IMPORTANT: Due to university response policy over COVID-19, all Beyond120 functions will be remote until further notice. However, the Beyond120 faculty are still accessible during this time via email, phone, or Zoom. Please direct your questions to one of the following faculty members based on the nature of your inquiry:

  • Internships - Brittany Grubbs - brittanygrubbs@advising.ufl.edu
  • Coursework/Classes - Ryan Braun - rbraun@advising.ufl.edu
  • Global Engagement - Joe Orser - jorser@advising.ufl.edu
  • Research - Jacob Watson - jacobwatson@advising.ufl.edu

If you are unsure of who to contact or have general inquiries, please email beyond120@advising.ufl.edu.

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Experiential Scholars

The Beyond120 Experiential Scholars program is a point-based system that encourages student participating in the various opportunities offered to CLAS undergraduates.

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Events and Excursions

Learn more about Beyond120 workshops, the alumni leadership series, and various off-campus excursions. This includes the Washington, D.C. excursion, international excursion, and spring FBI excursion.

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B120 Young Professionals

The Beyond120 Young Professionals is a student organization that works to offer professional and career development at UF. As a member of B120 YP, you will be exposed to workshops, mentorship, internships & more!

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Global Engagement

“Beyond120 has allowed me to further develop both personally and professionally. Being part of an inclusive and driven environment has encouraged me to make the most of my college experience and pursue opportunities that will position me as a competitive candidate in my future career."

- Hunter Hales