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Beyond120 is the professional development and experiential learning program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Beyond120 program supports undergraduate students by cultivating career readiness through coursework and experience. We also work with alumni, industry leaders, employers, faculty, and parents to connect our students with opportunities in the classroom, the workplace, and the world.

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Students should join the Beyond120 Canvas to access our Career Readiness Modules and stay updated on internships, scholarships, study abroad, undergraduate research, and other opportunities for academic and professional development.

Beyond120 Annual Report

We have all confronted substantial challenges this past academic year. Our students faced a locked-down virtual world presenting hardships few generations have faced, and yet still persevered toward their academic and career goals. To support this, the Beyond120 team created new modes and outlets for courses, programs, workshops, research, internships, mentorship, scholarships, and other elements of academic and professional development. So take a look at our Beyond120 Annual Report for the 2020-2021 Academic Year!