Beyond120 courses are designed to help prepare you for the experiential learning opportunities and to teach you how to make the most of them. These courses are available to any student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and can serve as an effective foundation for your career journey. Contact for additional information or assistance with course selection.

Professional Development Coursework

These courses are designed specifically for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students.
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This course is not offered in Fall 2021 but will be offered again in Spring 2022.

This course will provide guidance on how students can prepare to be a healthcare professional and apply to health graduate programs. It will also introduce students to current topics in healthcare in a holistic, mind-body-spirit context including exploration of the patient/family experience, and one’s self as related to healthcare issues and topics. The use of the word ‘medicine’ in this course is all encompassing to include all healthcare professions.

Fall 2021 Syllabus

This course serves as an introduction to personal and professional development. Students engage with multiple theories of career development, practice transferable skills, cultivate professional abilities such as resume-writing and interviewing, and identify the connections between these skills, themselves, and industries of interest.

Fall 2021 Syllabus (in person) (PDF, 157 KB)
Fall 2021 Syllabus (online) (PDF, 115 KB)



What does it mean to come of age as a young professional in today’s society? How do characteristics, challenges, perspectives, and responsibilities change as today’s students enter adulthood? This course explores these questions by grounding the contemporary concept of “adulting” in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students will engage with mythology, media, and historical perspectives to examine time management, personal finance, career development, civic participation, and other challenging but crucial elements of contemporary adult life.

Fall 2021 Syllabus (PDF, 212 KB)

This course will assist students in the process of becoming a more confident and competitive professional. By the end of this course, students will be able to understand the process of influencing and motivation others, identify successful leadership and management strategies, understand the principles of brand identity, and develop situational and cultural awareness in the workplace.

Fall 2021 Syllabus (PDF, 128 KB)

In this course, we will be looking at local Florida history from 1918 to 1920, during the period of the first H1N1 pandemic, known in popular culture as the “Spanish Flu.” More precisely, we will be examining digitized print media from this period using UF’s digital collections as our primary means of access. Our initial goal will be to develop an understanding of how to conduct digital archival research and employ textual analysis to investigate the representation of this pandemic in newspapers: the dominant print medium of the time. We will also be looking at accounts of the pandemic and the nation’s and state’s response to it, including the disproportionate impact of the disease and its aftermath on disenfranchised communities. By examining the context surrounding our primary documents, we will then collectively formulate a research question about the representation of the A/H1N1 pandemic in the news: a question that we can answer by analyzing the materials in our archive. As a combined effort, we will try to answer our question through the production of a fully collaborative research paper. No prior research experience necessary.

Fall 2021 Syllabus

This course will assist students to understand the structure, strategies, and successful elements of international business, particularly within the sales industry. Students will understand the process of communicating with clients/prospects, networking with other professionals, and developing skills necessary for business and sales. This course will also further refine the transferable skills recommended for liberal arts majors as defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Fall 2021 Syllabus (PDF, 135 KB)

This course will help students find research opportunities and acquire research skills. Topics covered will include formulating research questions, drafting project proposals, cultivating professional relationships with faculty, presenting at conferences, and getting published. Students will also engage with the wider research community through laboratory tours, visits to archives and special collections, faculty guest speakers, and Q&A sessions with experienced undergraduate researchers.

Fall 2021 Syllabus (PDF, 652 KB)

Although we may not realize it, the law permeates our everyday lives in tangible and significant ways. This course will look at potential legal issues in certain literary texts. The focus of the course will entail analyzing these legal issues, taking a position on them, and writing persuasive legal briefs in support of these positions. Students will perform virtual mock trials, hearings, and depositions both during and at the end of each unit and present the arguments made in their legal briefs before a live jury.

Fall 2021 Syllabus (PDF, 249 KB)

This course is for undergraduate students pursuing admission to healthcare professional graduate schools. PH Pathways introduces, assesses, and develops personal and professional pre-health competencies with the intent to build the knowledge, skills and qualifications needed for applicants and a competitive application to healthcare professional schools.

Fall 2021 Syllabus

This course is not offered in Fall 2021 but will be offered again in Spring 2022.

Internships provide students with opportunities to integrate classroom knowledge, skills and methods with professional roles, responsibilities and activities in supervised settings. IDS4940 is a 1-3 credit, web-based course designed to complement your internship experience through guided reflection, critical analysis, synthesis and discussion. This course is offered for academic credit, graded on a pass/fail basis and fulfills upper division elective credit requirements.

If interested in pursuing internship credit through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, please review and submit the application below to We encourage you to apply early. All applications must be in and processed no later than:

  • Spring 2021 deadline: Friday, August 27, 2021, by 11:59 p.m.

IDS4940 Application (PDF, 74 KB)

Fall 2021 Syllabus (PDF, 151 KB)


Self-enroll in the Beyond120 Career Readiness Modules

Here you will find interactive lessons that cover a range of skills to assist with your professional development. The lessons are grouped by the eight career readiness competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. New lessons are added all the time, so check back frequently for more content. Among the competencies covered are:

  • Resilience and Grit
  • Professional Materials
  • Decision Making
  • Communication for Professional Development
  • Goal Setting
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"Professional Pathways was an engaging and practical course that taught me how to better navigate my professional future both in college and in the corporate world. My greatest takeaways were tips and guidance on choosing a field, building an appropriate resume, and presenting myself effectively during an interview, all ubiquitous challenges that every student will face as he or she moves toward a career in adult life. I can’t recommend the course enough!"​

- Jude
"Professional Pathways" course

“The Art of Adulting was one of the most beneficial classes I’ve ever taken. I learned that everyone’s journey into adulthood is different, and this course helps you figure out what your path to what being an adult looks like. I highly encourage you to take this course.”

- Sofia
"Art of Adulting" course

"Introduction to the Pre-health Process has prepared me for a future in medicine not only by showing me how to develop myself for the application process, but also by helping me understand why I personally aspire for this career. Each of us has a unique passion driving us, and the better we understand it the more our paths fall into place. In this way, Introduction to the Pre-health Process makes you a more competitive applicant as you better understand yourself and what you can bring to medicine."

- Morgan
"Introduction to the Pre-Health Process" course