of Spain: Texts and ContextsSpanish
University of SydneySRK 1120Beginning Sanskrit 1SANS1001Sanskrit Introductory 1Religion
University of SydneySRK 1121Beginning Sanskrit 2SANS1002Sanskrit Introductory 2Religion
University of SydneySRK 2200Intermediate Sanskrit 1SANS2601Sanskrit Intermediate 1Religion
University of SydneySYA 4110Development of Sociological ThoughtSCLG2601Sociological TheorySociology
University of SydneySYA 4930 GlobalizationSCLG2616Understanding GlobalisationSociology
University of SydneySYA 4930 Social MovementsSCLG2607Social Movements and Protest PoliticsSociology
University of SydneySYD 3410Urban SociologySCLG2617City and SocietySociology
University of SydneySYD 3700Minorities in American SocietySCLG2635Sociology of Race and RacismSociology
University of SydneySYD 4510Environment and SocietySCLG2631Sociology of the EnvironmentSociology
University of SydneySYG 2000Principles of SociologySCLG1001Introduction to Sociology 1Sociology
University of SydneySYO 4200Sociology of ReligionSCLG2626Sociology of ReligionSociology
University of SydneySYO 4300Political SociologySCLG2621Power, Politics and SocietySociology
University of SydneySYO 4352Consumption, Economy and SocietySCLG2630Economic SociologySociology
University of SydneySYO 4400Medical SociologySCLG2603Sociology of Health and IllnessSociology
University of SydneySYP 3000Society and the IndividualSCLG2612Self and SocietySociology
University of SydneySYP 3510DevianceSCLG2608The Sociology of Deviance and DifferenceSociology
University of SydneyUF REL 346God: Belief, Concepts, IssuesRLST1002A History of God, Deities and DemonsReligion
University of SydneyZOO 3513CAnimal BehaviorBIOL3046Animal BehaviourBiology
University of SydneyZOO 3513CAnimal BehaviorBIOL3946Animal Behaviour (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyZOO 3603C Evolutionary Developmental BiologyBIOL3026Developmental GeneticsBiology
University of SydneyZOO 3603C Evolutionary Developmental BiologyBIOL3926Developmental Genetics (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyZOO 3713C Functional Vertebrate AnatomyBIOL2021ZoologyBiology
University of SydneyZOO 3713C Functional Vertebrate AnatomyBIOL2921Zoology (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyZOO 4307C Vertebrate BiodiversityBIOL3045Animal Ecological PhysiologyBiology
University of SydneyZOO 4307CVertebrate BiodiversityBIOL3945Animal Ecological Physiology (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyZOO 4403C Marine BiologyBIOL3013Marine BiologyBiology
University of SydneyZOO 4403C Marine BiologyBIOL3913Marine Biology (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyZOO4926Special topicsBCHM3072Human Molecular Cell BiologyBiology
University of SydneyZOO4926Special topicsBCHM3082Medical and Metabolic BioChemistryBiology
University of SydneyZOO4926Special topicsBCHM3092Proteomics and Functional GenomicsBiology
University of SydneyZOO4926Special topicsBCHM3972Human Molecular Cell Biology (Advanced)Biology
University of SydneyZOO4926Special topicsBCHM3982Medical and Metabolic BioChemistry (Adv)Biology
University of SydneyZOO4926Special topicsBCHM3992Proteomics and Functional Genomics (Adv)Biology
Cardiff UniversityGLY3000+ ElectivesElective 3EA*****Any other EA**** courses Geology
Cardiff UniversityPHI 3300Theory of KnowledgeSE4398EpistemologyPhilosophy
InstitutionUF Course NumberUF Course NameForeign Course NumberForeign Course NameDepartment
University of GlasgowBSC 2010BIOL1002Biology 1BBiology
University of GlasgowBSC 2011BIOL1001Biology 1ABiology
University of GlasgowEVR 2001BIOL1010Environmental BiologyBiology
University of GlasgowBSC3000(no direct equivalent, but pre-req of intro bio)BIOL2039Fundamental Topics in Biology 2Biology
University of GlasgowZOO4307C or ZOO4205(ZOO4000 - maybe)BIOL2041Animal Biology, Evolution and Ecology 2Biology
University of GlasgowBSC4926 or general UD elective creditsBIOL2040Key Skills in Biology 2Biology
University of GlasgowALS (mol. bio and genetics), PCB3000?BIOL2042Genes, Molecules & Cells 2Biology
University of GlasgowBSC3096BIOL2043Human Biological Sciences 2Biology
University of GlasgowMCB3020/LBIOL2044Microbiology and Immunology 2Biology
University of GlasgowAnatomy - APK2100C?  Or BSC4000BIOL2023Functional Anatomy for International Pre-Medical StudentsBiology
University of GlasgowLIN4930Corpus Linguistics (special topics)ENGLANG4032Corpus LinguisticsLinguistics
University of GlasgowLIN4701PsycholinguisticsENGLANG4059Introduction to PsycholinguisticsLinguistics
University of GlasgowLIN4600Survey of SociolinguisticsENGLANG4053SociolinguisticsLinguistics
University of GlasgowLIN3201Sounds of Human LanguageENGLANG4048Phonetics 1: Introductory ConceptsLinguistics
University of GlasgowESC1000Earth Science and EnvironmentEarth 1001Earth Science 1XGeology
University of GlasgowGLY2038Sustainability and Changing EarthEarth 1002Earth Science 1YGeology
University of GlasgowGLY2010CPhysical GeologyEarth 2001Earth Science Solid EarthGeology
University of GlasgowGLY2100 or GL3105Historical GeologyEarth 2002, 2003Earth Science 2Q, 2PGeology
University of GlasgowGLY4552Sedimentary GeologyEarth 4001Advanced Sequence StratGeology
University of GlasgowGLY4750LField MethodsEarth4002Earth Science Field SkillsGeology
University of GlasgowGLY4905ResearchEarth 4004Earth Science IndependentGeology
University of GlasgowGLY4450Intro GeophysicsEarth 4009GeophysicsGeology
University of GlasgowGLY3882Hydro & Human AffairsEarth 4039HydrogeologyGeology
University of GlasgowGLY4552CSedimentary GeologyEarth 4023Sedimentary GeologyGeology
University of GlasgowGLY4400CStructural GeologyEarth 4025Structural GeologyGeology
University of GlasgowGLY4026GeomorphologyEarth 4026Tectonic GeomorphologyGeology
University of GlasgowGLYXXXX level equivalent to EarthXXXX levelElectivesEARTH1000-4000All Other coursesGeology
University of GlasgowREL 3463God: Beliefs, Concepts, IssueTRS1007The God Question: Exploring ChristianityReligion
University of GlasgowREL 3463God: Beliefs, Concepts, IssueTRS4096Doctrine of GodReligion
University of GlasgowREL 2315Religion in AsiaTRS1009The Search For Meaning: Understanding Asian TraditionsReligion
University of GlasgowREL 2502Introduction to ChristianityTRS2002Christian Traditions and TransformationsReligion
University of GlasgowREL 3440 Religion and the Modern MindTRS2021 Religion, Culture, and ControversyReligion
University of GlasgowREL 3234Wisdom in the Hebrew BibleTRS3030Wisdom Literature Non HonoursReligion
University of GlasgowREL 3234Wisdom in the Hebrew BibleTRS4074Wisdom LiteratureReligion
University of GlasgowREL 2341Introduction to BuddhismTRS4084BuddhismReligion
University of GlasgowREL 4345Chan/Zen BuddhismTRS4085Chan and Zen Traditions TRS4085Religion
University of GlasgowREL 4433Religion and ExistentialismTRS4058Existentialism: Atheism, Reason, and FaithReligion
University of GlasgowREL 4219Gender and GenesisTRS4062GenesisReligion
University of GlasgowREL 2174 Social EthicsTRS4078Introduction to Christian EthicsReligion
University of GlasgowREL 3170Ethics in Religious PerspectiveTRS4078Introduction to Christian EthicsReligion
University of GlasgowREL 4209Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Jewish LiteratureTRS4109Jewish Literature in the Graeco-Roman WorldReligion
University of GlasgowREL 3608Modern JudaismTRS4089Modern Judaism: Aspects of Life and LiteratureReligion
University of GlasgowREL 2240New TestamentTRS4066New Testament Texts Religion
University of GlasgowREL 2210 Hebrew ScripturesTRS4071Old Testament / Tanakh TextsReligion
University of GlasgowREL 2362Introduction to IslamTRS4090Reading Islam Religion
University of GlasgowREL 3160 Religion and ScienceTRS4080Science and Religion Religion
University of GlasgowREL 3395 Religion and ViolenceTRS5077Religion and Violence Religion
University of GlasgowECO 3101ECON2001Economics 2AEconomics
University of GlasgowECO 3203ECON2002Economics 2B Economics
University of GlasgowECP 3006ECON 3010Economics
University of GlasgowECP 3302ECON 3001Economics
University of GlasgowECO 3713ECON 3004 Economics
University of GlasgowECO 3704ECON 3005Economics
University of GlasgowSYO4530Social InequalitiesSOCIO4091Class & StratificationSociology
University of GlasgowSYD4701Nationalism & Ethnicity in EuropeSOCIO4103NationalismSociology
University of GlasgowSYD488Sociology of GenderSOCIO4040Sociology of GenderSociology
University of GlasgowSYO4400Medical SociologySOCIO4069Sociology of Health & IllnessSociology
University of GlasgowSYP4060Sociology of Human SexualitySOCIO4023SexualitiesSociology
University of GlasgowSYP4520CriminologySOCIO4060Understanding & Explaining CrimeSociology
University of GlasgowSYO4300Political SociologySOCIO4109Neoliberalism CapitalsimSociology
University of GlasgowSYP4550Alcohol, Drugs, & SocietySOCIO4068Drugs & CultureSociology
University of GlasgowSYO4352Consumption, Economy, & SocietySOCIO4037Sociology of Consumption ISociology
University of GlasgowSYD3410Urban SociologySOCIO4113Sociology of the CitySociology
University of GlasgowEXP3104Sensory Processes PSY2014Adv. Intro Perception and CognitionPsychology
University of GlasgowEXP3604Cognitive PsychologyPSYCH3002Cognitive Psychology Psychology
University of GlasgowDEP3053Developmental PsychologyPSYCH3006Human Development Psychology
University of GlasgowSOP3004Social PsychologyPSYCH3008Social Psychology Psychology
University of GlasgowPSB3002Physiological PsychologyPSY4065Physiological Psychology Psychology
University of GlasgowPSB4240 Psychobiology of Abnormal BehPSYCH4034Psych & Bio OF Mental DisordersPsychology
University of GlasgowPSB4342Cognitive NeurosciencePSYCH4018Cognitive NeurosciencePsychology
University of GlasgowPSY4604History and Systems of PsychologyPSYCH4003Historical IssuesPsychology
University of GlasgowPSY3213Research MethodsPSYCH5050Research MethodsPsychology
University of GlasgowMAC 2311Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 MATHS1001MATHEMATICS 1R Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAC 2312Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2 MATHS1002MATHEMATICS 1S Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAC 2313Analytic Geometry and Calculus 3 MATHS2001MATHEMATICS 2A: MULTIVARIABLE CALCULUS Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAS 3114Computational Linear Algebra MATHS2004MATHEMATICS 2B: LINEAR ALGEBRA Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAA 4102Intro to Advanced Calc Engineers and Physical Scientists 1 MATHS2007MATHEMATICS 2E: INTRODUCTION TO REAL ANALYSIS Mathematics
University of GlasgowMHF 3202Sets and Logic MATHS2008MATHEMATICS 2F: FOUNDATIONS OF PURE MATHEMATICS Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAS 4301Abstract Algebra 1 MATHS3021MATHEMATICS 3R: ALGEBRA Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAP 2302Elementary Differential Equations MATHS3019MATHEMATICS 3S: MATHEMATICAL METHODS Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAA 4211Advanced Calculus 1 MATHS40733H: ANALYSIS OF DIFFERENTIATION AND INTEGRATION Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAA 4402Functions of a Complex Variable MATHS40763H: METHODS IN COMPLEX ANALYSIS Mathematics
University of GlasgowMTG 4302Elements of Topology 1 MATHS4077H: METRIC SPACE AND BASIC TOPOLOGY Mathematics
University of GlasgowMTG 4303Elements of Topology 2 MATHS41124H: ALGEBRAIC AND GEOMETRIC TOPOLOGY Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAS 4203Introduction to Combinatorics 1 MATHS41084H: NUMBER THEORY Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAD 4401Introduction to Numerical Analysis MATHS41094H: NUMERICAL METHODS Mathematics
University of GlasgowMAP 4341Elements of Partial Differential Equations MATHS41104H: PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Mathematics
University of GlasgowGEA1000  Geography for a Changing WorldGEOG1007 Geography 1: Living in a Changing WorldGeography
University of GlasgowGEO2200  + GEO2200L Physical Geography + Phyiscal Geography LabGEOG2016 Geography 2Geography
University of GlasgowGEO3280 Principles of Geographic HydrologyGEOG4056 HydrologyGeography
University of GlasgowGEO4281River Forms and ProcessesGEOG4057 Managing River Catchments Geography
University of GlasgowGEO2410 Social GeographyGEOG4083 Embodied Social GeographiesGeography
University of GlasgowGEO4554 Regional DevelopmentGEOG4084 Geographies of DevelopmentGeography
University of GlasgowGEO3352 The Human Footprint on LandscapeGEOG4086 Landscape and CultureGeography
University of GlasgowGIS4037 Digital Image ProcessingGEOG4094 Remote Sensing Geography
University of GlasgowGEO3602 Urban and Business GeographyGEOG4095 Urban Geographies: Cities, Ecologies, Politics Geography
University of GlasgowGIS4001C Maps and GraphsGEOG4098 Cartographic Design OptionGeography
University of GlasgowGEO4300 Environmental BiogeographyGEOG4101 Biogeography of EuropeGeography
University of GlasgowGEO3372 Conservation of ResourcesGEOG4102 Nature Conservation in Europe Geography
University of GlasgowGEO3454 Peoples and PlaguesGEOG4110 The (Geo)Politics of Infectious Disease Geography
University of GlasgowGIS3043Foundations in Geographic Information SystemsGEOG4111 GIS A:Applied Spatial Analysis Geography
University of GlasgowGEO3430 Population GeographyGEOG4113 Population Geographies A:Past and PresentGeography
University of GlasgowEUH3931special topicsHIST1008Scotland's MillenniumHistory
University of GlasgowEUH3931special topicsHIST2011People, Things, Ideas: The Making of Modern SocietiesHistory
University of GlasgowEUH3931special topicsHIST4124Scottish Popular CultureHistory
University of GlasgowLIT 3002 The Forms of NarrativeCould serve as U. of Glasgow equivalentsEnglish
University of GlasgowLIT 3031 Studies in PoetryCould serve as U. of Glasgow equivalentsEnglish
University of GlasgowLIT 3041Studies in DramaCould serve as U. of Glasgow equivalentsEnglish
University of GlasgowLIT 3043Studies in Modern DramaCould serve as U. of Glasgow equivalentsEnglish
University of GlasgowLIT 3400Interdisciplinary Topics in LiteratureCould serve as U. of Glasgow equivalentsEnglish
University of GlasgowENG 3113The Movies as Narrative ArtDepartment can find equivalencies.English
University of GlasgowENG 3115Introduction to Film:  Criticism and TheoryDepartment can find equivalencies.English
University of GlasgowENG 4110 Film Genres, Directors, and PeriodsDepartment can find equivalencies.English
University of GlasgowENG 4133Film StudiesDepartment can find equivalencies.English
University of GlasgowENG 4135 National CinemasDepartment can find equivalencies.English
University of GlasgowENG 4136Film and Video ProductionDepartment can find equivalencies.English
University of GlasgowENG 4139Television and Electronic CultureDepartment can find equivalencies.English
University of GlasgowPHI2010Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL1001Knowledge & the World Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI2630Contemporary Moral IssuesPHIL1002Philosophy 2K:Knowledge, Meaning & Inference Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI2204Philosophy of LanguagePHIL2002PHILOSOPHY 2M: SELF & SOCIETY Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI3700Philosophy of Religion PHIL3010PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHH3400Modern PhilosophyPHIL3011HISTORY OF MODERN PHILOSOPHY NON HONOURS Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI3650Moral PhilosophyPHIL3012MORAL PHILOSOPHY NON HONOURS Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI4320Philosophy of Mind PHIL3013PHILOSOPHY OF MIND NON HONOURS Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHM3202Political PhilosophyPHIL3014POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY NON HONOURS Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI3650Moral Philosophy PHIL4004CONTEMPORARY ETHICS Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI3300Theory of KnowledgePHIL4011EPISTEMOLOGY Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI3130Symbolic LogicPHIL4014FORMAL LOGIC Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHH3400Modern PhilosophyPHLI4016HISTORY OF MODERN PHILOSOPHY 1 Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI3500MetaphysicsPHIL4022METAPHYSICS Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI4662Ethical Theory PHIL4059MORAL EPISTEMOLOGY Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI3650Moral PhilosophyPHIL4024MORAL PHILOSOPHYPhilosophy
University of GlasgowPHI4220Philosophy of LanguagePHIL4028PHILOSOPHY OF LANGUAGE Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI4320Philosophy of LanguagePHIL4030PHILOSOPHY OF MIND Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI3322Philosophy of PerceptionPHIL4031PHILOSOPHY OF PERCEPTION Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHI3700Philosophy of Religion PHIL4034PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION Philosophy
University of GlasgowPHM3202Political PhilosophyPHIL4039POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY Philosophy