Experiential learning and overseas study can be transformative experiences that offer students valuable new outlooks on career possibilities. Many college students show an early interest in studying abroad, undertaking an internship, or engaging in faculty-supported research, fieldwork, or service learning. But financial barriers often prevent them from carrying out these experiences. The Beyond120 scholarships and Brian and Kate Harfe awards offer significant financial support for students to embark on these life-impacting ventures. They also provide students the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for their programs and share the impact of their experiences with peers.

Beyond120 Scholarship FAQs

Experiential Scholarships

We will have another round of funding in the Fall 2022 semester for Spring 2023 experiences, so check back during the Fall semester.

CLAS Cares Fund

The CLAS Cares fund was created to support students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who are experiencing obstacles due to unexpected hardships or expenses. This fund can support broad student needs, including helping to continue experiential learning or co-curricular activities during times of uncertainty. There is no deadline for this fund. Applications are received and evaluated on a rolling, weekly basis. Please note that CLAS Cares funds may only be disbursed during academic semesters in which you are registered for coursework.