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I attended UF years ago and now want to complete my degree. What does the readmission process involve?

Contact the college that offers the major you now wish to pursue to discuss the requirements and procedures for readmission to that college and major. Visit the UF Advising site to access contact information for academic advising offices at UF.

For students applying for readmission to a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), please visit our readmission site to review the steps for the different categories of readmission: readmission/dismissed, readmission/above 2.0 UFGPA, readmission/below 2.0 UFGPA. Students must first submit an application to the Office of Admissions by the corresponding deadline. Only under exceptional circumstances does the college ever waive the deadline, so students should plan ahead appropriately in order to apply on time. The application is forwarded by the Office of Admissions to CLAS. Once it is reviewed by CLAS, the application result is returned to the Office of Admissions. If approved, the Office of Admissions will update your record and the Registrar’s Office will assign you a registration appointment. Whether approved or denied, the Office of Admissions will notify you of the decision. but you can check the status of your application at any time at

What is Fresh Start?

The Fresh Start program is designed to assist former UF undergraduate students who were dismissed and want to pursue readmission after an absence of no fewer than five calendar years (during which they engaged predominantly in on-academic activities). CLAS generally supports Fresh Start applicants who had a difficult beginning at UF rather than students who were dismissed later on in their academic careers.

If admitted, credit for previous UF courses in which a grade of “C” or better was earned will be applied toward a degree. No grades previously earned in UF courses will be included in the UF grade point average. However, all previous course attempts and grades received will remain on your academic record and transcript.

I’ve only been away from UF for a year.  Do I still need to apply for readmission?

Former undergraduate students who do not enroll at the university for three consecutive terms, including summer, must apply for readmission. Readmission, however, is not guaranteed. Students who skip a one or two terms can just contact the Registrar’s Office at (352) 392-1374 for a registration appointment if one is not automatically assigned.

What does CLAS consider when reviewing a readmission application?

CLAS considers the following: If you are applying to your original major, were you in good standing in that major when you left UF? If you are applying to a new major, are you on-track or can you get on-track in a reasonable amount of time so that you can graduate in the amount of time you have left (in general, CLAS students admitted as freshmen should complete degrees in eight fall/spring semesters from when they were originally admitted or four-five fall/spring semesters if admitted as a transfer student)? If you left on academic probation, how many deficit points did you earn and can you demonstrate that you’ve taken steps to address your prior issues? If you left in good standing, have you taken classes anywhere else?

If I’ve been dismissed, may I take classes elsewhere while waiting to hear if my readmission to UF has been approved?

CLAS does not advise students to take courses elsewhere as grades earned elsewhere will not help improve your UFGPA. Therefore, in general, it’s recommended that you use the time away to reflect on your past performance and address any issues so that you are able to have a more positive academic experience if readmitted.

The reason my grades suffered was because I was experiencing challenges outside of the classroom that affected my ability to focus on school. What can I do to improve my chances of getting readmitted?

If your poor performance any given semester(s) was a result of extenuating circumstances, we encourage students to look into the retroactive withdrawal petition process before they even apply for readmission. If you can document issues that impacted your ability to be successful, you might qualify for a retroactive withdrawal which would make it so that the prior grades you are petitioning are replaced with a “W.” Medical issues, specifically, are reviewed by UF’s Dean of Students Office.

Since last attending UF, I went ahead and earned a degree somewhere else. May I get readmitted to UF now to finish my requirements and still graduate from there?

The University of Florida does not currently offer readmission to residential programs for second bachelor’s degrees. You can find UF’s postbaccalaureate policies on the Admissions Office homepage.