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Fresh Start

Fresh Start is designed to assist former University of Florida undergraduate students who have been dismissed from UF and want to pursue readmission after an absence of no fewer than five calendar years (during which time they have engaged predominantly in nonacademic activities).

Students interested in readmission to a major in CLAS through Fresh Start should first meet with an academic advisor in Farrior Hall to determine initial eligibility. If it is determined that a student is eligible to petition for readmission under this program, the first step is to apply for readmission by the deadline for the term seeking readmission. In addition, applicants must submit the following:

Personal statement to include:

  • Explanation of prior academic performance at UF
  • Summary of activities since last attended UF
  • Academic major applicant wishes to pursue if readmitted and career objectives
  • Indication of how applicant intends to complete requirements (e.g., part-time, full-time)

Letters of support to include:

  • Letter of support from undergraduate coordinator ( of the desired major the Fresh Start applicant wishes to pursue and a semester-by-semester graduation plan
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can address the applicant’s motivation and potential for success if readmitted as a Fresh Start student (e.g., supervisor, co-worker)

Submit the above to: Fresh Start Committee, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at

If re-admitted as a Fresh Start student, credit for previous UF courses in which a grade of C or better was earned will be calculated in UF hours earned and may be applied toward a degree. No grades previously earned in UF courses will be included in the UF grade point average. All previous course attempts and grades received will remain on the student’s academic record and transcript. Fresh Start students are readmitted in good standing. However, if they accumulate a grade point deficit of 15 or more points in the future, no further petition for readmission will be allowed. Additionally, Fresh Start students are not allowed to change majors.

Students who have been readmitted under Fresh Start may not petition subsequently for any retroactive change to their academic records. Students admitted under Fresh Start who do not enroll must reapply for a future term.