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Free UF Resources for Success

Versión en español de Recursos Gratuitos

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You can also get help from free resources available at UF to help you succeed:

CLAS Academic Resources offers:
  • Drop‐in tutoring for students for math, chemistry, physics, and statistics.
  • Regular weekly individual or small group tutoring (max 5 students) by appointment.
  • Test reviews for chemistry, math, and physics courses (some are live, others are video recordings).
  • Supplemental instruction study groups run by a trained peer who is knowledgeable about the subject area, attends the class, leads a group session to focus on the difficult concepts and problems in the course.
  • Language resources for many different foreign languages.
  • Video resources including video practice exams for many biology, chemistry, math, physics, psychology and statistics classes. Take the practice exam; for the questions you were unsure of or got wrong, you can watch a video demonstrating/explaining the correct answer.
  • A “Citing Sources & Avoiding Plagiarism” video.
  • Learning strategies/study skills videos, workshops, and individual appointments. New strategies for mastering material can often be as or more helpful as specific content help (tutoring). Make an appointment, or attend, or view workshops.
The Computer Science Department offers:
  • Free tutoring for most major courses in Computer Science.
Counseling and Wellness offers:
  • Counseling, workshops, crisis services, psychiatric appointments, and self-help resources to help students learn the skills to cope with the stresses of change and growth so they become better able to learn and thrive.
The Disability Resource Center offers:
  • Students address access barriers, which may vary from course to course and works towards creating a campus culture of access and inclusion. Students with disabilities can connect the DRC to receive support services and accommodations.
Gatorwell offers:
  • Wellness Coaching for students about their: Study skills, Time management and organization, Stress management and relaxation strategies, Sleep habits, and Eating habits and exercise.
General Chemistry Learning Center offers:
  • Assistance from graduate student teaching assistants in Gen Chem classes. Your discussion TA will have office hours, an update is coming soon. (9-26-2022)
UF Libraries offer:
  • Research assistance in more than 100 subjects, ask-a-librarian via chat, text, phone and email, ‘how do I?’ tutorials, and workshops (e.g., Library Resources for Distance Learners).
The Public Speaking Lab offers:
  • Assistance to those seeking to develop effective speaking skills across academic disciplines. The speech lab is a free service and provides an opportunity for individuals to brush up on this critical communication skill.
UF’s Student Success collaboration offers:
  • Students are paired with coaches (UF staff or faculty) who recognize students as the expert in their life and partner with students to maximize their personal, professional, and academic success. 
  • Peer mentoring where the student mentor focuses on providing emotional and social support and encouragement for the mentee. 
UF’s Writing Studio offers:
  • Free one-on-one tutorials specific to the student’s own particular development. The goal is not simply proofreading or editing documents but assisting students to become better proofreaders and editors of their own work.