About Beyond120 Coursework

Beyond120 courses are designed to help prepare you for the experiential learning opportunities and to teach you how to make the most of them. These courses are available to any student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and can serve as an effective foundation for your career journey. Contact the Curriculum Coordinator Ryan Braun at for additional information and assistance in course selection.

These 1-credit courses are designed specifically for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students.
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Beginning Your Professional Portfolio

This course serves as an introduction to personal and professional development. Students engage with multiple theories of career development, practice transferable skills, cultivate professional abilities such as resume-writing and interviewing, and identify the connections between these skills, themselves, and industries of interest.

Spring 2020 Syllabus

Spring 2020 Online Syllabus

This course will provide guidance on how students can prepare to be a healthcare professional and apply to health graduate programs. It will also introduce students to current topics in healthcare in a holistic, mind-body-spirit context including exploration of the patient/family experience, and one’s self as related to healthcare issues and topics. The use of the word ‘medicine’ in this course is all encompassing to include all healthcare professions.

Spring 2020 Syllabus

Study abroad and international internships change lives. But what can you do to harness that transformational energy and ride it toward transcendent professional heights? This course is designed to prepare you for your overseas experience and provides the intercultural perspectives and practical skills necessary to craft a strategic action plan that integrates world experience, civic engagement, and professional development to prepare future citizens of the global Gator Nation.

Spring 2020 Syllabus

This course will help students find research opportunities and acquire research skills. Topics covered will include formulating research questions, drafting project proposals, cultivating professional relationships with faculty, presenting at conferences, and getting published. Students will also engage with the wider research community through laboratory tours, visits to archives and special collections, faculty guest speakers, and Q&A sessions with experienced undergraduate researchers.

2020 Syllabus

Building Your Professional Portfolio

This course will assist students in the process of becoming a more confident and competitive professional. By the end of this course, students will be able to understand the process of influencing and motivation others, identify successful leadership and management strategies, understand the principles of brand identity, and develop situational and cultural awareness in the workplace.

Spring 2020 Syllabus

What does it mean to come of age as a young professional in today’s society? How do characteristics, challenges, perspectives, and responsibilities change as today’s students enter adulthood? This course explores these questions by grounding the contemporary concept of “adulting” in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students will engage with mythology, media, and historical perspectives to examine time management, personal finance, career development, civic participation, and other challenging but crucial elements of contemporary adult life.

Spring 2020 Syllabus

This course is intended for students pursuing admission to pre-health professional graduate schools. Through the use of the humanities, social sciences, multi-media, case studies, guest speakers and discussion, this course will introduce students to a variety of healthcare topics and issues. In a holistic, bio/psycho-social/spiritual context, this course distinguishes characteristics of healthcare professions, articulates components of patient/family experiences, and identifies one's strengths and challenges.

Spring 2020 Syllabus

Pre-requisite: Introduction to the Pre-Health process

Utilizing Your Professional Portfolio

Internships provide students with opportunities to integrate classroom knowledge, skills and methods with professional roles, responsibilities and activities in supervised settings. IDS4940 is a 1-3 credit, web-based course designed to complement your internship experience through guided reflection, critical analysis, synthesis and discussion. This course is offered for academic credit, graded on a pass/fail basis and fulfills upper division elective credit requirements.

If interested in pursuing internship credit through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, please review and submit the application below to We encourage you to apply early. All applications must be in and processed no later than:

  • Summer B 2020 deadline: Friday, July 10, 2020, by 12:00 p.m.
  • Fall 2020 deadline: Friday, September 4, 2020, by 12:00 p.m.

***The Beyond120 program is offering one section of Internship during the 2020 Summer B semester as a result of the changing internship opportunities due to COVID-19 pandemic***

IDS4940 Application (PDF, 444 KB)

IDS4940 Summer 2020 Syllabus (PDF, 164 KB)

Accessible & Flexible Learning

Self-enroll in the Beyond120 Skills Curriculum

Here you will find interactive lessons that cover a range of skills to assist with your professional development. The lessons are grouped by the eight career readiness competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. New lessons are added all the time, so check back frequently for more content. Among the competencies covered are:

  • Resilience and Grit
  • Professional Materials
  • Decision Making
  • Communication for Professional Development
  • Goal Setting