PaCE Majors


Geology majors learn about the Earth’s physical environment including climate, geological resources, geological hazards and remediation. Geology graduates gain a detailed understanding of critical issues as climate change, sustainability and the nuances of human activity and its impact on the environment. Majors learn assessment- and field-based techniques and geographic information systems (GIS) that are used in evaluating the various impacts of humans on the physical Earth and hydrologic environment.

Transition Requirements:

  • BS
    • Four from: CHM2045, CHM2046, ESC1000, GLY1000, GLY1073, GLY1102, GLY2030C, GLY2038, GLY2100C, GLY3038C, GLY3105C, GKY3200, MAC2311, MAC2312, OCE1001, PHY2004, PHY2005
      • GLY2030C recommended since it is a prerequisite for many major courses
    • 2.0 UF GPA
    • 2.5 tracking GPA

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