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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Students with < 2.0 GPA

As a student in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, your academic progress is monitored each semester you are enrolled at the university. If you are a current student and have less than a 2.0 UF grade point average, you are considered to be on probation. Students must meet certain progression standards to be allowed to continue once they are on probation. Thus, the College has developed a program called Success in the Swamp that is designed to facilitate a student’s academic success. This program is mandatory for all students on probation in the College.

If you are on probation, you will receive an e-mail early in the semester instructing you to log on to Canvas, UF’s course management system, to participate in Success in the Swamp. As a participant in this program, you will be required to:

  • review probation guidelines and complete a 5 question quiz;
  • write a reflection paper regarding your performance last semester;
  • complete an exercise regarding academic policies;
  • meet with your professors to determine estimated course grades;
  • meet regularly with a CLAS advisor;
  • utilize additional helpful campus resources, as assigned by your advisor.

Please note that students enrolled in UF Online (UFO) will not participate in “Success in the Swamp.” Instead, UF Online students on probation should contact their advisor for more information.

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