Beyond120 For Parents

“What are you going to do with that major?”

It’s a question that many college students dread, and it’s one that many parents ask—sometimes out loud, sometimes in their head—when they hear that their college student has chosen a major in the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Beyond120, the professional development and experiential learning program of UF’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, helps students answer that question.

First, some facts:

  1. Employers want grads from the Liberal Arts and Sciences. The transferable skills cultivated in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, such as communication, problem-solving, and adaptability, are among the most in-demand skills in the labor market.
  2. While majors from professional programs earn more initially after graduation, graduates in the Liberal Arts and Sciences catch up over time, eventually earning the same amounts (if not more) and rising to positions of management.
  3. Students who study what they love throw themselves into their work, are proactive in pursuing experiences beyond the classroom, go the extra mile, and develop most effectively the transferable skills that lead to career success.
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Beyond120 is designed to get your college student thinking about their own professional path from their first semester on campus until graduation. When your student leaves UF with their bachelor’s degree, they will be able to articulate the skills and attributes they possess, they will know the professional path they want to pursue, and they will have the tools and connections necessary to make their mark on the world.

Beyond120 serves your college student in a number of ways.

  • Beyond120 coursework guides students on how to make the most of experiential learning opportunities on campus and off, including internships, research, study abroad, and pre-health activities. Courses also help students develop strategies for entering the professional world.
  • Beyond120 excursions offer students networking opportunities with leaders from the public and private sectors in cities across the state, nation, and world. Students on recent excursions have connected with CLAS alumni in cities like Tampa, Tallahassee, Washington, DC, and London, and learned insider tips on how to make the transition from the Liberal Arts and Sciences into an array of professional fields.
  • Beyond120 MentorConnect links students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with CLAS alumni, allowing students to enhance their skills and develop career prospects through online mentoring relationships.
  • Beyond120 faculty help match students with internship openings, study abroad programs, and research opportunities that provide hands-on experience and academic credit.
  • Beyond120 scholarships support students undertaking transformative experiential learning opportunities such as internships, faculty-supported research, or study abroad.

Beyond120 takes seriously the preparation of students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for careers and other opportunities after graduation. So don’t fret when your college student says they want to major in Philosophy, Anthropology, Astronomy, or any of the 40 majors in UF’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Instead, embrace their choice and tell them you’re proud of them. And then direct them to Beyond120. We’ll take it from there.