About the Scholars


If you have any questions about Beyond120 programs and opportunities, please reach out to beyond120@advising.ufl.edu.


Why Should I Consider Participating in the Beyond120 Experiential Scholars Program?

The Experiential Scholars Program at the University of Florida is a supplemental system that encourages students already engaging with the opportunities offered by the Beyond120 program to maximize their interaction. The program operates on a point-based system that requires students complete 20 credits by the time they graduate in order to be recognized as an Experiential Scholar, though students may apply to the program with only three credits and can finish the remaining 17 in a flexible fashion. Put succinctly, students may exercise creative freedom in mixing and matching Beyond120 courses, excursions, study abroad programs, internships and other opportunities of the like that aid in developing an understanding of the professional world and the versatility of a CLAS degree. The Experiential Scholars Program offers support and guidance to current CLAS students so that they may maximize the results of their Beyond120 experience. 

What are the benefits of being a Beyond120 Experiential Scholar?

Beyond120 Experiential Scholars are eligible to receive the following:

0 - 2 Points: 
  • Participation in the Beyond120 GroupMe
3 - 19 Points:
  • Priority registration for Beyond120 events and excursions.
  • Beyond120 lapel pin
  • Priority registration for excursions and networking banquets.
20+ Points:
  • Assistance creating a personalized e-portfolio.
  • Beyond120 graduation regalia and padfolio.
How Can I Earn Points?

You must earn a minimum of 20 points to graduate as a Beyond120 Experiential Scholar and receive the graduation regalia.

When Should I Apply?

You must apply at least one year before your intended graduation date. By applying as early as possible you will be eligible for exclusive scholarships, events, and banquets.

When Should I Apply to Receive Graduation Regalia?

Email beyond120@advising.ufl.edu for information on regalia and certificate of completion.

Experiential Scholars Application