Experiential Scholars

The Experiential Scholars Program at the University of Florida is a supplemental system for students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that encourages students already engaging with the opportunities offered by the Beyond120 program to maximize their interaction. The program operates on a point-based system that requires students complete 20 points by the time they graduate in order to be recognized as an Experiential Scholar. Students may exercise creative freedom in mixing and matching Beyond120 courses, excursions, study abroad programs, internships and other opportunities of the like that aid in developing an understanding of the professional world and the versatility of a CLAS degree.

If you have any questions about Beyond120 programs and opportunities, please reach out to beyond120@advising.ufl.edu.

What are the benefits of being a Beyond120 Experiential Scholar?

Joining the Experiential Scholars provides you with an assigned Beyond120 faculty mentor that you can reach out to for professional development assistance. It also gives you priority consideration for certain programs such as excursions, scholarships, coursework, internships, exchange programs, and other resources. Upon completion of the 20-point program, you will be honored at a reception and awarded a certificate and graduation regalia.

How Can I Earn and Track My Points?

You must earn a minimum of 20 points as outlined in the Experiential Scholars Roadmap to graduate as a Beyond120 Experiential Scholar and receive the graduation regalia. Once you join the Experiential Scholars, you and your faculty mentor can use the Roadmap to track your progress, make career goals, and ensure that you are on pace to complete the requirements.

When Should I Join?

You can join at any time through the form at the bottom of the page, but the earlier you join the sooner you can benefit from the resources and make your experiential learning plan, so join today!

When Should I Apply to Receive Graduation Regalia?

If you are able to earn 20 or more points by the time you graduate, you can submit your completed roadmap to beyond120@advising.ufl.edu by following due dates:

  • Spring/Summer Graduate: March 1
  • Fall Graduate: October 1

Experiential Scholars Application

apply to be a Beyond120 Experiential Scholar

Spring 2023 Experiential Scholars Reception

In 2023, we recognized the graduating CLAS students who earned 20 or more points through the Experiential Scholars and/or Pre-Health Scholars programs. These students received Beyond120 Scholar certificates and graduation cords and were celebrated by their friends and family, Beyond120 faculty, and CLAS Dean Dr. Dave Richardson.”

Experiential Scholars
Experiential Scholars
Experiential Scholars
Experiential Scholars

Why Join the Experiential Scholars?

Going into my third year at the University of Florida, I had little to no concept of what it meant to professionally market myself. At the conclusion of my second year, a professor of mine had briefly mentioned the opportunity to participate in a Washington, D.C. excursion at the end of the summer term. As a twenty-year-old college student, I don’t think I was really ready for the impact that the four days in DC with the Beyond120 program would have on me. After four days of intensive networking and site visits with UF alumni and/or invested partners of UF and, more narrowly, the Beyond120 vision, I came to learn that Beyond120 is more than an experiential learning program within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Rather, it is a way for students to realize the versatility of their CLAS degree and, more intrinsically speaking, their capabilities as active societal participants post-graduation.

Over the past year, I have also gotten involved in the Experiential Scholars Program niched within Beyond120. It provides a supportive, interactive guideline whereby students can learn how to maximize the opportunities and benefits that can be gleaned from participating in Beyond120.

Kathryn Quintero
2021 alumna