Transient Study

If you would like to take courses at another institution for one semester, you can complete a transient form at Please read the following guidelines before submitting a request:

  • Please allow 5-7 business days for your online form to be processed.
  • Before you complete this form, please contact the school to find out if you need to submit an application and/or additional materials first.
  • Students taking courses out-of-state or at a private institution must fill out by hand the UF transient form and the Transient Equivalency form. Once you have filled out both forms with department signatures, meet with an AAC advisor for final approval.
  • Be sure to put your UFID number in the Student Comments section of the online form. This will help us process your request as quickly as possible.
  • Please see the Student Services on for more information.

To be eligible to do transient work, you must be able to answer “yes” to each item below:

  • I have a 2.0 UF GPA or higher.
  • I am on-track for my current major.
  • I will not break the residency requirement (Students MUST complete their last 30
    hours continuous at UF).
  • If I have transferred 60 credits from a community college to UF already, I understand that I must speak with an advisor to discuss if and how additional community college credits may apply toward my degree.
  • I realize that approval of this form grants me permission to take courses at the institution stated during the semester indicated. It does not guarantee that the courses will count in fulfillment of any specific requirement.
  • I realize that I must have a final transcript sent to UF after completion of the course(s).
  • I realize that grades for courses taken elsewhere will not be calculated into my UF GPA but may be considered as part of my pre-professional GPA used by Universal Tracking.
  • I understand that all courses that I intend to use to meet major or minor requirements are subject to the approval of the appropriate department.
  • I understand that I must submit a transfer credit substitution petition (including course descriptions) for all courses that I wish to count for General Education or Basic Distribution Requirements (after the credits are posted to my transcript) if they are not consistent with the common course numbering system.
  • I understand that Gordon Rule (GR) requirements are posted based on how the course is taught at the institution where the course is taken. Do not assume you will receive the same GR Credit from another institution as you would if you took the course at UF. All GR questions should be directed to the Office of the University Registrar.

If you have any additional questions about transient work, please discuss them with an academic advisor.