Beyond120 Coursework

Beyond120 courses are designed to help prepare you for the experiential learning opportunities and to teach you how to make the most of them. These courses are available to any student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and can serve as an effective foundation for your career journey. Contact for additional information or assistance with course selection.

Professional Development Coursework

These courses are designed specifically for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students.
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"Professional Pathways was an engaging and practical course that taught me how to better navigate my professional future both in college and in the corporate world. My greatest takeaways were tips and guidance on choosing a field, building an appropriate resume, and presenting myself effectively during an interview, all ubiquitous challenges that every student will face as he or she moves toward a career in adult life. I can’t recommend the course enough!"​

- Jude
"Professional Pathways" course

“The Art of Adulting was one of the most beneficial classes I’ve ever taken. I learned that everyone’s journey into adulthood is different, and this course helps you figure out what your path to what being an adult looks like. I highly encourage you to take this course.”

- Sofia
"Art of Adulting" course

"Introduction to the Pre-health Process has prepared me for a future in medicine not only by showing me how to develop myself for the application process, but also by helping me understand why I personally aspire for this career. Each of us has a unique passion driving us, and the better we understand it the more our paths fall into place. In this way, Introduction to the Pre-health Process makes you a more competitive applicant as you better understand yourself and what you can bring to medicine."

- Morgan
"Introduction to the Pre-Health Process" course